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Fisher Price Fun to See Animals of the Rainforest Stickers

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4 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Nursery Furnishings - Wall stickers

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    4 Reviews
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      28.05.2013 19:15
      Very helpful



      Great and easy way to decorate a childs room

      When I first moved into my current home, my son was only a couple of months old. I was excited that he had his own room but while he was still young he stayed in my room, and his room was used for storage. I already prepared his room for his arrival by painting it a pale blue, but there were no other decorations in sight-very plain and very basic. So when he finally moved into his own room, roughly around when he was 10-11 months old, I bought this set of wall stickers from Mothercare.com to decorate his room. This was 3 years ago and cost around the £40.00 mark.

      Why did I buy them?

      I bought them because I thought they were the ideal thing to brighten up his room. I didn't want to hang pictures and I definitely didn't want to change the colour of the walls. I thought this was a perfect solution, easy to do and would give his room a dramatic make over with minimal effort.

      How did they look/what do you get?

      Various sized vinyl stickers depicting animals such as leopards, parrots, giraffes, monkeys, frogs etc. All brightly coloured and very cartoon like ( not life like at all ). Also there were palm trees included, leaves, clouds and a decent sized sun. All stickers were quite tropical in theme and look.

      47 stickers in total on 4 sheets.

      How to use

      All I had to do was ensure the walls were clean and dry before peeling the stickers off their backing paper and place where wanted. I put them on the walls, but you could place them on furniture, doors and in various rooms.

      How did I find it?

      Firstly, I loved the box it came in because it clearly showed what the stickers actually looked like, and how they could be placed around a room, more specifically a nursery which gave me lots of ideas.

      The application was very simple. I simply peeled the stickers off and popped them on the wall. If I found they weren't in the right position I could gently take them off the wall and re position without losing the tackiness or damaging the wall, which I thought was great. Some of the stickers, I gently patted down with the palm of my hand to ensure they were in place and completely flat, but this was down to some of the walls being alittle uneven. When I had to put the larger sized stickers on the wall, I did find I had to take extra time and care. For example, one of the stickers was a really tall, thin giraffe which was actually a height chart. Because of the size and shape I found it awkward to put up, and at one stage ripped a part of it off. Not a major issue as I peaced it back together, but alittle more time and care was needed for the bigger pieces where as the smaller ones you could more or less throw on.

      I did expect after maybe a day or two I would find them sprawled on the floor as I thought they might fall off, but they never did. They were very secure on the walls, no peeling at the corners and remained flat throughout.

      My son found these fascinating and absolutely loved the larger than life shapes and colours, and we had a game where every time we went into his room I would point to each animal and tell him what the animal was called. After awhile he would run up to them and tell me their names himself! Great learning tool!

      These wall stickers came to an end when my son finally figured out they were stickers and was determined to mess around with them. He managed to rip away at the height chart giraffe ( the one I had pieced together ) and then was on a mission to pull it all down. From that point I decided maybe it was time to have a change, especially since he managed to mess around with other stickers on the walls. So I decided to take them down, which was so easy to do it was unbelievable. All stickers came off in one piece, no stickiness left on the wall, no walls damaged and no paint came off which was impressive!

      Since then his room has been decorated in a cream colour and currently has Peppa Pig wall stickers on it ( they will be replaced by Spiderman very soon).

      Would I buy these again? Yes I would. The original price may sound high but not really. The quality is outstanding, easy to apply and even more easy to take down if and when needed. Cost effective way to decorate a room without changing it just adding to it. The thing I was most impressed about was the fact they didn't damage the walls or paint work. Some of these wall stickers state they may do this, which potentially means after your bored and need to take them off, you might have to repaint.

      These stickers lasted so long, nearly 2 years, so I definitely got my monies worth out of them. Their colours remained bright, their appearance stayed shiny and clean.

      For me this was the perfect accessory to brighten and lively up a bland and basic styled nursery.
      Still available to buy now- on Amazon for £34.99.


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        30.10.2012 13:31
        Very helpful



        Well worth it

        As I mentioned in my review of the Fisher Price Rainforest Mobile I wanted to decorate my unborn child's nursery in a rainforest theme as it's quite unisex and I wanted to get the nursery completed before our (at the time surprise) bundle of joy arrived. I'd already purchased the mobile and bedding set from the Fisher Price range and I was overjoyed to find that Fisher Price Fun to See Animals of the Rainforest Stickers existed!

        The best thing for me about the stickers were that I could revamp the plain magnolia walls of the nursery into a jungle without ruining them, as they're a soft peel easy to remove sticker which can be replaced. At the time we lived in a rented flat whilst we looked for the house we've now purchased, so I wanted to make the room into a nursery, without having to repaint, knowing we'd be moving within six months.

        So, I bought the Fisher Price Fun to See Animals of the Rainforest Stickers set on Amazon for £35, it might sound expensive but you get loads, they're re-usable and they're on a price point with paint or wallpaper. They arrived in a long rectangular box with a picture of all the stickers in a room on it, it looks great. The box has a string carry handle. I've never actually seen them in the shops, only online and £35 being the average price.

        Fun to See is actually a separate company, I believe they work with different brands to offer out these wall stickers, as the box has both the Fun to See logo and the Fisher Price logo. I've seen Fun to See sticker sets in Hello Kitty, Peppa Pig etc so it's not something unique to Fisher Price.

        The stickers themselves come on two huge rolls, it's important to keep these rolls as you can store the stickers on here should you move house (which we did) or want to save the stickers or even give them to someone else. They never seem to lose their stickiness whilst at the same time don't leave any marks or tackiness on the walls, they're brilliant.

        So, in the set you get lots of animals and rainforest decorations, the main one being a giraffe which also doubles up as a height chart, parrots, monkeys, a crocodile, lion and cheetah, bugs, trees, a sunshine, clouds - there's so much! More than enough for our daughter's room. It looked so cheerful even on a magnolia wall, since then we've moved and her walls are yellow and it looks even better.

        The stickers are big, bright and so lovely, my daughter absolutely loves them and over the months has learned the names of the animals and the sounds they make. Of course with the stickers being from the Fisher Price Rainforest range the stickers are the same animals as on her toys - her jumperoo, her cot mobile, her bedding set and her activity centre, which I like as it adds familiarity from room to room.

        When my daughter is a little older she might want a 'girly' room but for now she loves her jungle room and the Fisher Price Fun to See Animals of the Rainforest Stickers are absolutely instrumental in that. They're bright, cheerful, so easy to apply - you can revamp a whole room in an hour or so. They've been worth every penny of the price tag and I've recommended them (and the Fun to See range) to many friends and family.

        Overall a very highly deserved five out of five for the Fisher Price Fun to See Animals of the Rainforest Stickers, they're absolutely brilliant and we love them lots.


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        13.09.2010 18:48
        Very helpful



        Cute wall stickers that brighten up a kids room

        While I was decorating my daughters room before she was born I got a few Fisher price rainforest themed presents such as bouncers and play mats. I loved the theme but had already painted my daughters room a neutral colour not knowing if we were having a boy or a girl.
        I came across these in Woodies and was delighted to add a bit of the same theme to an otherwise subtle room. It included about 50 stickers with animals such as giraffes, monkies, lions and birds all making an appearance. They are really child friendly and my daughter was often caught smiling up at them.
        They were really easy to apply too. We just lay them all out on the floor and decided what was going where are and then just peeled away the sticky back to place it on the wall. They stuck perfectly from the moment they were put up and they never peeled or fell off either. My sister had similar Winnie the Pooh stickers that kept coming off the walls but luckily these never had that problem.
        To prevent bubbles form appearing under the large stickers they include a card type device which you just press out the bubbles by rubbing over the sticker. This came in very handy with the larger stickers as these always ended up with bubbles popping out.
        They are easy to peel off too as there were one or two stickers that I wanted to change position and they came off with ease. I was wary that they may not stick as well as the first application but they worked perfectly again. You dont need to be an expert or a handy man to fit these on!
        I would recommend this to anyone that wants to brighten a childs bedroom without re painting or as an alternatie to a mural. They are easily attached and detached when needed.


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        09.09.2010 16:05
        Very helpful



        A great versatile product that would enhance any nursery, playroom or child's bedroom.

        As I make my way through the backlog of reviews I have I again have a Fisher Price Rainforest product to review.

        Once we had decided upon the theme for our nursery I simply looked to see what I could get in the range and came across these fantastic stickers by Fun to see.

        ~*~Who are Fun to SeeTM?~*~

        FunToSeeTM started as an ingenious decorating idea from a Mum with a creative imagination but no time and who could not afford a mural artist, so she developed the idea of creating large stickers that look as if they have been painted onto the wall or furniture. Developing sticker kits and room makeover kits at affordable prices to cover all range of possibilities and themes.

        By creating the packs it makes decorating a nursery or child's bedroom easy, so easy the children can help add them to their walls or furniture however my husband had that enjoyment all on his own :-)

        ~*~Rainforest Makeover Kit~*~

        For the purpose of this review I am reviewing the Rainforest Makeover Kit only, for a full range of kits please visit their website.

        I purchased my makeover kit from Amazon for the price of £32.99 with free delivery, I have not seen them in any of the shops only online so far, but other retailers include Kiddicare and direct from the Fun to See website.

        The box arrived from amazon and contained a large box containing 47 giant room stickers including a giraffe, crocodile, monkey, lion, tiger, leopard, butterflies, a large sunshine, grass tufts, clouds, toucans and more allowing you to create a unique scene.

        Like the rest of the rainforest range the animals used are brightly coloured which help to stimulate the babies senses and they are safe to touch even with sticky hands!

        The stickers are all stored on a large vinyl sheet which is rolled into the box, so they can be re-used over and over again. Contained within the box is a plastic spatula type tool to smooth the images onto the wall. The images are really easy to peel off and apply to the wall and the finished effect looks like a painted on mural and really gives a fantastic effect.

        Before applying it is vital to ensure sure the surface is smooth, dry, clean and free from dust or grease, decide where you would like them to go. Bear in mind any furniture you will be adding to the room.

        The stickers which will stick to almost all surfaces (although it is recommended they are not used on wood chip, uneven or dusty surfaces).

        Also available in the range is;
        Room Décor Kit
        Themed Room Stickers
        Mini Wall Art
        Picture Frames
        Stic a pics

        ~*~To remove the stickers~*~

        Under normal conditions, the stickers are removable from painted surfaces and certain wallpapers, if removed very slowly. It is, recommended in the instructions however, that you test material on a small area of your chosen surface for up to 24 hours before applying all FunToSeeTM images.

        For stubborn surfaces, gentle heat from a hair dryer can assist in removing images. We found no problems in moving the stickers and reapplying in a different area without damaging the wall surface underneath.

        I think this is a fantastic product which you can take with you if you move house or relocate your child's room to another room in the house or move from bedroom to playroom, the possiblilties are endless and with an average lifespan of 6 years it really is a good investment.

        As we have only had the products up for a few month I cannot confirm how good they are in terms of fading colours but we have a blind in our nursery which prevents the sun shining directly into the room which of course will help prevent any fading.

        I think this product is very versatile and handy for the non artist, giving a real professional feel to the room and what's more when you do move the new owners do not have to paint over a rainforest scene....perfect!!


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