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Ikea Hensvik Wardrobe

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Brand: Ikea / Type: Wardrobe

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    2 Reviews
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      18.09.2013 16:21
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      Perfect for children's room.

      White hensvik wardrobe.

      My little girl was moving into her new room at out in a new house so I was looking to get her a new wardrobe to match her white cotbed. First place I thought to look was ikea and saw this one and thought this would match her furniture and room perfectly.

      It's quite a plain design wardrobe with the little curved style at top which make it more girly design I think, the wardrobe is pretty basic with the 2 doors, 1 clothing rail and you can have up to 3 shelves. The clothes rail is pretty sturdy and reasonable sized as would be able to have a lot of clothes on there. Shelves aren't all too great as I have found the connector bits which hold the shelf are very flimsy and I'm constantly picking clothes and shelves up and fixing it again. The wardrobe can be used to fit adult clothes if you wanted to but I think it's definetly only handle the weight of children's clothes and wouldn't like to risk it otherwise. Wardrobe is a great height and width and doesn't take up much room in my daughters room so definitely the right decision.

      I had only paid £70 for this wardrobe from ikea and it does the job of containing my daughters clothes so can't really say I would recommend it but would be wary of the shelving, but definetly a pretty little wardrobe for my girls room.


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        23.05.2013 22:17
        Very helpful



        Ikea HENSVIK wardrobe

        When it came to looking for a wardrobe for my little girls room we knew we didn't want to spend a fortune but we wanted something white and a bit girly to go with her new white big girls bedroom. We went to Ikea, because you can always rely on Ikea, and it's there we found both her cot bed and this lovely girls wardrobe.

        The wardrobe is quite plain and simple looking but that is exactly what we were looking for. It has a nice little design effect on the top which is a curved effect piece of wood to give it a nice girly look. It has two equal size doors on it that open from the middle outwards and go right from the top to the bottom of the wardrobe. These have a small round knob on each door to allow you to open them easily. The doors are not amazingly heavy so my little girl finds it very easy to open it herself. That's a good thing although a bit of a pain sometimes as most day she usually does about four outfit changes depending on her mood!!

        The wardrobe comes with two adjustable white shelves that allow you to move them because there are little holes in each side of the wardrobe. This then obviously gives you three surfaces for which to store stuff in and I find these are really quite high and allow you to store a lot of stuff. At the same time we got this wardrobe we bought lots of fabric storage boxes from Ikea and put all of her socks, pants, tights, t-shirts etc in her. We have about six boxes in there and there is still room to put other stuff so I'm pleased at the capacity.

        The wardrobe also has a clothesrail which extends the whole way along the top of the wardrobe. This holds probably 100 pieces of little girls clothes so again I am pleased with the amount it holds. The rail is actually deep enough to hold adult hangers to which is nice if you want to do that. The bar is quite high up so my little girl cannot reach to get down her clothes but that is not a problem as I do it for her at this point in time.

        The wardrobe is slim looking but also holds quite a lot of stuff, I think it's a bit deceptive really as it looks thinner than it should in my opinion. I think it's the perfect size for a little girls room.

        The wardrobe needed assembly when we got it, obviously, as is the norm with most Ikea products and my husband put it together with no too much sweat and tears. The size of the wardrobe is as follows:

        Assembled size
        Width: 75 cm
        Depth: 48 cm
        Height: 174 cm

        The wardrobe cost us £80 from Ikea which I think is a great bargain and a little girls wardrobe I definitely recommend.


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