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Manufacturer: Tomy / Vintage, collectable robot.

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    1 Review
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      09.09.2009 18:15
      Very helpful



      This at the time was the best robot on the market, and still a classic novelty toy!

      ~ Overview ~

      Dingbot, that sounds like some kind of game show or the name of some boring sci-fi movie which I would make my wife watch until she felt like peeling her face off (only joking). Anyway this little toy isn't boring but could be something from science fiction, think hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and the robot which appeared on the ship and you are a bit closer to what this looks like.

      This little robot was my best friend when I was a little child, it was affable, it made me grin and always agreed with me, even if I did draw on the walls, it just nodded its head. I remember that Tomy created the robot and received my first Dingbot for my sixth Christmas; the original Dingbot was originally released in 1968.

      I remember that it used to eat batteries as if they were its food, it certainly isn't a Duracell bunny but it does make some very weird noises which as a child I found quite amusing.

      ~ Design ~

      The robot itself is white in colour and triangular in shape (imagine your mums old white scales with a head). It had two black eyes which were as dark as black holes and legs which were pitiful and looked more like the star ship enterprises engines.

      ~ Price and Shop ~

      I bought my recent Dingbot from E-Bay for around £20 which isn't bad for a classic toy. It is quite a rare toy but for novelty reasons it had to be bought, even though my wife did sigh reluctantly. In my opinion the price is expensive but worthy of that tag as in many years to come it will triple in price. If you don't shop with E-Bay there are other stores online which sell this toy for around the same price, you just have to search.

      ~ Types of Dingbot Robots ~

      I did actually own a few of these babies, but over time they did get a bit used and often had to be thrown away. There was the OMS-B Dingbot which was the same as the originally the only exception being that it was in blue and not red. There was the Ding-Bo which was a baby version of the daddy robot, very endearing.

      ~ Interesting Facts ~

      - This robot was originally based on the movie E.T
      - Shakes his head and makes a squealing noise
      - Changes direction whilst moving and bumps into objects and chatters to himself - remind you of anyone (you cat?).

      ~ Conclusion ~

      I would recommend this for children aged 3+ and will entertain them for hours. It was my second best android which I owned and I still miss it to this day as I had numerous hours of enjoyment and amusement watching it bump into walls and then chunnering to itself as it twisted and moved away and then doing the same again. The colours are a bit ancient now and the design too but still a great novelty toy for any toy collector's assortment.

      My Rating: 5/5


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