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John Lewis Anna Drop-Side Cot

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Brand: John Lewis / Type: Cots

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    5 Reviews
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      10.11.2012 03:05
      Very helpful



      A good quality, durable cot which is a reasonable price

      We bought this cot along with lots of other baby essentials from John Lewis around this time last year when I was still pregnant. We were going to buy one off Amazon but there was so much choice that I felt quite overwhelmed and I decided that it would be best to see what I was actually getting for my money before making a purchase decision rather than just guessing what it looked like in real life.

      First Impressions
      This cot caught my eye straight away because I love pale oak furniture and it was one of the largest cots - I noticed that quite a lot of them seemed narrow but this one looked spacious (in width) and the drop side made my mind up as I knew that it would come in handy once my baby was bigger - the thought of having to heave a 20 pound plus baby out of a cot without a drop side didn't really appeal to me!

      Price and Value for Money
      We paid £100.00 which is still the current retail price. For a solid wood, durable cot I was really pleased with the price. The cot doesn't come with a mattress so we bought one seperately.

      We decided rather than search around looking for one that was the perfect size to buy one the same as the matress that was on display with the cot. I made sure that the matress was nice and thick because of the panelled base inside the cot. We paid around £60.00 for the matress bringing the official cost of the cot upto £160.00 which I think is a good price considering the quality and it will last us for at least another year.

      Design, Durability & Colour Options
      The cot is available in two simple colours. We have the wooden finish one which is a nice pale yellow colour and it is very natural and simple looking. My daughters bedroom is beige with a pale brown border and white and pink wall stickers so this fits in with the minimalistic but modern kind of look we were going for. There is also a plain white one available.

      I think that these two colours are enough choice as they're versatile and unisex and the white one could always be painted/jazzed up if you are after a brighter coloured cot. The cot is a basic in design and it's a good size but it isn't bulky and it doesn't take up too much room in my daughters medium sized bedroom nor does it stand out against the other nursery furniture.

      It is made of good quality birch wood which is very sturdy and durable. It is varnished and smooth to the touch and you can tell from looking at it that it is made from real, good quality wood rather than a cheap material or synthetic wood. The cot comes flat packed in a huge cardboard box so it might be a good idea to get it delivered rather than buy it in store. The cot when fully assembled measures 125cm long and 68.5cm wide. It is 90cm high.

      Putting it Together
      It comes with all of the attatchments needed to put it together included including screws, rawl plugs, bolts and an alun key. It took my boyfriend and one of his friends around 45 minutes to assemble it which I don't think is too bad. I had a brief look at the instruction manual and the diagram and instructions seemed detailed and clear enough.

      My Opinion
      Although the cot is obviously suitable from birth we didn't start using this properly until my daughter was around four months old. We used a moses basket up until then and slowly introduced her to her cot by putting the moses basket inside the cot until eventually she went in the cot without a fuss. She is now nine months old and sleeps in this five days a week (the other two she sleeps in the cot at her Dad's) and she is quite happy in it.

      The 'bars' on the side of the cot are a good size for her to grab on to to pull herself up and the sides are high enough to easily keep her contained. The bars are sturdy and don't creak or rattle when my daughter has her weight against them. The drop side is easy to use and completely safe.

      Using it is simple - it has a chunky panel of wood underneath the barred area which makes the side drop down when it is pushed with either my foot or hand. This is particularly handy when my daughter is asleep as I can transfer her into the cot from my arms and lay her down in it without having to move her too much or reach right into the cot. It is great when I have my hands full and it doesn't require a lot of time or effort.

      The only minor disadvantage is that this feature can only be used when the cot base is at the lowest level which I think is a little silly as at that level I am able to reach in and pick my daughter up pretty easily without the side dropped now that she is bigger and able to pull herself up towards me and the drop side would have been more practical when she was slightly younger and not as mobile, especially when we had the cot on the second level.

      Don't get me wrong, it is a good feature and it comes in handy but it would be better if it could be used at all levels. I don't have any back/arm issues but the drop side will come in extremely handy for parents who do as long as the base is on the lowest level of course! We currently have it on the lowest level for safety reasons now that my daughter is very active and adjusting the level wasn't as fiddly as expected.

      Cleaning the cot (not including the matress and bedding) is easy and I just wipe it down with a wet cloth whenever it looks a little grubby. After five months of almost daily use it looks as good as new and it doesn't attract dust or anything like that like some of our furniture does. We recently moved the cot onto the other side of my babies room as we wanted it to face the window and this wasn't too much hard work as although it is very solid it doesn't weigh a tonne.

      I highly recommend this cot. It is well designed, sturdy and durable and I give it four out of five stars. I have knocked one star off because the drop side can only be used when the cot is at the lowest level.


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        01.11.2011 11:20
        Very helpful



        A highly recommended piece of furniture for your newborn.

        We brought this cot from John Lewis two years ago
        REASON FOR PURCHASE: We brought this one as we made the decision we wanted a cot and not a cot bed as we always said we would have a second and by the time the first was in the bed the second child would need it.

        John Lewis is known for being pricey however this cot was of good quality and the price was cheaper than there competitors! We found all the staff very helpful and were very patient whilst we were discussing what was best for our newborn. It was delivered to our door on the date and time made in-store and my Husband self-assembled really easily.

        One of the sellers for this cot was the dropside which we found very easy to use, the kick board at the bottom amd the side which you lift then drop made it easy to lower a sleeping baby into and proect my back.

        It didn't come with a mattress but the cot is average side and the mattress was easily sought from John Lewis/mothercare. All cot bedding fits it

        Can buy a nappy chnager to go on top which matches it, and a toddler bed is also available to purchase at a good price.

        The cot itself is very sturdy and durable.
        The colour is beech which fitted well in out nursery and doesnt show up any dirt (I feel the white one would show up scuffs)
        Easy to assemble
        Appears comfortable and of good size for our tall 18-month old and has had her 2 1/2 year old friend in easily.
        It has three mlevels to set the matress at which is great for when you put a newborn in as you can lower it as needed.
        When our little girl had swine flu we were easily able to elevate the end of the cot by putting a pillow under the mattress. This helped her breath easily.
        It is not as bug as a cot bed so fitted into our bedroom with ease.

        The side that drops can be shaken loudly which our little girl stands up and does when she wakes up this is the only reason I would give it four stars and not five!

        I have just recommeneded this cot to my cousin who is due in march, I would have given it to her had our lil one not still been in it.
        It is a fanastic product that doesn't break the bank would highly recommend it.

        Cotbumpers should not be used with newborns as they can be deemed as unsafe, john Lewis informed us of this and gave us safe sleeping advice


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        07.11.2009 03:43
        Very helpful



        a good choice for us

        When you are shopping for your baby, John Lewis is always a good place to head. Though they are, perhaps, less well known for their baby products on the British High Street than Mothercare, in my experience most of their products are more reasonably priced than their better known competitor, and they also provide a fantastic service in terms of guiding parents to be through the maze that is "buying things I will actually really need for my baby".

        This particular Cot bears the John Lewis name and can be viewed in thier stores. It was the one that we settled on nearly 6 years ago now, having made good use of it since the time, it is now awaiting a new home and a new baby, shortly to be passed on. It has proved to be solid, durable and to have served us well in the time we have had it.

        If you are looking at cots you will soon realise that this one is actually somewhere near the cheaper end of cots - Ikea do stock a range of very cheap cots, but here you are actually looking at something which is quite reasonably priced, and yet solid wood. This exact cot that we have comes in Birch, which does yellow slightly over time, but it has a nice finish and is less knotted than pine.

        When we bought it, the cot wasn't available in white, which is now a rather nice alternative, but the price was very similar - we paid £90, which did not include a mattress, which we purchased seperately from John Lewis. You could buy any mattress from any supplier, the cot is standard "cot size" (L125 x W68.5 x H90cm), and will fit standard cot bedding - as opposed to Cot Bed bedding.

        If you are hesitating between this and a cot bed (cot that transforms to a bed), it is handy to know that the range does come with a matching changing table (£77 now and less than we paid). There is also a matching toddler bed at a similarly reasonable price, in actual fact you could probably buy both the cot and the toddler bed for a similar price to a cot bed, depending on the size of the room you have and future plans.


        The cot comes flat packed, and is assembled with an alun key (provided). The diagram to illustrate the assembly wasn't the clearest, but assembling it was not too arduous, even for a team of one rather pregnant lady and her husband bent on ignoring the instructions. We have actually assembled and disassembled the cot a fair few times due to various house moves and children wanting "big beds" and the cot has not suffered as a result.


        The cot is, as in the picture, pretty plain really, the wood is nicely varnished. Some cots have anti-bite bars on the rail - not this one - but then in my experience the children didn't tend to gnaw on their cot, neither was the lack of an integrated toy an issue. We were easily able to attach things to the side as necessary.

        This cot has a slatted base that can be placed at three heights, via adjustments with the alun key and bolts. The top height is only really suitable for the baby stage, as soon as they can move you need to lower the cot to the middle or lower setting. In theory, in the bottom setting only, the side can be lowered via a pedal at the bottom. In practice we rarely, if ever, used this feature. When children are big enough to be on the lower setting mainly you will lift them when they want to get out and you can reach in for them more easily than trying to depress a pedal at the bottom of the cotside. This feature is not necessarily a reason for purchase.


        As I have stated this cot is of good quality and the wood has aged well. This is a quality item, and comparable to much more expensive cots in my opinion. Style wise I think maybe Birch is a little out of favour these days, but to me it is still a classically nice cot. You can view it in store if you are not confident enough about purchasing it online unseen.

        Would I recommend?

        I am very glad that we didn't buy a more expensive cot than this. I think that this was a good buy, especially bearing in mind that there are matching items. It can be tempting to splash out on nursery furniture when you are expecting a baby, but you will soon realise that there are many more things you will probably want to buy and that a baby is not going to know if a bed is a fancy brand or not, or sleep better as a result. You may want to have your baby in the room with you in the first few months, in which case you will probably end up buying a moses basket or similar - for us our first baby went into this cot at 12 weeks when we could stand her grunting all night no more, and both children used this cot until over the age of two.

        I would recommend this cot and am sad to be passing it on, though happy that someone else will get good use of it. I am only taking away one star due to the fact that I am not sure how you are supposed to actually drop the sides with the pedal. Overall this is a good buy.

        Further info:

        Note that this, or any cot, should not be used with a pillow or duvet before the age of one or more, and cot bumpers should really be avoided too, as they are dangerous for babies. The helpful staff at John Lewis will be happy to advise on this and other baby matters in my experience.


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          12.08.2008 14:39



          Not bad, has seen us through two kids. Can be a bit wobbly and is not designed to withstand a bouncing toddler. The biggest problem has been the drop-side locking mecanism, It's not designed very well and the slightest weight will cause the wood to split, dropping the gate. After it split the first time we replaced the stop with a piece made from mahogany - that lasted about 6 months and has since split again.You can lock the gate closed permanently but it does somewhat defeat the object of buying a drop-side.


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          17.06.2008 11:30
          Very helpful



          A superb cot

          When I first found out I was pregnant back in 2005, my partner and I sat and made a list of things that we had to buy which were necessities and couldn't wait. These things included a pushchair, bottles, nappies, clothes and of course a cot. We didn't have a clue what we were looking for so spent a day browsing baby shops with my parents. I just couldn't find one I loved and was feeling a bit exasperated until we went into John Lewis and I set eyes on this Anna cot. I loved it, and I knew that was what I wanted for unborn baby boy!

          As soon as I walked into the baby department in John Lewis, Reading, this was the first cot on display. It was a gorgeos honey colour with some matching furniture around it. But it was so lovely looking, a classic design with a nice drop-side feature. A drop-side feature was a must have for me as I'm only 4' 6'' and I had to be able to lean over safely to put my baby in and out! So I tested it out, leaning over (Despite a big bump being in the way!) I found it was fine for me and so we decided we would purchase that cot. The cot was marked up at a very reasonable £100 and my lovely nan and Grandad called to say they would like to buy us the cot, so we placed the order with John Lewis there and then!

          Now to the cot itself. The cot is part of the Anna set of baby furniture available only from John Lewis. The cot is available in both Honey and White, but I decided the honey was more practical and I just loved the look of it. The cot is made from solid birch wood with the honey finish. The look of the cot is very classic. It has slatted wooden sides, one of which is a drop side, and the 2 ends are also slatted with arched tops. The base on which the mattress sits is also slatted wood and nice and sturdy and for us has shown no signs of wear and tear at all.

          Assembly of the cot is very simply. The cot came delivered to us in a flat pack style in a large cardboard box. The instructions were simple and easy to follow. All nuts, screws and bolts were provided in a sealable plastic bag so they were nice and safe. You have make the frame of the cot first of all, ensuring that you fix the drop-side box onto the correct side of the cot. One of the side panels has a cut out bit at the bottom where the box sits, and its easily screwed on. The drop-side can be put on whichever side of the cot you need. The sides slide up the grooves in the end panels, and then screw into place. For the drop side, you can screw it on if you don't want to usethe drop, but otherwise, don't screw this in place, just let it rest on top of the box you've fixed on.

          After assembling the main frame, you just need to lower the slatted base into place. This has 4 pegs-like fixings, so you lower it down and push until they click into place. Simple! The cot has 3 base settings for your convenience. The lowest is shown in the picture from Dooyoo, there is a medium setting around halfway up the cot and finally a top level setting. As your baby grows, you'll need to move it down for safety reasons, and this is easy. Simply pull up the base, move the pegs down to the next notch and then put the base back in. We found once Harry was sitting, we moved it to the bottom as it was safer. The drop side allowed me to still lay him in at night and see to him easily.

          The drop side works really easily. It is a wedge of wood fastened to the side panel of the cot. It operates with one foot. You just push the wooden panel in towards the cot, support the top of the side with your hand and allow the side to drop to the floor. When you are finished, simply hold the top of the side and pull upwards until you hear the wood click where the side has gone above the box. Easy peasy, and easy to do one handed as well, which I found handy when I had a sleeping Harry in my arms late at night after a feed! This is definitely the best feature of the cot in my opinion, I couldn't have done without it and its so simple to use.

          The cot doesn't come with a mattress so you will need to purchase this seperately. The size of mattress you will need to buy is L120 x W60cm, and I got mine from John Lewis, as I was guaranteed it would fit the cot. We purchased a spring mattress for around £69 which has lasted so well. It fitted perfectly and was nice and lightweight. The dimensions of the cot itself is L125 x W68.5 x H90cm so it is a nice spacious cot. We moved Harry to a bed just before his second birthday, and he still had plenty of room in his cot even then, so it does last a long time.

          The cot has worn really well with time. The only marks on it are Harry's teeth marks from when he was teething and bored, but these aren't too bad. Other than that, there aren't any other problems with the cot. The drop side still functions just as well as the day we put it together, and all the pieces are intact and have no cracks or other markings. It's a superb cot, which is sturdy and well put together, and for a fantastic price as well. It is available in 2 colours, white and honey, from John Lewis stores or on their website, www.johnlewis.com. I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality cot, and we will be using for any future babies we might have!

          Thank you for reading.


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        • Product Details

          Crafted from birch wood with a warm honey finish. This cot features a unique foot and one-hand operated drop-side, making it much easier to lift your baby in and out of the cot. 3 base positions enable the base to be lowered as your baby grows and becomes more mobile.

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