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Little Tikes Thomas & Friends Train Bed & Mattress

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Brand: Little Tikes / Type: Bed

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    1 Review
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      01.06.2011 10:48
      Very helpful



      fab Thomas bed

      There are a few different Thomas the Tank Beds on the market ranging from one with a canopy to ones with side shelving. This particular bed was created by Little Tikes who offer a whole host of toys and outdoor play equipement for children.

      ~~Thomas Bed~~

      This Thomas and Friends bed, is suitable for children from age 15months - 5years. It is basically a toddler bed similiar in size to a cot bed which is suitable for Thomas fans. The bed comes flat packed and needs to be assembled. It measures in at 178 x 88 x 106cm and the actual mattress is 132 x 71 x 10cm.

      The bed features a few extras which include a hood type part at the back which is ideal for storing books. There is indents along the sides of the bed where small trains can be run up and down aswell as a small storage area at the end of the bed behind a huge Thomas face. Another additional feature is a smallish toy box built into the bottom of the bed.

      ~~Building The Bed~~

      A 2person job. The bed is made of various thick, plastic pieces and you should refer to the instructions if you are unsure how to assemble the bed but its pretty self explanatory. The pieces almost click in together forming a frame and should be secured with the nuts provided. Each nut has its own little case allowing you to keep them away from your toddler and generally give a nicer appearance. Once built, the slatted frame slides into place and doesn't require securing. The mattress goes on top and the bed is ready for your toddler.


      The bed itself is shown in the picture provided and is very life like as far as Thomas beds go. The colours used represent Thomas' real appearance with blue sides, his No1 sticker, a black back and even a black funnel. His large smiley face slides into place and the stickers should be applied to complete the look. The mattress is cream and should be covered with a sheet prior to allowing your toddler into bed.

      ~~Availability and Price~~

      This bed isn't cheap and is probably the most expensive Thomas bed available. It can be purchased brand new online from www.amazon.co.uk for £251.99 or www.kidsplaystore.co.uk for £247.99.

      ~~Our Thoughts~~

      My son would never sleep in a proper cot and went from moses basket to a comfy travel cot. When he was a little older (just before his 2nd birthday) we decided the cot was getting a bit cramped as he was so tall and could climb out of it so we decided to revamp his room from Winnie the Pooh and went for a Thomas theme. We knew we would have to buy a proper bed for him so shopped around and settled on this Little Tikes one as it came with the mattress. I purchased this from a business on ebay last April for around £229.99 and did this as I received a decent cashback from topcashback.co.uk making the price a little more bearable!

      ~~Taking Delivery and Assembling~~

      This bed arrived in a massive and I mean massive cardboard box and for some reason I believe it was ready assembled. But no..life isn't that kind and after removing all the pieces, I had a look and gave up on the spot phoning my Dad to come help as I don't trust myself nor my fiance with such a delicate job. I can't quite remember how many pieces the bed actually came in but there weren't any tiny parts.

      The sides were seperated as was the few parts that make up the back and hood. The front of the bed also was seperated. I helped my Dad assemble this bed despite getting in his way a few times and receiving some narky swear insults but we got there in the end! Assembling required making up the main body of the frame and getting right in the middle to secure the corners together until sturdy and from there, it was a case of putting on the hood etc.

      The little screws supplied were a little temperamental but thankfully my small collection of screwdrivers sufficed without issues. The little covers for the screws were and are ok but a few of them don't fully click closed leaving some screws revealed but not dangerous so I don't worry too much about them. The toy boy lid doesn't secure on and is quite loose. The mattress fills the whole space of the bed so no gaps for tiny fingers to slip down.

      The bed isn't a standard single size bed which means obtaining a duvet for it is difficult. My Mum bought Ryan a proper single duvet along with a duvet set with Thomas on it. The duvet is far too long and wide for the bed and even normal pillows looks a bit silly. We usually place Ryans normal Thomas cushions on the bed and use a thick throw for putting over the top which looks better than an oversized duvet.

      ~~Wow Thomas!~~

      When Thomas was fully built and decorated with his stickers, he took up quite a bit of room and taking into consideration how big a normal single bed is, this isn't far off due to the extended front and back. The bed doesn't sit too high off the ground and even from 24mths, Ryan could comfortably climb in and out of the bed without falling. The bed is visually appealing and Ryan was over the moon with the design. The matrress isn't the thickest but nor is it so thin that it becomes uncomfortable. It is quite firm and once covered with a cot bed sheet, it is perfect to lye on.

      At first, Ryan wouldn't sleep all night in the bed as he wasn't used to it. We moved into our new flat in August and for a short period of time, he went back to the cot as his room was a disaster. Dismantling the bed was easy and Keiths uncle assembled it the next time when Ryans room was finally completed but it took a while for him to get used to it again.

      Within his room, this bed is the main feature. His walls are white and covered in random Thomas stickers and many of the items in his room are Thomas. The blue plastic isn't cheap in appearance and feels very smooth. The bed can be placed anywhere within the room. Its straight edges even with the indents replicating the wheels of the train, can go against a wall or sit in the middle of the floor should you wish. Ryans room is square and quite big but due to plug space/radiators/windows, we need to be careful where we put the bed. It is currently floating down the middle of the room and I have no reservations about this as he has yet to fall out of it!

      ~~Playtime Before Bed~~

      So this isn't just a bed and Ryan figured this out quickly. Whilst the hood on Thomas is certainly spacious enough and sturdy enough for a few books, I don't like the idea of having books above where Ryan sleeps. We use this area for his soft toys and this keeps them tidy and neat. The tracks around the edge are ideal for running Thomas and James little trains up and down allowing Ryan to develop his imagination with random "choo choo" games. The hole at the back of Thomas head is where his dummy is put which is more important now as he is no longer allowed to take it out of bed since he is a big boy now!

      The toy box at the front offers limited space but is used for storing Ryans growing collection of train toys so basically, everything Thomas related. I just wish this lid would stay on as it appears to slide off with the slightest bump. Within the bed, Ryan takes up little space and is usually joined by a few teddies. Last night I went in and discovered he had fell asleep with his new and rather large garage in the bed with him so there is certainly plenty of space especially if he wants to spread out a bit.

      ~~Night Night Thomas, Night Night Ryan~~

      So when bedtime hits, its time for Ryan to jump into bed. The hood keeps the sleeping area slightly darker than if Ryan were to lye at the bottom of the bed. He likes to watch his DVDs for an hour or so and we need to ensure the telly is positioned within sight due to the overshadowing hood blocking some of the view. Ryan can comfortably spread out, move around and lye any way he wish with ease. He has never once showed any signs of being uncomfortable and although we went through a phase of him waking up and jumping into bed with us, generally he will sleep for 12hours all night so the bed must be comfortable.

      Ryan when standing on his bed (for jumping purposes or to reach a soft toy, stands higher than the funnel onto of Thomas. He cannot stand underneath the hood without knocking his head but can reach up by standing on the exposed part of the mattress.

      ~~Get Out Of My Thomas Bed!~~

      Ryan isn't a tubby child by any means but the bed has been tested out by slightly heavier numpties! His Daddy dropped off in there after staggering into the room a little drunk a few weeks ago and it stayed put. His uncle was seen sitting on the bed at his party alongside 3 children of various ages and there was no creaking or issues with the bed. The slatted part under the mattress certainly isn't thick or strong looking but it holds weight well so I have no doubts this will last Ryan until he is 5..providing Thomas is still his favourite character!

      I have at times leaned on the edge of the plastic if reading books to Ryan or tucking him in. It does feel a little bendy but not to the extent that it would give way and break. The bed stays clean and sheets are changed regularly but I like to give it the once over with a baby wipe every week as the funnel and ridges around the sides gather a little dust.

      ~~Value For Money and Conclusion~~

      This bed, in my opinion, has been well worth the money. It is fairly simple to put together and take apart. It looks visually attractive even in basic surroundings and is always admired by children and guests who visit our house. It offers ample storage for little bits and pieces aswell as a comfortable mattress within a secure surrounding and Ryan sleeps well in it every night. I could haven went for a cheaper Thomas bed but consider this one an investment. Judging by used prices, even when Ryan has outgrown this bed, I can sell it on for around £150.00 if kept in pristine condition so money well spent. The detailing is so exact that it is the coolest bed out of them all and Ryan is proud to sleep in it.

      Fully recommended by us and if you would like to see pictures, please refer to my Ciao review :)


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