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Kids Rooms Four Friends Playroom Set with Round Table

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Manufacturer: Kids Rooms / Type: Round table complete with a set of chairs

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    1 Review
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      25.11.2009 12:58
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      A great set of nursery furniture

      When I visited my friend the other day she had bought some new nursery furniture for her little boy and she was thrilled to bits with it so the new purchases were duly shown to me and I had to agree they were adorable!

      After agreeing that the items were lovely I set about having a really good look at them so that I could write a review when I got home! Is it just me or does anyone else see something new and straight away think about the review that they can write?

      My thinking on this one was this - often children get far too many toys at Christmas and they don't know which to play with first but maybe a present such as this, even if it was only a chair or two, would be something more practical that would last for a long time and would continue to be used as the child grows.

      So what had she bought?

      What she had bought was a set of four wooden chairs and a wooden table which was called The Four Friends Playroom Set.

      What was it like?

      Well, that's the lovely part; each chair has a plain wooden seat with a brightly coloured animal shaped back and matching legs. Let me explain further - the back of one chair is a smiley green frog and the chair has green legs, another one is a smiley blue cat together with blue legs, one is a smiley yellow bear together with yellow legs and the fourth one is a red mouse with sticky out white teeth together with red legs on the chair. The final part of the set is a plain round wooden table.

      The set is suitable for children aged three years old and above and would be equally suitable for boys or girls.

      The table is 60cm in diameter and 43.5cm high and the chairs are 33cm wide by 31cm deep by 52cm tall and the seats are 26.5cm from the floor.
      The set is made by John Crane Limited and so is of excellent quality. It is constructed from strong, replenishable Rubber wood and there are no sharp edges so, as usual, the safety of the child is paramount.

      The fact that it is made from Rubber wood means that it is eco friendly so it is not a drain on the world's resources, which is an important factor in itself for most of us these days.

      It also means that the surfaces are easy to wipe clean and keep clean which is something worth considering especially as we are all more conscious of cleanliness with swine flu being on the increase, especially where our children are concerned.

      Where did she get it and how much did it cost?

      Well my friend bought hers from www.kidsrooms.co.uk and the whole set cost £121. I have just taken a look at the site, mainly to get the dimensions of the table and chairs for this review - I thought it would look a bit bad if I whipped out my tape measure whilst at my friend's house!

      The chairs are all available individually at just £22.50 each and the table costs £43.50 so the items all bought individually would have cost £133.50 therefore buying them as a set saved £12.50.

      It also means that if you just wanted one or two chairs and a table you could buy exactly what you want rather than having to buy the whole set.

      There are other sets available too with a square table or with chairs having jungle animals or farmyard animals and again every item is available individually so you can make up the set that you want.

      There is also a matching toy chest available for £49.99 and I have already written a review about this as my niece has bought it for her son.
      I appreciate that you may be able to get children's furniture slightly cheaper elsewhere but what you have to remember is that this set is very high quality and isn't going to break or splinter with the sort of use it will get during play.

      In conclusion

      As I said earlier my friend and her son are very impressed with this set. The table and chairs are all very strong and would withstand the robust play of young children without any problem and the excellent finish means that they are easy to keep clean which is important.

      This set would make a lovely, practical present and it would last for a long time too so could be passed down as further children are added to the family.

      Incidentally I have written a review about the Kidsrooms site as my niece had already bought the toy chest for her little boy.


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