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Fisher Price Perfectly Pink Cot Mobile

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Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Mobiles

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2009 16:51
      Very helpful



      Only for the princesses among us

      This was bought for my youngest daughter for Christmas after I requested some sort of 'lightshow' that could be clipped to the side of her cot. She was a bit of a whiney baby and I wanted something that would entertain her when I put her in the cot. She was about 2 months at the time and I couldn't hang onto her all the time like she wanted, so I needed to get something that would keep her occupied while I did some chores, and I also hoped that it may send her to sleep. So I was expecting something quite small that just lit up a bit and had a couple of tunes, but this is what we ended up with.

      It comes in a huge box and you have to build it yourself. Don't ask me how it all goes together but it must have been pretty simple because I managed to do it all by myself, with no help from my interfering husband!

      It's advertised as a 2 in 1 cot mobile, and this is because it is a cot mobile which attaches to the cot, spins around and plays tunes, but it also doubles up as a table lamp (wow!). The intended function of the table lamp is not clear, but I presume that once your baby grows out of the cot, you can use it as a table lamp, not that it gives off sufficient light to be used as an actual light that would be of any use to anyone. I think it is more perhaps an extremely fancy nightlight, which can be used if your child likes a bit of a comforting glow in the corner of their room.

      So onto the actual mechanics of this item...well, it's rather more extravagant that your standard cot mobile (and at £35 I would expect it to be as well!) There's a lot to describe about this item, and I'm not sure where to start, but I will do my best.

      The whole thing is quite a lot larger than a standard cot mobile, and because of this it is fixed to the cot using a giant screw and bolt type thing. I'm not sure of the correct terminology here, but basically there is a big plastic pipe at the bottom of the arm of the mobile, which has a thread running all the way along it, and you shove this through the cot bars, then screw on a big plastic plate on the other side until it is tight. On the other side of this (the part which faces into the cot) is a lovely little picture for your baby to look at. The fixing is quite good and sturdy, but the mobile is so heavy that it doesn't sit perfectly upright and tends to lean into the cot. This is the reason we positioned it at the bottom of my daughter's cot, rather than above her head...just in case.

      The actual spinning part of the mobile is very fancy. It has a big orb thing at the top which is where the light show is projected from. This is covered with a velvety type canopy thing, and then there are 3 toys hanging from this, a fairy, a frog and a glow worm thingy. These are detachable so your baby can also use these as toys if you wish them to. There are also 3 felt hearts hanging down. It's all very pretty and very girlie. It would look prefect in a 'little princess's' bedroom.

      So onto the tunes, there are 10 tunes in total, including some classical, there's actually only one on there that I recognise, so it's not your standard nursery rhyme entertainment. The music is pretty soothing, it's not all tinkly like many of these type of things are and you can have it on two settings, quiet, and much quieter. You can also turn the sound off completely and your baby can just watch the show!

      One issue I have with this is that there are 10 tunes but you can only have one playing over and over again, they don't play one after the other, it's just the same one on repeat...so if you think your baby needs a change of tune, you have to go in and change it yourself. It does play for quite a long time though, sometimes 15 minutes depending on which tune it is on. I thought this was quite good, because the wind up one we have only lasts a few minutes, and then you have to go back in to wind it up again and disturb your baby.

      To go along with the tunes you can turn the light show on which projects onto the ceiling, well I say ceiling, the damn thing is so heavy that it leans over and the light show is projected onto my daughter's wall. Not something she is particularly bothered about because she can still watch it.

      To be honest I was not that impressed with the light show, I think it is meant to be butterflies and other insects, but it just looks like a load of random shapes. Again, my daughter is not too bothered about this she just likes looking at the pretty lights moving around on her wall. You can also have the light show going without the tunes if you wish; it all depends on what your baby prefers.

      Everything is activated by a range of buttons on top of the unit. One button activates and deactivates the tunes. Another lets you choose the light options (on or off, or glowing lamp light underneath the canopy). Another lets you choose the tune you want. And finally a switch lets you choose the sound level.

      This mobile also comes with a remote control and I still haven't figured out how this works! It has one large button on it and I think if you turn the mobile on using the buttons on the mobile, then the remote doesn't work, so I think you first have to turn it on with the remote, then you can turn it on and off as you please while you are out of the room. To be honest, I have never used this as I couldn't get it to work so gave up because I found it completely pointless.

      My overall opinion of this mobile is that it is rather extravagant for a baby's bedroom, too many fancy things on it. And because it is so big and heavy, it doesn't quite fit properly so there's always that worry that it may drop off on top of my daughter, and as I said before the lights are pretty rubbish and the tune thing annoys me because of only playing one at a time.

      But having said that, we do use it quite often when she is being a bit of a pain, and she does enjoy watching the lights, and the music does actually soothe her, rather than keep her awake like some other noisy mobiles do. And the fact that it has two volume settings I thought was quite good because if she is crying loudly, then she wouldn't hear the quiet setting so you can switch it to the louder one so she can hear it and then stop crying! (That's the idea anyway).

      I'm not sure whether we will use it as a table lamp when she gets older because she has that many other ornaments and things littering her bedroom that this would then be another thing for me to dust! So I'm maybe thinking that the 2 in 1 thing is a bit of a waste of time as most parents when buying a cot mobile, want a cot mobile and probably aren't thinking about table lamps!

      So all in all, it does the job for my daughter and looks pretty but I don't think I would recommend it. Mainly because it is quite expensive and I just don't really like it. I think I'm just not into fancy frilly over the top girlie type things.

      It also takes 4 x D batteries for the mobile and 2 x AA batteries for the remote (not supplied), and it can be bought from Toys R Us.


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    • Product Details

      Mobile converts into a dresser top lamp.

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