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Disney Princess Glittering Quick-Sticks 62 Piece Sticker Set

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2012 11:28
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      a cheaper way to decorate a bedroom

      We have recently been decorating our daughter's room. As she chose the predictable pink for her colour scheme she also requested Disney Princesses to be featured in the decoration process. I looked around at various options including branded wallpaper featuring the princesses, and also wall stickers.
      After some price comparison we realised it worked out a lot cheaper to buy some wall stickers, and I happened upon this set of stickarounds from Amazon which contained 60 stickers for under £10. This worked out cheaper than buying other versions of the stickarounds from the larger DIY stores and also this packet contained more stickers as well, albeit smaller decoration stickers.

      The set of stickers are packaged in the horrible and dangerous thick plastic casing that requires scissors to be cut open. I think it would have been more cost effective to place in less rigid packaging, but we didn't buy for the packaging and more what was inside it.
      As the packet described the 60 stickers, we opened to find there were six sheets of stickers. The variety of designs spanned over three sheets and then was repeated for the last three sheets. I thought this was quite a good idea as we have two main walls we wanted to decorate in the bedroom, so for us this meant we had a good even spread of design across each wall.

      The stickers themselves vary in size and shape. There are four large princesses which cover the design range, including Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. Each of these stickers is approximately 25cm in length which is a nice size for a wall to ensure they stand out against the smaller stickers.
      From the four princesses, the stickers all get slightly smaller with the smallest being approx 2.5cm diameter showing hearts. These really are filler stickers, and I would suggest it's a good idea to try and plan your wall decoration before starting to place stickers randomly on the wall.

      There is a good variety of choice from the large princesses, hearts, crowns, carriages etc, all in good colour match shades of pinks, purples and creams. These fit well against the Disney Princess theme.

      The stickers themselves are a little different from other brands of stickarounds I have bought in the past. They all have a clear background and are designed to be removed from the wall as required. The last set of stickarounds I bought were edges with white plastic coating that seemed to ensure they stuck to the wall and whilst I remember being able to remove them, there was always the fear of them ripping during the process.

      Due to the fact that these stickers can be removed, I was worried that they wouldn't stick properly in the first place.
      Removing each one from the sheet, I didn't find that there was a huge amount of stickiness to them, but they have settled really well on the wall. The idea is to place them on the wall and wipe over with a clean cloth to smooth them out.

      Invariable as I was letting my four year old help me, we ended up with stickers that were upside down and some were positioned too close to each other, so I found myself going behind her and adjusting a couple of them to make the room look more even.
      I learnt then that the stickers were indeed easy to remove without any worry of them ripping or appearing crumpled when adjusted. The next test would be to see if they stayed in one place.

      The stickers have been up on the wall for a few weeks now and I can happily report that not one of them has even come loose by a corner. They all look perfect and are enhancing the room very well. For me this is money well spent, and my only criticism would be that if you have a larger room then you may need more than one pack to make it look like you have enough stickers.


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