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Heroes for Kids Thomas & Friends Bin

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2 Reviews

Brand: Heroes for Kids / Brnad: Thomas The Tank Engine / Type: Bin

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    2 Reviews
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      31.01.2013 14:09
      Very helpful



      A nice useful Thomas gift

      I bought the Thomas & Friends Bin for my nephew who is Thomas the Tank Engine mad, when I found it when out shopping one day. Here's my review based on six months' use.

      **Price and Availability**

      The Thomas & Friends Bin is available in Home Bargains (also called Quality Save), I paid £3.99 for it which is very fair for a brand name product. I've also seen it on eBay for around £5 inc P&P.


      It's a pop up bin so it actually comes flat, the circumference is 28cm and it looks like a (small) hoop which pops up. The Thomas & Friends Bin has a large picture of Thomas the Tank Engine around it with a soft blue sky background.

      It's made of a stitched sort of woven material which gives a matte finish and for a pop up bin seems very durable.


      It's sold as a bin but to be fair you'd need to put a liner into it to use as a rubbish bin, my nephew doesn't use it for rubbish, it's used to hold toys (Thomas toys mainly!) and it holds plenty. I'd also recommend it for a small laundry bin as it's light enough to be picked up and taken straight to the washing machine to be emptied.

      Though it's a pop up rather than a hard plastic bin it is quite durable, it's wipe clean though not waterproof and it's as new after six months' use (a three year old emptying all the toys out and throwing them back in again!)


      I think the Thomas & Friends Bin makes a great gift for a child which loves Thomas who you want to give something a little more practical to. It's bright and vibrant and would suit a little boy's room, and anything that's related to tidying up is sure to go down a treat with mum!

      The pop up element means it can be packed away if needed and at under £5 it's a decent price and won't break the bank.

      I do recommend the Thomas & Friends Bin, and will award 4/5 (based on the fact I wouldn't use it for trash without a liner bag). But as a toy bin or laundry basket it's top notch.


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      06.10.2011 15:11
      Very helpful



      for thomas bedrooms!

      Many children adore Thomas the Tank. That cheeky blue engine from Sodor isn't only plastered on toys and DVDs, he is also present on various bedroom items.

      ~Thomas Bin~

      You can opt to purchase a plastic, metal or fabric Thomas the Tank Bin. This review discusses the Concertina Bin.

      This fabric bin is said to be ideal for Thomas bedrooms or playrooms. It is 27.5cm in height and has a 23.5cm diameter. The bin is a cylinder shape and made of 100% polyproylene.

      The bin comes packaged in a clear plastic pack (from memory). It is predominately blue and features a scene from Thomas. There is a bright blue sky, a few Sodor residents, a smily Thomas and another train (not sure who) on the tracks. The bin can be folded down and secured with velcro tabs. It is of the pop up kind and is said to be suitable for rubbish, toys or clothes.


      This bin can be bought new from Amazon. You have 2 options. £7.07 with free delivery or £1.47 with £3.95 postage and packaging..do the Maths! Other stockists include www.buythomasthetankengine.co.uk where you will find this bin at £4.99.

      ~My Thoughts~

      When we lived in our old flat, Ryans room was Winnie the Pooh. It started to look a little babyish so just before his 2nd birthday, we painted it and changed the theme to Thomas the Tank. Ryan loves Thomas! We bought the bed, the light, the stickers etc. We also purchased this Concertina Bin which I believe we purchased from Home Bargains for a few pounds at the time. It is still used in Ryans room now we have moved.

      There wasn't really any issues with assembling this bin. It was a case of unwrapping it and pulling the velcro tabs to release it. The bin pops up quickly and is a decent size with plenty of storage room inside. The design is bright and clear. Whilst the material used is polypropylene, there is a sort of wire design inside the material which is very flexible. The material is reasonably thick but the wire inside keeps the bin upright and sturdy. The base is a material and certainly wouldn't be able to stand over heavy objects being placed in the bin despite how secure the stitching appears.

      ~Pop Me Up!~

      Ryan always has his bin in the upright position as it is a permanent part of his bedroom. I will say though that although folding it down requires you to simply push down the edges, securing the velcro with one hand is a little fiddly. The bin however, doesn't take up much room so is left up in our home. I wasn't sure at first what a 2 yr old (at the time of purchase) would use a bin for. He didn't eat in his bedroom or take cans of juice in like a teenager would. It could be filled up with paper easily but the main benefit of the bin is for storage.

      The bin can hold quite a lot but nothing sharp or heavy. I wouldn't say it would be ideal for clothing except perhaps some socks and pants. When we first bought it, the bin was used for storing small toys and little books. Ryan could keep it in a corner of his room and simply choose something to play with. More recently, it has been used as a way of storing his toy cars and believe me, he can fit lots in. I think we counted 50 small cars and there was still space and no sign of bursting! Toy trains conveniently fit in to the bin too.

      If the cars are in being serviced at Ryans garage (he does good offers you know!), the bin is the source of some fun games. We have a large bag of coloured playing balls and rather than have them all scattered about at once, we store some in the bin. At this precise moment, there are 20 balls in the bin and of course it is incredibly light but still not full. When I have bother Ryan and his younger cousin here, we play games such as throwing the balls into the bin and it keeps them amused and I find it rather entertaining too!


      With this being moved around the flat a lot by a rough toddler, it isn't showing signs of straining though does have some crease marks near the top which alter the colouring a little. It is an ideal, small storage solution which is great for generally small toys and bits and bobs. If you want something for an older childs room, I would go for a metal bin but for Ryan, this one is fine. I can't imagine the material cleaning too well so probably best we don't put Fruit Shoot bottles or sticky wrappers in to it.

      I wouldn't pay more than a few pounds for this bin but it comes with a recommendation from Ryan.

      Thanks for reading :)


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    • Product Details

      A Pop up Concertina Bin with superb Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Designs. Ideal for the bedroom. Approx. 28cm(H) x 23cm(diam.)

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