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Tobar Chatter Tube

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Brand: Tobar

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    1 Review
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      26.09.2009 22:15
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      Whilst browsing through Amazon.co.uk I found my eyes drawn to this product, an inexpensive little novelty that would, despite it's low price, still amuse and delight my daughter.

      This is exactly the kind of toy my parents would not let me have as a child - because it made noise! Now, I accept their logic, and like any parent I'm constantly driven to distraction by the array of noisy, flashy toys my daughter owns, but I figure one noise is just as annoying as any other, and as she was standing behind me at the time, and giving me the big brown innocent 'will you get me a present' eyes, I gave in and purchased this .

      They come in various bright neon colours - my daughter chose one with a pink tube and green ends . It is a pretty thin plastic tube, and at each end is a cap with a circular hole divided by thin strips into quarters. If you shake it, it makes a noise . It's just the right size around for a child to grip, and my daughter (6) figured out how it worked without any explanation, and enjoyed using it - she would hide it behind her back and shake it, leaving people imagining where the noise had come from (or at least, we pretended to try to guess, since we already knew!)

      I'm not too sure how best to describe this noise - some of you may remember having similar toys as a child, perhaps a cylinder with a picture of a sheep on it, that when up-ended made a sheep noise . I know I had one of these!! It sounds a lot like a sheep, this strange, drawn-out baa-ing noise, but its quieter than a lot of my daughters toys, so no complaint from me!

      This product cost 49p on amazon , which is incredibly cheap, and my daughter is still enjoying it six months on . I'm sure I'd have gotten bored by now, but, I didn't buy it for me !

      I think this is excellent value from a toy that is so cheap - she still has it in her toy box and gets it out on a regular basis , and it has held her interest far longer than some far more expensive toys . It just goes to show you don't need to spend a lot to keep a child happy, and that sometimes, the old ideas are still the best!

      4* , one off for the parental annoyance factor .


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    • Product Details

      The miniture, neon tube generates a peculiar, giggling sound when shaked vigrously. This is a smaller version of our Groan Tube, but the different proportions create an amazingly different sound

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