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Kiddicare Interior Collection Toddler Bed

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2 Reviews

Brand: Kiddicare / Type: Bed

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    2 Reviews
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      05.03.2014 14:15



      Makes the transition from cot to bed easier

      This is a lovely peice of furniture and due to the simplicity of the designm it is suitable for both boy and girl toddlers. Moving your little one from a cot to a bed can be difficult for them but a toddler bedf is a great first step. This one is very low to the ground - just high enough to store a blanke4t underneath. This means that if your child does fall out of bed, there is no chance of an injury. it also has raised sides around the pillow end which are great. My daughter likes to take a few teddies to bed and arranges them ne4xt to her pillow> the raised sides stop them falling out. For my son, we attached the bumper from his cot to the side pieces which made teh transition easier for bhim. The quality is good and the bed feels sturdy. It is also easy to wipe clea. The smaller size of the bed allows more play room in the bedroom. I would recommend this bed for up to 4 years old although althoughit could be used for much longer.


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      18.05.2013 13:31
      Very helpful



      Lovely introduction to grown up sleeping

      One of the things I was dreading with my son was moving him from his cot to a bed. It took him quite some time to be able to sleep through the night and on his own, so the thought of possibly disrupting that pattern was scary for me! The reason for this move to a bed was for two reasons: his sister was a baby and needed to move from her moses basket into a cot, and it was his cot she was going to take. It made no sense buying a second cot, so she took over. Secondly, he had just turned 2 and was the ideal age and size to start sleeping in something more grown up. I bought this toddler bed from Kiddicare.com just under 2 years ago for £59.99 in ' Funky Blue ' colour.

      Why did I buy this toddler bed?

      I bought this toddler bed because after shopping around on the internet, this seemed to have the look I was after, different colours available, perfect size, fast delivery and good price. Very competitive.


      Made from pine.

      Height: 57 cm

      Width: 72 cm

      Length: 144 cm

      Recommended mattress size: 140 x 69cm (Not included)

      Suitable for ages from 18months - 4 years

      How was it to assemble?

      It was very easy and very quick to do. All completed with my own fair hands with no help from anybody else. Instructions contained basic and simple pictures, wording was easy to understand and implement and all parts were labelled and clearly shown on the instructions-so no confusion in regards to what piece goes where.

      Not too many pieces-base, bottom and top ' board ' plus 2 small side rails. Not heavy so easy to move around and put together single handed.

      Everything included in box to assemble e.g Allen key, screws, bolts etc. No additional tools needed.

      How does it look?

      It looks quite striking in its dark blue colour, but not obvious, as the bed itself despite the size, doesn't stick out. It is lower than a standard single bed, to make it easier for young children to get in and out, so that makes it look quite subtle also and doesn't take up too much room.

      Very simple in look, with the top and bottom of the bed being made up of ' rails ', and at the top additional small rails at the each side of the bed, I assume to add some form of security for the child.

      What do I think?

      This toddler bed is nearly 2 years old and is still in great condition. It does have afew scratches on it, where the paint has come off and the wood has actually chipped, but you have to remember my son jumps on this bed, generally quite rough at times on it and around it so I can deal with some wear and tear. Theres not many and not huge.

      Its quite a sturdy little bed, it has to be with two children using it as a trampoline daily. Its not too heavy to move around the room if and when needed and it doesn't really get dirty so no real up keep needed.

      It's a great size for young children and the age they have suggested for use is spot on. My son is coming up to 4 years old and although he fits on the bed and still has room, I think he needs abit more in both length and width so he can really stretch and be more comfortable.

      The most important thing about this bed is my son has felt very comfortable in it and likes it. The colour has always been a winner with him, and although it is a lot more grown up than being in a cot, its not too grown up for little ones for it to look and feel daunting-so the perfect transition piece for young children.

      He has fallen out of it afew times in the beginning, but didn't hurt himself. I can only imagine it takes abit of getting used not having the protection of being in a cage like shape ( the cot that is ). One side of the bed is pushed against a wall, so it was bound to happen at some point he would roll over the edge. As mentioned before, there are two very small rails at both side of the bed.Not 100% sure what they are for whether its for looks or security, but they don't really do anything because they are so short. Not an issue, but if you were worried about little ones falling out of bed, you may have to buy those additional safety rails. I didn't because I didn't feel the need to as he couldn't really hurt himself because of how low the bed is.

      I didn't need to purchase a mattress as I moved the original mattress he had in his cot over, which fitted perfectly. His sister got a new mattress when her bro got evicted. So if buying this bed you may have to take that into consideration in regards to price.

      Would I buy this bed again? If I needed one yes I would. The price you cant fault, the quality is good and its been very durable and resilient. Easy to put together and the fact it was available at the time in numerous colours made a standard piece of childrens furniture into a bit of fun.

      This toddler bed is still available on Kiddicare.com in the following colours and prices:

      Funky red colour £49.99
      Antique £69.99
      White £69.99
      Pink £69.99
      Pastel blue £69.99
      Classic ( light wood colour ) £69.99


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