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Toy Story Inflatable Moon Chair

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Brand: Disney / Type: Blow up chair

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    2 Reviews
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      07.11.2012 22:37



      The kids enjoyed it more than me

      I bought one of these for my daughter and a Doctor Who inflatable chair for my son. I knew I couldn't get one a chair without the other one or there would be arguments and fights galore!

      After taking this out of the box, and opening it up, I realised this was going to be a quite substantial chair. Once blown up it roughly measured 35cm x 56cm x 56cm. It also took a fair amount of puff to blow it up. My chair was slightly different to the one in the picture, it had Buzz and Woody on with cartoon versions of them on the seat area. The rounded back section of the chair was leaning too far forward I felt and watching my son try to sit comfortably in it proved this. If he leant too far back the chair was in danger of tipping backwards, all in all a quite awkward item to relax in.

      Due to the space it took up, it was either moved to a bedroom during the day to make room or discarded in the spare room. It is too large and cumbersome to have inflated at all times, but as soon as I deflated it, my son suddenly realised it was missing and wanted it blown up again. I don't know if it was the inflating and deflating of it that made it weak somehow, but it managed to get a hole along the back crease and as much as we tried to save it, there was no savour for Buzz. Sadly it went to infinity by way of our local dustman; it won't be missed by me. I have to admit the Doctor Who chair, was more comfortable and lasted longer, even though it had the same treatment.


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      06.03.2011 20:34
      Very helpful



      A large piece of plastic not worth the money

      ==Toy Story Inflatable Moon Chair==

      For Christmas this year it seemed as though Jack got quite a bit of Toy Story merchandise even though he is not especially into it but because of him being 3 ½ I guess this is the sort of thing he should be into rather than Lego and Star Wars!!

      One of the not so good items that he received has got to be this inflatable moon chair which I initially thought was a really good gift and idea. Seeing it was a gift we didn't know how much it would have cost but I suspected around the £10 region and after having a little check up online I can see this is probably the standard price for it although I have found it for £6.95p on Asda.com. This seems like an okay price for an item such as this and I wouldn't have wanted to have paid over the £10 mark for it.

      The item came deflated in a cardboard box which showed all the characters from Toy Story and a small leaflet giving the simple instructions of blowing up the thing and stating that it was for children aged 3 and over. The item was not too difficult to blow up either and it is done in two sections and roughly blowing up both sections myself probably took around 5 to 10 minutes and caused me to go only slightly red in the face!

      Blowing up the item is just like inflating a beach ball or a rubber ring as it has those clear plug type stoppers which need squeezing in to allow the air to get in and the stopper putting in and the whole plug pushed back into the chair to complete the inflation process. As I said it was really simple to do and once it is blown up only then can you begin to appreciate the shape of the chair and the picture which is printed on the plastic.

      The chair is mainly a Buzz Lightyear chair as it only shows him and one of those little Alien chaps. There is a few planets and the blueness of the chair seems to represent space and Buzz Lightyear is flying across the chair. On the area where the child is to sit is printed "To infinity and beyond" in a green bold font. The shape of the chair seemed fairly practical and the large bubble bottom for the chair was topped with a bubble type back which comes around to give an armchair type appearance.

      The general look of the chair is okay though on the whole it is what it is and that's a large piece of inflated plastic! The chair does squeak somewhat whenever it is sat in and I can't say that Jack ever looked especially comfortable when sitting in it and seeing as I have only just put it down since Christmas he hardly sat in it at all. There were also a few times when he did sit in it rather forcefully and ended up topping back in the chair and landed with his legs over his head which was never ideal in the slightest!

      All in all it has to be said that we weren't especially taken with this item which is why it is now deflated and put away in the toy chest probably waiting till the next clear out for a car boot sale. I think the idea is good but because sitting in it is really pretty uncomfortable and the chair itself does take up a lot of room when inflated that it probably wasn't the best purchase at all. I think for thee reasons a score of 2 out of 5 stars is being pretty generous and I personally wouldn't recommend it.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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