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John Lewis Eric Cot

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Brand: John Lewis / Type: Cot

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    1 Review
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      23.05.2013 14:42
      Very helpful



      A great cot from John Lewis that is a safe place for my son to sleep

      When our second son was born we had hoped to re-use our Mothercare Cot with him but unfortunately whilst be stored in our garage the wood had warped so that when it was put together there was gaps and the drop side fell off when lowered. As we are planning on having only two children I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a cot but I did want it to have several key features such as drop sides, teething rails on the side and adjustable heights. After a lot of internet search the Eric cot from John Lewis fitted the bill the best and at £69 it seemed a great price.
      The look
      The cot is available in both a natural wood finish and a white finish. We decide that this time we would go for a white look to complement the rest of the look of the nursery with light blue and white and I have to say the look of the cot is very stylish against this backdrop. The size of the cot is Length 124.5 x Width 67.5 x Height 93cm. The cot has bars all the way round with no ends being solid wood at all. I personally like this look and as we use gro- bags with our son there isn't any chance of his leg getting stuck at the bottom. The height is the same all the way round giving it a very squared off and minimalist feel to the cot that in a lot of ways makes me think of the clean lines of Scandinavian design.
      As with everything I have ordered on the internet from John Lewis it was well packed and arrived promptly. There was no damage in transit and all the polystyrene around the cot had kept everything well protected.

      This is definitely a two person job due to the need to hold various sections whilst the screws and bolts are put in. The instructions are well laid out with a mix of pictures and instructions. We had no problems following these until it came to putting the drop side on and here I made a mistake with the reading of the instructions possibly due to my dyslexia as much as there being ambiguity in the instructions. Rather than holding it in place as you tighten the bolts as the side is down I thought you had to raise it. What this did was cause there the pin in the groove to scratch the paint work slightly when we realised this couldn't be right and reread the instructions it worked very well and we then had no problems getting the side on correctly. Even with the set back of the side and scratch the cot was up and ready for use in under an hour a record for our DIY skills.

      In use
      We have used the cot with my son since he was 8 months old and out grew his crib. He found the transition to the cot easy to make and the fact that there were similar bars on his crib to the cot seemed to help him settle in very well. The cot initially was on the highest setting as he wasn't pulling himself up. This meant it was actually fairly easy to lean over and put him into and out of the cot without using the drop side and still not hurt my back. Once he got to 10 months old however we started to notice that he would try to pull himself up from the cot sides so we have lowered now to the middle setting. He can now pull himself up and stand in the cot in his gro bag. But at 13 months old he isn't tall enough yet to be able to lift his legs over the rail or to be so tall that his middle is at the rail height to lean over and fall out. However I do think we will be moving down a level in another month or so. The process of lowering the base inside the cot was very straight forward to do by slightly unscrewing the sides and then the cot base screws before putting them back in at the new height. This job actually only took us around 15 minutes to do.

      The cots teething rail on either side of the top has come into use on the odd occasion in the morning where I have seen him biting down on them so I am pleased we have this function on the cot. They are easy to keep clean with a wipe down with a cloth. The rest of the cot is simple to clean too with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust between the bars.

      When we need to change the linen on the cot I find it very straight forward to drop the side to get at the mattress more easily. The side lowers very smoothly and quietly I find. However I can't really do it one handed as best I try even with pushing in with my knee a bit it is a two handed job. This is a bit disappointment as if I am carrying a sleeping boy to bed I will have to lean over to put him in. When it does go up and down it does so smoothly and stays in the groove for the pin so it may be just me being a bit fumbling that means I can't do it one handed.

      Now our son is standing in the cot on a morning to let us know he is awake he also likes to hold on to the sides or bottom of the cot to bounce up and down. The cot is lovely and sturdy to cope with this and never rocks or sways so we are never concerned that it will tip over. This is still the case when we have the baby blocks under two of the cot legs to make it on an angle when he has a cold which I find reassuring.

      Overall I can't fault how well made and sturdy the build of this cot is for the price. We had a slight problem putting it together due to me misreading the instructions but it is easy to put together and complete with a mattress is a lovely safe place for my son to sleep in. I would definitely recommend this cot to other parents wanting a bargain buy. It also looks nice and sleek with a nice retro feel to it. I am giving it 4 stars the loss of a star is for me being unable to lower the drop side one handed as I would like it to be able to do this and the slight problem we had with the instructions that may or may not have been down to my dyslexia.


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