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First Baby Safety Animals Table and Chair Set

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Brand: Wayfair

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2013 23:05
      Very helpful



      Well worth the price and you are sure to get value for money with plenty of use.

      Christmas was a real struggle when trying to find good presents for my infant son. He already has a silly amount of toys and books so it was hard to find a present that was a bit more of an original idea.

      My girlfriend said she wanted to buy my son a little table and chairs where he could eat his breakfast and lunch, as well as play at. Therefore I have to give her the credit for finding the first baby safety, animals table and chair set. It was her idea so I left her with the responsibility of finding and buying a table and chairs that was suitable.

      Since our son was born the theme of animals has been ever present. Animals on his walls, on his clothes, book after book about animals and of course plenty of soft toys. It seemed only natural that the table and chairs should also be animal themed.

      My idea of a table and chairs for a child would be chunky and moulded in plastic and wouldn't be too expensive. I wouldn't want to spend too much on something that is going to get food splattered all over, drew on with pencils and crayons or scratched with toys.

      My girlfriend ordered this particular table and chairs of the wayfair website. www.wayfair.co.uk. It is a company I have never heard of before if I'm honest so I wasn't sure what to expect when it arrived.

      The cost of the table was £72.99 which is probably more than I thought a children's table and chair set would cost but my girlfriend was paying anyway so there was no complaints from me. After taking a brief look on the website I have to say I was initially impressed but would reserve final judgement until the item arrived. On the wayfair website post and packaging is free and this particular table and chairs is usually dispatched within twenty four hours providing they have them in stock. They were in stock so we received ours three days after dispatch had been confirmed.

      Luckily we were at home the day the item arrived. As you can imagine the parcel is wide and quite heavy (19kg). It came as a flat pack and would require building. I hate having to build any flat pack items as I always have problems but how difficult could it be. I also always dread opening anything that is made of wood. More often then not you find blemishes or scratches. The last thing I wanted to do was have to send it back.

      After taking the table and chairs from the box and checking them we were happy that nothing was out of order. In fact we were over the moon. The table and chairs were pristine. Not a mark to be found and to make me feel even better it was so simple to put together. Every separate item in the box was wrapped in its own protective wrapper, there was an instruction manual on how to build the set up and a bag containing screws and an allen key to put the parts together.

      Christmas eve after my son had gone to bed was when I decided to build the table and chairs up. I laid all the pieces out on the living rug in front of me and got cracking. The set basically consists of, the table top, the two seats, two back rests, four long and two short chair legs and the four legs for the table.

      Building the table and chairs was an absolute doddle without looking at any instructions. It is obvious where every part goes, it is the easiest thing I have ever had to build up.

      The end result once you have built the table and chairs up is that you really do have a beautiful looking set for your child. It is sturdy, colourful and doesn't take up a lot of room and should be able to fit nicely into most living rooms or dining rooms.

      What I loved about the table and chairs is just how colourful it is. The table has yellow legs and the table top is a sky blue colour with white animal footprints. There are four pictures on the top firstly a Zebra, a Gorilla, a Giraffe and a pink Elephant.

      The two chairs have legs the same yellow colour. The seats are yellow with white animal footprints and the back rests are green and both have an illustration of an animal on them. One chair has the same pink Elephant that is on the table top and the second chair has an illustration of a lion.

      This table and chairs is very rugged. It is made of hardwood and has been treated with a lacquer to help protect the paint and the surface.


      Christmas morning came and we let my son open all of his presents first before showing him the table and chairs. As soon as we shown it to him he loved it, pointing out the different animals and trying to climb up onto his chair so he could sit down.

      Whenever we are at home we now always use the table for breakfast and lunch. A major plus for it is that it is so easy to clean. No matter what has been spilt on the table top it wipes away very easily.

      It has had quite a bit of rough and tumble. Sometimes my son can get impatient waiting for his food and will start banging his cup, fork or spoon on the top. Up to now there are no marks. Whatever has been used to protect the hardwood is doing its job very well.

      Sometimes we let my son draw with crayons or pencils and he will draw on the surface of the table. Again it is easily wiped off and cleaned without scratching.

      As an indication of how strong the chairs are my girlfriend often sits at the table with Austin and eats her dinner at the same time. Now she is quite petite herself but the chair is still taking the weight of an adult. I haven't dared trying sitting on them myself as I'm not convinced they would hold my weight and I'm not about to try so I can end up on you've been framed flat out on my back.

      Another good feature is that the set doesn't have any sharp corners. Every edge is rounded meaning that if your child bangs themselves on an edge, as my son does quite often, it will still hurt but not as much and is less likely to break the skin.


      Table dimensions: 53cm H x 60cm W x 60cm D
      Seat dimensions: 64cm H x 32cm W x 23cm D
      Seat Height: 29cm H

      It really doesn't take up to much space. Our table is situated in between the entrance to the living room and an armchair. It fits in nicely and doesn't look out of place.

      The chair seats are just the right height for a child to learn to sit properly and not too high that if the worst happened and they fell off, it isn't too far to tumble.


      I cannot recommend this table enough. Is it expensive for a table and chairs set? I'm not sure but if it is, it is definitely worth paying that extra money for the standard of the set.

      I can guarantee your child will love it. I think it has helped my son gain a little independence letting him sit and eat like mum and dad do instead of strapping him in his high chair.

      I also think it has longevity as well. It is certainly sturdy enough to last him another couple of years.

      As soon as my sister in law seen the set she went out and bought one for my niece straight away, that's how impressed she was with it and everybody that sees it is equally impressed.


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