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Gingerbread Men Nursery Light Switch

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Brand: Candy Queen Designs / Type: Lamps, Lights and Shades - Switch

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    1 Review
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      07.08.2010 00:21
      Very helpful



      A Wicked Light Switch That Brightens Up My Sister's Bedroom!

      When my dad finished decorating my little sister's bedroom last month he threw me a few quid and said to get the finishing touches. I ended up getting some big time bargains in the cheap shops in town so had some cash left over. I ended up putting her to bed that night and as I was turning the light off I noticed how naff the old paint stained light switch looked on her brand new walls. When she went to sleep I went downstairs and looked on the Homebase website but all the light switches were the same boring design so I widened my search to Amazon.

      I'd only been looking for 5 mins when I found this Gingerbread Men Light Switch, it's been designed especially for kids bedrooms and even though it's quite expensive at £25.00 I think it's definately worth the money because it's not only a normal light switch but also works as a dimmer switch.

      The design is wicked, the plate is decorated with large gingerbread men and the actual switch is a plastic resin hexagon that has got 2 smaller gingerbread men set inside it.... actually one of them is a gingerbread lady but that hasn't got the same ring to it!

      The switch is made out of a thick plastic and is exactly the same size as standard UK light switches. I have NO IDEA what is supposed to be the standard size though, but I can tell you that it's the same as the one my dad took out of my sister's bedroom so our's must be pretty standard! The only difference is that the corners on this are more pointed and not as rounded as normal light switches, that's fine for this design but I reckon it would look a bit weird if it wasn't for the lovely gingerbread man design.

      You just twist the knob until it clicks to turn the light off and when you want to switch it on you just turn the knob until it clicks again. Like all dimmer switches you can choose to dim the light as much as you like, or twist the knob all the way round to have the light at its full brightness. Obviously how bright the light ends up depends on what bulb you're using, we use a 60 watt bulb in my sister's bedroom and that's just fine and what I would recommend for most rooms actually unless you like a majorly bright light.

      It was easy to fit this light switch, I've just asked my dad because he was the one who did it and he said it only took him about 20 mins..... and he would have done it quicker than that but there was an extra screw and it took him ages to suss out that it was a spare and didn't actually GO anywhere! Schoolboy error or what???

      You haven't got to have a dimmer switch already installed in your bedroom to use this so you can buy one and be sure that it's going to fit into the space where your old light switch used to be.

      Recommended..... looks great and is a functional addition to my sister's newly decorated bedroom!


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