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Disney Cars 2 Espionage Junior Toddler Bed

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Brand: Disney / Type: Bed

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    1 Review
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      24.09.2012 17:22
      Very helpful



      A lovely first bed for any little boy.

      We own this bed in two different variations. My eldest son has the Thomas the tank engine version while my youngest son owns the cars 2 version. The beds are exactly the same both made with a steel frame, while the head and footboard are both made of thick plastic. In this review I will be mentioning both toddler beds however most of this review relates to the cars 2 version.

      **The bed and assembly**

      When the bed arrived it was as you would expect flat packed. There were instructions provided with the bed to put it together easily. It said it would take around ten minutes to build up, but we found it took around twenty five the first time. Everything you need to build the bed is provided in the box, including Allen keys so you can start building it when it first arrives.

      We found that looking at all the different pieces was rather daunting, however once the bed began to take shape it was all very simple with a case of just fastening it all together securely. It would be best to have two people as it makes it a lot easier to build. I held the pieces of the bed in place, while my husband tightened all the bolts and made sure it was all put together correctly.

      Once built the bed frame looked very impressive, it felt solid and as the supporting bars are steel it can easily hold the weight of a child. The first thing you notice once the bed is built up is the design. Both the head and foot board show a print of the child's favourite characters. The one we own has lightning McQueen and Francesco Bernoulli on the headboard with. On the foot board it has a picture of Mater and Finn McMissle and as these are the main characters in the film any cars fan will instantly recognise it. The frame of the bed is also red the same colour as the headboard to keep with the lightning McQueen design.

      The bed has two guards at the top of the bed either side to prevent little one from falling out while sleeping. These are rather large and cover the whole top half of the bed both sides so unless your child crawls halfway down the bed while they are sleeping they will be safe and sound. The bed is very well supported it has a number of legs to hold it steady including two larger legs in the middle section of the bed.

      **In use**

      The bed frame is actually made from steel bars so I was a little worried, as my children are very clumsy like myself they may actually catch themselves while getting in and out. We have had a couple of bumped knees but as the mattress covers a lot of the supporting poles so once my son got used to the bed he was fine. The head and foot boards are made of plastic, as is the side boards on this bed. This gave a little relief knowing that if they bumped themselves through the night it would not hurt them. They have managed to bump themselves but as it is not too hard they were fine.

      It is also nice and low to the floor so if they do manage to wriggle out of the bed there is no way they could really hurt themselves.We had to purchase our mattress separately as we brought our beds from the Ace website. It is a standard size cot bed mattress that you need for this bed. We found that the mattress sit very well on the bed and fits it perfectly. I would suggest getting one of the thicker mattresses available, as the bed slats are made from steel I believe it would be a little uncomfortable for little one if you brought the thinner versions available. We decided on the thicker mattress and we find that it is nice and comfy for our son's.

      Both my son's love this bed they actually swap week to week between Thomas and cars. The bright colours with their favourite characters included mean it is a huge hit with my children. To clean it simply wipe it with a cloth, because of the materials it is made of any dust comes of very easily. The bed is a really good size, although it states it is for younger toddlers my eldest son is five and tall for his age, and we find that he fits this bed perfectly with a little space to grow. The age recommendation is two years up to four years which I do think is correct at the lower end of the scale, but can be stretched a little at the higher end.

      We first brought this bed to entice my youngest son from our bed. We had made the mistake of allowing him to sleep in with us which he then refused to leave. As he turned eighteen months old we began searching for his own bed so chose this one. It worked a treat and from the very first night my son was happy staying in his big boy's bed. He thought it was amazing he was going to sleep on a bed that had his favourite character on it so it is a huge success with the children.

      We have owned our eldest sons bed for around three years now and we found we did have to tighten the bolts a little every six months. They do not become dangerously loose, but I noticed they began to rattle a little when my children were getting in and out. This takes seconds to do with the end result meaning the bed is stable again. One of the important factors while buying is that it would not move around on wooden flooring. My son's room has laminate flooring in it and the legs of this bed looked promising. We do find it moves a little if they both push it along the floor, but it does not move as they get in and out of bed. I believe on carpeted flooring it would sit completely still as there is only a tiny amount of movement on the wooden flooring.


      On the side boards that help keep little one in their bed there are little oval holes . I am not sure what they are there for, maybe to make little one feel a little freer rather than boxed in. It has only happened twice in the years we have owned this bed but I found my sons arm can actually fit through these gaps. If he was to do this while he was actually asleep it could be very dangerous. The gaps are very small and the arm would need to be twisted in to it, but if my son can do it while I am reading him a bedtime story then he could do it through the night. This worries me a little but I just put my sons teddy's in the bed with him and this seems to have solved the problem.


      We love these bed's so much we actually purchased two. My eldest son has the Thomas version, while my youngest son chose the cars 2. They are exactly the same in build all that changes is the characters on the head and footboards. They are made from strong materials meaning they last extremely well. They are very stable and a fantastic size.

      We purchased ours for £80 from Ace but if you Google the bed there are a number of stores that stock them including Amazon. I would suggest getting one of the thicker mattresses to match the bed as the steel frame could prove to be a little uncomfortable if the mattress is too thin. We have had my eldest son's bed for over three years and never had any problems at all. It will be time for my son to move into a single bed soon but at the moment he is happy where he is, and there is still plenty of room left for him. It is a great item over all as it is exciting for little one as it shows their favourite character, yet it is durable and practical enough to please me.


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