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Argos Thomas The Tank Engine Stackable Storage Unit

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Manufacturer: Argos / Type: Storage Shelves

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    1 Review
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      26.01.2010 11:54
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      Lovely looking shelves which do the job!

      Moving into our new home has been a nightmare I have wanted so much and of course not had the money to do everything I've wanted to do but as we all know it takes years to get a home exactly how we want it. Despite not having alot of money I wanted to make sure my twins bedroom was all smart and matching so knowing they were going to have it decorated in Thomas the Tank I went on the search for furniture and storage boxes.

      It was Amazon I was browsing on for Thomas storage and came across the Thomas Stacking Shelves, although these can also be bought in Argos. They cost roughly £15 and so far I think they have definitely been worth the money. The pricing however can be a little confusing, personally if you were to buy them I'd buy them from Amazon as you pay roughly £20 and get the full set of three storage shelves each a different colour, however with argos I'm sure it's £15 for one shelf, and they are sometimes on a buy 2 get one free offer and you don't have a choice of colours either. The colour situation may not be a problem but each colour represents a different Thomas the Tank character and I'm sure it would be better to have one of each main character.

      The stacking shelves come flatpacked, as much as possible in a recyclable cardboard box. The box has a perfect photo of the stacking shelves together with a little Thomas fan standing proudly next to them. Opening the box I was greeted by colourful Thomas wooden boards, brightly coloured wooden poles, canvas sheets and a small bag with a sheet of instructions and a few screws.

      Without looking at the instructions and only looking at the picture on the box and what you have within the box it is fairly easy to work out how to put it together.

      I put the stacking shelves together by myself, using a screwdriver which doesn't come supplied, with little struggle after I'd mastered the first shelf. Each wooden pole had to be screwed in tightly in the holds on each of the coloured and characteries wooden end. The poles are colour co-ordinated with the boards, for example the blue Thomas boards attached to the blue wooden poles. Once one board has been put on tightly and is secure you then need to attach one of the canvas sheets. The sheets have a hole on each corner for you to slide the pole through, which is a bit tricky at first as the hole provided isn't that wide and it is a bit awkward holding the pole in place and trying to stretch the fabric over it. Once the canvas is on you are left with one bit loose and not attached to any poles, this is the shelf covering which you see later on when the shelves are put together. After placing the covers on the 4 poles, you then need to screw the other colour co-ordinated board onto the poles tightly, creating a surprisingly sturdy storage 'shelf'. This process has to then be repeated with the other two boards and sets of poles, again carefully sliding the canvas sheets along the poles.

      Once each shelf is together, 'tightly' I must add as otherwise they are wobbly and could quite easily break, they can each either act as seperate storage boxes or 'stack' them up on top of each other. The loose canvas covers come across the top of the shelf and attach with a velcro strip at the front, this in effect 'hides' the toys inside the unit making it look tidy and presentable. They are fairly light, although wooden on the ends but could be easily lifted by a toddler, my 2 year old twins have no problems. The velcro on the covers come apart fairly easy too so no trouble in actually getting to the toys either. Each shelf isn't very deep really but if you have alot of nik nakky toys and fiddly bits these shelves are perfect for storage and can hold quite alot. Especially crayons, little cars, colouring books, pencils, babie dolls etc.

      They stand, tall and sturdy in their bedroom and look bright and colourful with the thomas characters smiling back at you either side on the wooden plaques. The plaques are coloured in blue, green and red to suit the character on each side, thomas, james and percy - I think? lol! Once all stacked up together I was surprised to find they weren't wobbly and actually stood quite safe, they don't stand too high either which is a good thing as I would've worried sick about them toppling over onto the twins otherwise. On the box the shelves come in it informs me that the approximate size when assembled is 85H x 40W x 26D - all measured in CM. I'd reccomend these to anybody looking for decent storage but something to match a bedroom, or even just characterised, they look lovely in the twins bedroom and actually do the job of 'storing' their nik naks and toys too preventing alot of mess.


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