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Dora The Explorer Toddler Bed

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Brand: Worlds Apart / Type: Beds / Storage: Yes / Includes detachable side table with cup and book holder

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    2 Reviews
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      08.08.2010 23:06
      Very helpful



      The Cutest And Best Toddler Bed I've Ever Seen!

      My sister has got this bed, originally we all wanted to get her a Peppa Pig bed to match the rest of her room but the only suitable one we could find was waaaay too expensive.... especially being as she didn't even NEED a new bed, her Ikea one was only about 6 months old but my mum in particular wanted to get her something a bit more interesting when she had her bedroom decorated.

      It's a toddler sized bed and is 21 inches high, 58 inches long and 28 inches wide. We brought ours from B&M in Birmingham and had a bit of a bargain because it only cost £79.00 with a free mattress thrown in.... on Amazon the bed is £106.00 WITHOUT a mattress! It's suitable for babies from 18 months old, this wasn't a problem because my sister was about 2 1/2 years when we brought it and I think this was a nice age for to go into the bed.

      It's obviously Dora the Explorer and is soooooo pretty, I wish I had had a bed like this when I was a kid!!! I won't go into mega paragraphs of description because the bed my sister has got is exactly the same as the one in the photo Dooyoo have got up. It looks mega girly, I know lads are into Dora just the same but I think the similar Diego bed you can get would be better for a boys room because it's blue and orange.

      This bed is made from steel and without all the extras it would be a basic pink metal bed, but it's all the bits and pieces that make this bed so gorgeous and perfect for any little girl. I helped my dad and his mate put it together and it was dead easy, one of the side bars was missing but because we brought ours from the shop it was simple to go and get another one..... and the bed was halfway together then so thank god they didn't make us take the whole thing back and just gave us the rail we needed! The allen keys and throw away spanners that we needed to put the bed up were included and even though my dad ended up using his own tools because of how flimsy the ones that came with the bed were at least they were there for an emergency.

      The head and foot boards are made out of MDF, they just fit to the bed frame and are no effort to put on. The pictures of Dora and Boots look wicked and brighten the bed up brilliant, you've got 2 drawers under the bed which are made of fabric and that's been dead handy for putting my sisters junk in. The drawers zip up to save stuff spilling out all over the floor and I actually think it will be a good way to make my sister get rid of some rubbish because if we notice she hasn't even OPENED the drawers for time then we'll just bin everything in them and start again!

      The sides of the bed are useful to help stop kids falling out of bed, my sister has been in a bed for quite a long time now but I think they would be brill for babies who are just coming out of a cot and are used to the bars for stopping them falling. They are made out of the same MDF and actually my dad was talking about taking them off soon because my sister is well past the stage of falling out of bed and they are starting to look a bit tatty now, she's obviously kicked one of them in a mood when she's in bed and it looks like it's about to crack. I'm a bit worried about the head board now actually because it's made out of the same wood and I'd hate for her to damage that.

      There is also a side table attached to the side of the bed, this hooks onto one of the side rails and that's the only reason my dad hasn't taken these rails off already! It just lifts on and off and is quite a cute idea, there's a cup holder cut out of it and you can also fit a kids book down the side of the shelf. It's not a massive table but not many toddlers have much to take to bed with them anyway apart from a couple of cuddly toys..... and those are usually in bed with her!

      Recommended..... even the full price is brilliant value for such a cute and sturdy bed. The price we paid though was a proper bargain so don't just assume that Amazon is going to be the cheapest because it doesn't always work out like that.... and also remember it won't come with a mattress in some places so you've got to add that into your budget.


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        04.08.2010 09:32
        Very helpful




        At 2 and a half, my daughter went crazy for anything Dora The Explorer. If it said Dora, she wanted it. She wanted her bedroom to be a Dora room and whilst I was not prepared to purchase an entire Dora suite for her bedroom because I know how kids go through phases, I did say we would do a bit. My daughter was ready to go into a big girl bed and it was then that I came across this Dora The Explorer Toddler bed and found that both my daughter loved it and it fitted the need for a big girl bed for her too.

        We purchased the Dora The Explorer Toddler bed from very.com and it was £159.00 about a year and a half ago. It is alot cheaper now and I have seen it on Argos for £112. The bed does not include a toddler bed mattress though and this has to be purchased seperately. To get a decent one, you have to spend at least £50+. In the end the bed cost us around £230 once we had purchased the mattess. When you are looking for a mattress make sure you have the right dimensions for it as otherwise you will end up with the wrong sized mattress. The dimensions of the bed are: 54 x 147 x 74 cm. The mattress size that is recommended and which is purchased is 140 x 70cm. The bed is manufactured by Worlds Apart which is the same company which makes the Ready Beds.

        The bed and mattress were ordered and we just had to wait for them to arrive.

        Both arrived a day after ordering which was impressive to say the least and the bed arrived in a proper Dora The Explorer box with a picture of the bed on the front and writing in the Dora font telling me what it was. The mattress arrived in clear plastic.

        Be warned this bed does not come ready made. Unfortunately. There are lots of pieces which include poles and poles which are for the slats arcoss the bed and then all the wooden parts (which are MDF) which make up the headboards etc. Plus all the bolts and the screws. Luckily, my husband was on hand to build it and with the instructions, he did build it with ease. It wasn't too difficult to put together but because you want to make sure everything is extra safe, the screws are tight, the headboard is on correctly and won't collapse whilst your child is sleeping, it takes a bit longer. The poles are called tubular steel and are coated in pink paint. The tops of the poles have stoppers in them so that your child cannot stick their fingers inside the poles or hurt themselves.

        The bed is a great bed when you see it in all its glory. It is purple and pink in colour with a picture of Dora on the headboard itself with the stars from Dora around her, like Glowy star. The stars are also down the sides of the bed and on the foot of the bed. On the foot of the bed is a picture of Boots the monkey, again surrounded by the stars. The bed has two pieces of wood down either side where your child's upper body and head will lay. These act very much the same way as a bedguard would and are very helpful if you have a wriggling child. These parts are not optional; you have to have them on the bed.

        The designs/pictures are very bright and look fantastic. They are so vibrant and really set the bed off. They are perfect in regards to resemblance to the characters in the show.

        The bed also comes with a plastic pinky purple detachable side table. This was an absolutely fabulous idea as on this table, there is a little cup holder which a drink fits into easily and prevents it from being knocked over and there is also a little gap on the table to store your child's favourite bed time stories. I think this is a lovely idea as well as being practical.

        The last thing about this bed is that it comes with fabric under bed storage drawers. These again are purple and have 3 of the Dora stars on the front of each drawer. They have a zip on them to open and close and are perfect for keeping your child's pyjamas in or books....whatever you like really! They easily tuck under the bed and look as though they are a part of the bed. They are fairly big too and you can store a fair amount in them. Though if your child does come to you and say they have lost things, do check in these first as my daughter was forever "hiding" stuff in them and claiming to have lost stuff just so I could go on a hunt for them! She thinks there is nothing funnier than Mummy on the hunt for something!

        The bed is very sturdy and does not wobble. My husband put quite a lot of force on it and it didn't move once. Both my husband and I sat on the bed and it didn't even groan in protest at having two fullsize adults sitting on it so it is also very strong.

        My daughter absolutely loved her Dora bed. She felt special and like a big girl. My daughter never had a night's trouble sleeping in it; she always slept soundly. And she always looked comfy in it too! She used to tell everyone that she met that she had a Dora bed and got to sleep with Dora every night. She loved it and that was the main thing.

        The Dora The Explorer nightlight is recommended to go with this bed but we never purchased it. We did however purchase a Dora The Explorer duvet cover set to go with it though. Also, keep in mind that you will need to buy cot bed sheets for this bed as normal sheets will not fit it. We did however use a normal duvet.

        All in all, this is a great bed. It ticked every box. It was safe, durable, had storage, a bedside table and was one of my daughter's favourite characters. My daughter still has the Dora bed and she is now 4. She still fits in it fine but it now lives at Nanna's house for when she stays at Nanna's ocassionally as she has a proper single bed for our house.

        Highly recommended to any parent looking for a transition bed from cot to bed or for the Dora the Explorer fanatic! I think this bed can be used up until age 5 but I no longer have the box and haven't been able to find out so that is something you will have to look for. But it is definately long lasting and although I paid a bit more for it because it had only just come out, it was definately worth it.


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