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Tobar Squishy Bog Frog

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tobar

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    2 Reviews
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      28.10.2012 08:44
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      A little bit of nonsense!

      Review of Tobar Squishy Bog Frog

      This is a rather silly piece of nonsense sold by the Tobar Company.

      **The Frog**

      The Squishy Bog Frog is a bouncy, squeezy frog shaped toy, it has holes all over it. As you squeeze the frog, it produces lurid, shiny 'warts' through holes in their tough, rubbery skin. The 'warts' disappear as soon as you release the pressure on the frog. The Bog Frog also makes a weird croaking, groaning noise.

      It is quite revolting, yet strangely addictive too!

      I bought one of these last Christmas for my grandson who was 9 years old at the time.
      My grandson is profoundly disabled with both physical and mental problems. It is very difficult to buy gifts for him as he is unable to walk, stand, speak or sit unaided, so toys and games are somewhat limited, and as he cannot swallow, even a selection box confectionary gift is out of the question.

      I tend to look for gifts that are sensory based, involving touch, smell, sound and so on. This daft little frog seemed to fit the bill as I thought he could hold it and enjoy the different colours and textures, plus most children have a love of all things revolting such as warty frogs!

      The Bog Frog was a huge success. Although my grandson cannot hold things for very long himself, he enjoyed seeing the putrid looking warts appear and disappear and was just as happy for someone to squeeze the frog for him. The Bog Frog's croak caused great hilarity too as my grandson giggled every time he heard it.

      The frog is approximately 8cms across and Tobar recommend it for children of 6 years and over.
      I purchased the Bog Frog in a local independent toy shop and I believe it cost me in the region of £4, not a bad price for a child's novelty stocking filler.

      As I recall, there were several colour schemes on offer and I chose the purple frog with bright pinky/red warts.

      **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

      Miles' Tobar Bog Frog was a huge success; he enjoyed playing with it and seeing the warts appear for several months. Unfortunately the frog had to be surreptitiously removed as the inner plastic containing the gel that produces the wart effect began to split, probably due to over-use! Naturally, a toy of this type should not be given to children who are likely to put it in their mouths unless they are strictly supervised!

      For the money I feel this was a good buy, whether other children would get as much out of the Bog Frog and for as long as my grandson did, is debateable, however as a Halloween novelty or stocking filler for an adult or child who loves the weird, wacky and bizarre, this is a winner!

      Thank you for reading

      ©brittle1906 October 2012


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        10.03.2009 18:23



        Funny to see, and amusing for everyone until it explodes and liquid splashes all your clothes and desk ! :((Cannot use it - even gently - more than 2hours)


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    • Product Details

      These strangely cute, rather bemused, bouncy frogs produce lurid, shiny warts through holes in their tough, rubbery skin It is almost impossible not to give them a squeeze!

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