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Kiddicare Interiors Collection Cot Bed

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Brand: Kiddicare / Type: Cot Bed

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    1 Review
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      17.05.2013 20:15
      Very helpful



      If your on a budget-this could be an ideal buy

      The original cot I purchased for my son when he was a baby did get passed onto his sister, but unfortunately got broken by him using it as a trampoline! So I needed a replacement very quickly. I ordered this cotbed from Kiddicare.com in yellow with the a matching storage unit which is placed underneath ( when in cotbed mode ) for £80.00 over 1 year ago.

      Why did I chose this one?

      I knew I would probably buy it from Kiddicare because they had a good range of cots/cotbeds at very good prices and the delivery is always swift. This particular one was available in different colours at the time e.g blue, red, purple, yellow, which I thought was quite nice and I opted for the yellow as it was alittle bright, funky and not a typical feminine colour. The price was good and the fact I could buy a storage unit to place under it once it got converted to a bed was fantastic. This wasnt a planned purchase but needed, so I had literally a tiny budget.


      Made of pine plus plywood.

      As a cot, suitable from birth to 18months. Cotbed 18months to 4 years old.

      Base has three adjustable heights that can be changed depending on age of child.

      Requires a mattress size 170 x 70cm. Not included.

      Length 144cm
      Width 74cm
      Height 96cm

      How was it to assemble?

      It was very easy once I was left to it! Unfortunately at the time, my daughter was very poorly. I had no idea how poorly she was until a week later I had to take her to hospital. I literally had to put the cot together at times holding her as she couldn't handle me putting her down and leaving her for a second! A little awkward at times but I did it!

      Instructions were clear and quite short (which is what I like). Pictures were basic and uncomplicated. There weren't too many pieces to put together, literally the base and the four sides and they were all clearly labelled and corresponded with the instructions. Cant recall whether this was supposed to be done by two people, easier if done with two but because the pieces themselves weren't heavy or bulky, it wasn't difficult and one pair of hands was enough.

      No need for screwdrivers or any extra tools, everything was included in the box e.g Allen key, screws, bolts, small wooden poles etc.

      How does it look?

      I think it's a nice looking cotbed. The colour is unusual but would bright up any nursery or bedroom. The cot itself looks reasonably secure and safe but it is basic in look and feel. If it wasn't for the colour, it would be very ordinary in style and design.

      Would do I think?

      We still have the cot. It originally was in my room but now in my sons. I love the colour. Very eye catching and much easier and less hassle to have something bright like this in the room, rather than redecorating to give a similar effect.

      To look at it, the quality is decent but not the best I have seen. The reason why I say this is if you look at the bars they are very thin in regards to width and depth, especially if I compare it my previous cot. Sometimes I do have to wonder if my daughter got too physical if she could break it, but it hasn't happened yet!

      The cot when assembled and dissembled is very light in regards to weight. Sometimes a good thing ( if your moving it around ) but then on the negative it doesn't feel as substantial as some other cots out there. When I moved the cot from one bedroom to another I had to take it apart, move it to the next room then put back together. Didn't take too long, but something to consider ( and my doors are standard in regards to width ).
      I liked the fact that at the top of the cot and bottom rather than bars its completely wood. Rather than seeing little feet sticking out from all angles on the cot, at least I know its only going to be the front she might get stuck in ( the back of cot is pushed completely to the wall ).

      Overall it was a great priced cot that really helped me when I was stuck for somewhere for my daughter to sleep. The colour and ease of assembly are the great points. I haven't noticed any sort of wear or tear so reasonably durable. I wipe to keep clean with a damp cloth. The fact it has storage for when its converted and the fact it can be converted into a neat little toddler bed hopefully will save a lot of time and money on my part. Its not an imposing piece of furniture as it doesn't stick out( except for the colour! ).

      So would I buy again? Yes- if I had a small budget and needed something asap, which was my circumstances at the time. Great for the price, but would have liked alittle more substance to the cot itself in regards to thickness, a touch more weight and a bigger sense of feeling solid. That's why I have awarded it 4 out of 5, because it was a bargain and is still standing!

      Just remember when I bought the cotbed I bought the storage as part of a set ( didn't come as standard ), it was a package. At the moment, this particular cotbed on Kiddicare.com website is the following price in these colours:

      Funky purple £99.99

      Funky purple plus mattress £137.99

      Funky blue £59.99

      All are on sale at reduced price.


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