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Babyway Karibu Baby Seat

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Brand: Babyway / Type: Baby Seat

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    2 Reviews
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      14.02.2013 14:58
      Very helpful



      A great item for young children

      With my eldest children I was given a bumbo seat for them to use and I found them to be very useful. After I had an operation I was told that my chances of having more children were slim so I took the plunge and gave away all my baby items only to find out a few months later that my third baby was on the way. While shopping around for new baby items we came across this seat in Morrison's and as it looked very similar to the bumbo we decided to pick one up.

      The seat

      The baby seat provides full support for children who are not able to sit up alone, but can hold their head up independently. The design of the seat means that little one is support around the whole of their body, and with only the legs cut out for getting baby in and out. It provides full support for their back and sides so they cannot tip out and holds little one in while still being comfortable for them. It is a light seat, but it is still heavy enough when baby is in it that movement will not make it tip on the floor. The flat base means it sits on the floor steady without any room for movement if little one begins to wriggle a lot. We have never had any problems with my children being able to free themselves, despite there being no straps. The design is perfect for being comfortable but also very safe.

      This seat is a foam base that aids little one in sitting up independently. It is very similar to a bumbo seat, but there are a few noticeable differences. This seat actually came with a tray provided whereas with the bumbo you have to buy it separately. There are no straps to hold little one in the seat which always worries me as they could pull themselves out, but as long as it is used for the correct age range it is perfectly safe. The child is not locked in so they are fully restricted, so they can move around but they cannot actually get out of the seat.

      The seat is a little firmer than the bumbo seat, but it is still made of foam so it provides a comfy seat for little one. The foam is very durable so that it can put up with the abuse it receives from young children using it. Two of my children have used this seat so far and they bite, scratch and generally attack the chair while they are sitting in it. We have never had any problems and despite a few scratches it is still in perfect condition. It can be wiped down easily which I think is great, as we have found this perfect for sitting my children in while feeding them.

      In use

      My little girl is always happy to go into her seat as she gets to see things from a different view. She can now crawl so loves being up and exploring, but when she is tired I can sit her in here for some rest. If she had been reluctant to go back into the seat I would know she wasn't happy, but she is more than happy and sometimes even crawls towards it herself. It should not be used for long periods of time, and my daughter becomes restless after a while but it does give you time to get on with small tasks. She looks comfy while sitting in the chair and is happy to play with her toys. We have also used this for meal times when she was first beginning solids as I found her to be small for a highchair so this was perfect.

      What we love is that it is light enough and small enough to be carried anywhere. It is easily transportable and can be placed on any flat surface (on the ground not anywhere the chair could tip over), so this means it is perfect for when I need to get things done around the house. This makes it such a practical item. It can be moved room to room while I make my way round tiding, but I can still speak to my little girl and keep her happy. She is happy to go in the seat which I think is a huge indicator in its usefulness.

      It is recommended from three months plus which I think is fair because the child only needs to be able to hold their head independently. It is a good size so it can hold a younger baby in, but is still large enough to sit comfortably in when they are a little bigger. The seat can only be used until the child is able to move from a sitting position themselves. My little girl is 8 months old today and she is just becoming a little big for it. If the child can move around they could tip the seat forward creating a hazard so it does have a short life span. Saying that for the four or five months of use you can get from this seat it is a really practical item. It keeps little one close to you, but at the same time holds them in the seat so you know they cannot come to any harm.

      The tray for me is a little bit of a pain. It is snug so I thought at first it was going to squash my little girl's legs but she was perfectly happy in it. It clips on to the seat in three places and to slide them all in to place correctly with a baby inside is very difficult. It does get easier with time once you know how to do so but it does take time and patience. You cannot add the tray before little one goes in as the gap is not large enough so you have no choice but to put it on after. You do not have to use the tray as the child is held in with the design on the main seat, so I tend to only use it when I need too. Once the tray is on it can be handy for placing toys on for little one or a snack for them to enjoy while they are too small for a high chair.


      We would definitely recommend this baby seat to anyone and at £15 it is a cheaper alternative to the bumbo seat. The bumbo seat can cost £30 plus another £15 or so for the tray so buying this was a huge saving. It encourages little one to sit unaided and gives them the chance to sit up and watch the world go on around them. It is not intended for long periods of time but is great for freeing up mums hands for a few minutes to get jobs done around the house. We also found it is perfect for play and meal times for while little one is still young because of the tray provided. It is a practical item that we have found to be useful and the durability is fantastic as it has been used with two children so far and still looks brand new.


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        07.02.2012 15:34
        Very helpful
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        Very useful, would buy again

        I purchased this to feed my daughter in. As she was premature she was too small to fit in a traditional highchair. I spotted this in the Asda baby event where it was reduced to £19. I was slightly wary as she was so small, about 8lb when we first started using it.

        You can put baby in here from when they can support their own head. My daughter has always had excellent head control so we put her in it despite her small size. She loved being sat up on her own and the tray that comes with it allowed her to be able to play with her rattles with out me supporting her.
        I found it wasn't very good for feeding her in as she slumped to the side after a while. In the beginning we could only use it for about 10 minutes before the slumping started. She is now 9 months and she often sits in the chair to eat a biscuit and watch a bit of tv

        Despite her being premature she has been able to sit up since 7 months and I put this down to the chair. It has been an excellent development aid for her, improving her posture and allowing her to explore her toys in her own way without me constantly interfering.

        You should never leave baby completely unattended in one of these seats as it is possible for them to get out of it. My daughter has just started to get one leg out and it wont be long before she works out how to propel herself out. For this reason I'm happy to leave her in the corner playing whilst I'm in the room but wouldn't leave the room.

        The karibu is made of a hard rubber type material. Its very easy to clean and very light to carry. It stl feels very sturdy though

        Personally I have tried a bumbo seat in playgroup but this does the same job at a cheaper price so I wouldn't pay the extra. One advantage the bumbo does have is the range of colours it comes in. The karibu seat is only available in red but personally the extra £20+ it would cost for the bumbo and tray isn't worth it. Red is fine for a boy or girl.

        All in all I think this is one of the most usefull things I've bought for my daughter. We have used it daily since purchase and its still going strong. We will get alot more use out of it before she outgrows it.


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      • Product Details

        This is a must for any mum. This will enable you to get on with day to day chores, or just put your feet up, while still knowing your child is safely seated in the Karibu! This seat is lightweight, can be wiped clean, and can be used for anything, from playing to feeding!

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