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Ladybird Moses Basket Rocking Stand

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Brand: Ladybird / Type: Rocking stand for Moses Basket / Bassinet Stand

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    1 Review
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      02.04.2011 18:31
      Very helpful



      A fantastic rocking Moses Basket stand

      When my mum bought David his pink Moses Basket (ha! You'll have to read *that* review for the full story!), she also chose a rocking stand to go with it. Made by Ladybird it is designed to specifically fit their range, but will also be suitable for use with other standard size baskets. 

      The stand comes flat packed but don't let this put you off as it's very easy to assemble. The plastic 'loop' which keeps the basket on top of the stand was a bit fiddly to put together, but I have to say Mark managed admirably even with his ridiculously chunky blokes fingers! Well, I obviously couldn't help as I was in labour at the time!

      The screws and washers were all present and correct, I remember being glad that the basket was easy to put together as the (seemingly Chinese translated) instructions were not very clear and I really wasn't in the mood for listening to him have a paddy about different sized screws. 

      Once assembled, the stand looks and feels extremely sturdy. It's made of pine which not only looks great but is also a smooth wood so no danger of splinters when rocking baby in the middle of the night. The rockers are well aligned to create a smooth and comforting rocking motion for your little one. 

      Note the use of the word 'little', it's been a fantastic stand but now David is over three months (and sad to say, bordering on obesely fat) it doesn't seem as smooth to push and definitely requires more effort. Some stands I've seen, particularly of the rocking variety, are suitable from birth to three months - this one doesn't specify this but I suspect that would also be the upper age limit for this stand.

      Our slightly-longer-than-average Moses Basket fits perfectly on the stand, the basket actually rests on the stand itself with the plastic loop being there mainly to prevent it (and baby!) sliding off when you're rocking it. It's a great design in my opinion; safe, secure and comfortable for baby, which is surely the main consideration. 

      The benefits of a rocking stand for your Moses Basket are incalculable, especially if you have a 'complainer' as I do with David. He doesn't just cry, he bellows instantly when he opens his eyes - crying babies don't bother me in the slightest, but at 3am it frankly takes the piss when I know he's fed and has a clean bum. With this stand I can doze in bed myself and use either a hand or foot to give him a gentle rock until he goes off. 

      There isn't the widest rocking range as the rockers on the stand aren't amazingly rounded, it's perfect for newborns though as you obviously don't want to be rocking them too vigorously at such a very young age. I'll mention something here which should be common sense, but important enough for me to reiterate the point. If you have toddlers please, please, please watch them if they are rocking their younger brother or sister as the rocking motion can become quite harsh if you're not gentle enough in the first place. Poor David's head very nearly came off at the shoulders last week when I walked in to find Hollie 'kindly' rocking him with all the gentleness of a bull-elephant, he looked terrified when I rushed in to pick him up!


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