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John Lewis Anna Swinging Crib

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Brand: John Lewis / Type: Crib

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    1 Review
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      17.09.2012 23:16
      Very helpful



      A great crib that is well made and comfortable for baby

      The Anna rocking crib from John Lewis was something we decided we want for our second son. The reason I wanted a crib for the night and our bedroom was several fold. Firstly with our first son he grew out of his Moses basket at around 4 months and as our bedroom is so small he had to move to his own room at this point rather than at 6 months as recommend by the NHS for reducing the risk of cot death. The second reason was I also fancied being able to rock him to sleep if necessary and the open design appealed as it would mean we could see him more easily when he was in it.

      The crib was ordered off the John Lewis website and arrived as promised and was well packed. The instructions for assembly were relatively clear as flat packed furniture can be. We were able to put this together easily, it does take two people to do the job as there times you need to hold pieces upright as you screw bits into place. The job took around 30 minutes to complete which I found to be an acceptable length of time for putting things together.

      The crib fits nicely into our bedroom beside our bed and we can look easily and see our son in it from the bed through the slats. The height of the crib is also very good as I can reach in and out of the crib to life my son up or lay him down without any leaning over into the crib as I would have to do with a cot. This was especially useful for me when I was recovering from the caesarean section as it meant there was no pressure on my scar area and I could easily move my son in and out of the crib with ease.

      Initially when we put our son in the crib he found it a bit disconcerting compared to the clear crib at hospital. He seemed to find the open slats disconcerting and if is hand or arm went through the slats then it would trigger the startle reflex and he would jolt awake. We combated this by swaddling him and he seemed to sleep better this way. By the time he moved to gro bags around the 6 week old mark he had got used to the slats and even if his arms or hand went thought the slat space he wouldn't startle himself awake.

      The rocking motion is easy to operate by removing the wooden toggle at the bottom of the crib. The swing on it can be quite harsh if it is knocked but never enough to move our son around the crib. If it is swung gently our son actually loves the motion and it can help sooth him to sleep. I would suggest having a bit of a practice with the swinging motion without the baby in the crib first so you can see how little force you actually need to give it a gentle rock. The wooden toggle stays in place very well and the crib only moves slightly to the side if it's in place and can never be rocked with it in place.

      The construction of the crib is nice and sturdy and even now our son is rolling in his sleep at 5 months old it copes well with him moving around in the night without any rocking or movement. The feet at the base are nice and wide and this seems to give it a lot of stability. The side slats are very strong as well and show no signs of wear and tear despite being knocked by our son. We have a mobile attached to the slats at the head of the crib and these again show no signs of wear and tear with it being attached to it.

      I personally love the open design of the crib as we are able to see our son and him us which I find seems to help us all sleep on a night. This is as he is able to see us this seems to mean he can look at us and then self sooth himself off to sleep. Equally we can easily check him if there are any rustles coming from the crib. The design is very simple to look at and would fit in any bedroom design I believe. The natural wood design that we have is very clean and sleek to look at. It also comes in a white version but I personally prefer the natural wood look.

      The size of the crib is living up to the promise I hoped of and is still easily able to accommodate our 5 month old who weighs around 18llbs with still some growing room. This gives me the confidence to think he will be able to stay in our room till he is 6 months old which reduces my anxieties about cot death.

      Now comparing how my two sons slept I do know that my second son has slept better on a night than my first son who was in a Moses basket. How much of this is down to the crib I don't know but I suspect the better support he can get from the solid base and a mattress means it is more comfortable than the Moses basket we had for our first son and has probably in some ways helped him sleep better.

      Overall this is a great crib it is well made and easy to assemble the rocking motion does need a bit of practice to ensure you don't over swing your baby but a gentle rocking motion does seem at times to help our son sleep. At £75 from the John Lewis website for the crib it is more expensive than a Moses basket but it certainly will last well and can be passed down to future siblings or sold on so I do think it is well worth the money. I just wish we had bought one with our first son.


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