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Clair de Lune Wicker Moses Basket

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4 Reviews

Brand: Clair de Lune / Type: Moses Baskets

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    4 Reviews
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      03.08.2010 19:58
      Very helpful
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      sleep like a little princess

      I got the clair de lune basket from argos before my princess was born.
      My friend had the same one for her some so i knew it was beautiful.

      The basket cost me £59.99 and i bought a white steal mosses basket stand in mothercare for £12.99.

      The basket is strong and sturdy with it being a woven basket.
      It has 2 handles at the sides and covered in beautiful white lace frills.

      The mattress is thin foam with breath holes in it and has a waterproof cover on the bottom half and netting over the top where head is.

      The hood really sets the basket of as its white with frills too, the hood kept sliding down every few days but i just pulled it back up and tightened the screws at the sides.

      The basket comes with a matching duvet but i used it over the top of the cellular blankets as for show.

      My princess used the mosses basket from birth until she was 3 months old. It was light and easy to move from upstairs at night back down during the day.

      My princess looked like a little doll in it, very cute safe and in white it can be used for a prince or a princess

      Jem x


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        16.07.2010 08:58
        Very helpful



        Pampering baby

        This Clair de Lune Wicker Moses Basket was a present from Granny which is a good job as this Milan model moses basket was £90 and the stand was extra on top of that and I would not spend that much on something that the baby will have grown out of in six months time however who am I to complain after all it is a Grandparents right to spoil their grandchildren.

        Straight off I must say that mine does not look like the one in the picture as we did not go for pink bedding but a simple white one with a bit of yellow piping on it. It is made from palm leaf wicker and measures about 75cm in length and 30cm across. It does come with a soft foam mattress and a padded liner. The recommended weight limit for the moses basket is 6kg.

        The hood can be lifted and lowered to protect from any sunlight should you take the thing outside. Granny alos bought a duvet cover with it as well and all the bedding that we needed. Even though we did not go with the pink it still does look very girly with the lace effect around the outsides.

        It has two wicker carry straps that are very strong and the whole thing is quite light to lift up however it still has quite a substantial feel to it. The only thing that slightly lets it down is that the stand that Granny bought is white and although that matches the bedding it does look a little cheap and not in keeping with the rest of the product however it was easy to assemble.

        As a bit of a vanity purchase I do like this moses basket as it looks lovely and is made to last just in case we have another one.


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        03.07.2009 20:49



        worth every penny and more

        when i saw this moses basket i fell in love just like the other lady that did tha has reviewed it.
        It is absolutely beautiful and worth every penny, i think i paid around £65 for mine bu it was well worth it as my baby girl always looked so comfy and slept so soundly in it.
        there was loads and loads of room in t and my little one slept in it for months as she was so small and didnt like sleeping in her crib.
        It looked fabulous stood on the stand both upstairs in the nursery and in the living room so i could have her close by during the day.
        everyone commented on how lovely it was when they came to visit and it looked just as nice the last day we used it as it did the day i bought it home from the shop. worth every penny i paid and more and i passed it along to a new mummy on freecycle after we had our use from it so another little princess had a beautiful new bed too :o)


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        11.07.2006 22:28
        Very helpful



        A great buy!!!

        When i first found out i was pregnant i started making lists straight away of everything i needed to get! And things that i didnt need but just wanted!!!

        From my childhood i remember not really having much and my friends always having the latest stuff and really nice bedrooms filled with really nice things! But my mum and Dad when they were together didnt have much money. So when they split up and me my mum and sister moved out we had even less money and i didnt have a room of my own never mind nice things to put in it!

        So right from the start before my baby was born i wanted the best for it! Id go without just so i could buy the things i wanted for the new baby. Every week i put money by and slowly but surely it mounted up until i had quite a bit. So i decided to go on a shopping spree!

        The first thing i neede to get was a moses basket. I had been told by many family and friends that they can be quite expensive so i decided to shop around. I trawled round my local town centre for hours going round all the baby shops! I had to stop for a drink and something to eat every hour and a half but i had so much fun!

        The first one i found was amazing! It looked sooo beautiful and expensive too! So i looked at the price and it was expensive!!! £90!!! I was shopping on a bit of a budjet so that was way too expensive for me!!

        I was gutted! It was the one i wanted and i knew it from the moment i seen it and anything else just wasnt going to compare to it! So i had 3 more shops to go to so hopefully there would be one that went someway to compare to the other one i seen.

        An hour later i had been to 2 of the shops looking at everything including moses baskets and hadnt found a thing! I was so upset! I didnt think i was ever going to find anything i liked!

        I foned my partner in tears! Wailing and complaining that i was never going to find anything i liked and that the babys bedroom was going to end up looking horrible! I told him i had one shop left to go to then i was coming home so to make me feel better he told me that he would give me the extra £45 so i could afford it! I was over the moon! I felt like i had never been happier!

        So i made my way to the last shop. Even though i could go back to the first shop and just get the one i wanted i decided to go and have a look anyway. When i got there i couldnt beleive my eyes!!! It was the same moses basket that i had seen in the first shop but it was half the price!!!

        Only £40 i couldnt beleive my luck! Stuff like that never happens to me!!!

        So i asked the sales assistant if the price on it was right and she said yes they were having a sale at the moment!!! I couldnt have been happier! So i bought it straight away!!!

        ~~~~~The moses basket details~~~~~

        the dimensions of the basket are as follows

        74cm x 27cm which is plenty of room for your little angel.

        The actual basket itself is made of wicker which is a durable and lightweight at the same time. The cover on the moses basket is beautiful!

        Its Ivory in colour which makes it look really lush and expensive! It is a sort of bodraie anglais material which comes off so that you can wash it. (and beleive me you will need to!) It also comes with a hood that you can pull up to sheild the baby from light when you are trying to get them off to sleep. As well ther is a plush duvet cover that you can place over baby if you have them in winter but otherwise you will not need it as i had my baby daughter in the summer and it was far too hot to use it! But i did put it on a couple of times just to take some pictures as it looked beautiful all together.

        It also comes with a mattress which is a bonus because most of them dont come with matteresses and you have to buy them as an extra which is an expense you can do without!!

        Unfortunately it didnt come with a stand. I had to buy it seperate and im glad i did as there is no way just after having a baby you can bend right down to the floor to pick your baby out the basket.

        The stand costs around £15 but it is well worth it!

        You may be able to get a stand chjeaper but u will need to make sure that it will fit as some of them are different sizes and will not fit all moses baskets. So make sure you have the measurements with you when you go to purchase the stand.

        This moses basket will do your baby until around 6 mnths old and by then they will be able to sleep in their big cots. But if you have a large baby then you may need to move them sooner as there is a weight limit of around 5-6 kg.

        I hope you have found this reveiw useful.

        Thanks for reading and good luck to all you parents and parents to be thinking of purchasing this moses basket!



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      • Product Details

        Holy Moses! Classic wicker-structure Moses basket, the ultimate in luxury for your baby, in a great choice of designs. The dimensions of the basket base are approximately 74cm x 27cm.

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