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Wesco Star Wars Darth Vader Talking Money Bank

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Wesco / Talking money bank / Requires 3 x AAA batteries.

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    1 Review
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      26.01.2011 17:47
      Very helpful



      Makes saving more fun than shooting Womp Rats in Beggars' Canyon

      This little novelty item is one of the things I won in the recent Dooyoo Ten Days of Christmas comp, and I can definitely recommend it as an extra little gift for that Star Wars fan in your life! Mind you, it might drive long suffering spouses to despair if they don't share your love of all things Star Wars related. Note to Dooyoo: if Mrs SWSt divorces me as a result of you giving me this present, I shall expect you to meet my legal fees!

      The item comes attractively packaged in a white box which contains pictures of various Star Wars characters on it (mine came with several drawings of Storm Troopers, which instantly grabbed my attention, as I have always thought the old-style Storm Troopers were extremely cool). Sure, the box only gets thrown away, but at least a bit of imagination has gone into it.

      Anyway, I digress. As you might expect from its name, the item inside the packaging is a money box. Made by Wesco. In the shape of Darth Vader. Bet you never saw that one coming, eh? Specifically, it's a money box in the shape of Mr Vader's head. Made from black moulded plastic, it is a very good likeness and, unlike some Star Wars merchandise you can get (i.e. anything with Jar Jar Binks on) it doesn't look cheap and tacky. Thanks to its jet black colouring it looks pretty stylish and stands out surprisingly well on most surfaces. Wherever you put it, it's certainly likely to be a talking point for your friends (unless your friends hate Star Wars; in which case why are you even friends with these strange unnatural beings?)

      I'm digressing again...The money box is pretty sturdy and looks like it could take a few tumbles or knocks, which it will inevitably suffer if you give this item to kids. I also suspect that after a while, the black plastic surface might start to show up scratches, but this sort of wear and tear is probably unavoidable.

      You're probably already foaming at the mouth at the prospect of owning such a great piece of merchandise, but bear with me: it gets even better! Inserting a coin into the slot in the top of Vader's head makes him emit that iconic breathing sound which first struck terror in the hearts of many a youngster back in 1978. It's a shame the sound only consists of a single breath, rather than a series of them, but it's still pretty good and it will definitely raise a smile the first time you hear it. If you're really, really strapped for cash and don't have a coin available, but still want to hear him breath, then there's also a button on the top which you can press to make the noise for free! Can life get any better?!

      The money box runs on 3xAAA batteries, which does seem like quite a lot, but at least you can replace them, so your money box is not rendered useless by stupid use of non-standard, non -replaceable batteries. You also get the first lot of batteries supplied. In fairness, unless you use the money box a lot, I suspect that the batteries won't need replacing that often so we're not talking about a long-term major expense here (your first lot is likely to last the shortest time, as you will press the button a lot to show off the brilliant breathing noise to your long suffering family members!) You can also disable the breathing noise via an on-off switch on the base, which will save both batteries and the sanity of loved ones who inexplicably don't share your passion for heavy breathing money boxes.

      The rest of the money box is fairly traditional in its design. A plastic clip at the bottom can be removed to get at your money; although this is the one area younger children might need assistance. The clip on mine is a little stiff (although this may loosen over time) and you do need to shake the box quite violently to encourage your cash to exit through the hole.

      With an RRP of £20, it is a little on the expensive side when put against other themed money boxes (although you can get it slightly cheaper). However it's also a fun way to encourage kids (or profligate partners) to save money. Look at it as an investment: it might cost £20, but if it gets your kids saving their money, then it will pay for itself in the long term.

      If Darth Vader isn't your thing, then you can get an R2-D2 model as well. Personally, I prefer the Dark Side characters personally, so Darth Vader is the one for me!

      If you're looking for a fun little present for a Star Wars fan of any age, then this is a just something a bit different from the usual action figures/duvet covers/themed mugs etc. Thanks Dooyoo for a great prize. I'm not sure Mrs SWSt agrees, but I like it!

      © Copyright SWSt 2011


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