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Mamas & Papas Prairie

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Brand: Mamas & Papas / Type: Cot

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    1 Review
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      18.01.2013 13:15
      Very helpful



      Mamas and Papas cot

      Mamas and Papas call this cot design a, "Classical styling with a luxurious ivory white finish complemented by oak effect trims, to create a calm interior you'll just love." I think its absolutely beautiful and love the way it looks in our nursery and am so glad we decided to pay over £300 for a good quality cot. We have now had this cot for over three years and my daughter has slept in it and currently my 14 month old little boy sleeps in it so it has lasted well and also worked well for a boy and a girl.

      When we looked around all those years ago for a cot Mamas and Papas turned out to be the only placed we really liked. To be honest they had the best quality furniture by far and as we were getting a contribution from both sets of parents we decided that over £300 was an ok price to pay for a quality piece of furniture. Mamas and Papas display their furniture in a really enticing way too and have more of a showroom effect for their wares than the other stores do. At our local store the entire top floor is devoted to differently decorated "rooms" or spaces which include all the furniture in that range and also all the items in one design pattern such as a pink theme or a blue theme.

      I always knew I wanted a white coloured cot as I think this really brightens up a room and does not make it dark like darker furniture does. Also I think it works well for both a boy and a girl as in the very beginning we didn't know whether we were having a boy or a girl.

      What I really like about this bed is that its a cot bed meaning once you had used it as a cot you could convert it into a toddlers bed just by taking the bars off. As we passed it on to our little boy we have not actually done this yet. We bought our little girl a bed so she moved into this and my little boy had this cot but once he gets to about 18 months or two years I know this will be what we do to this cot so we don't have to buy another bed. Mamas and Papas recommend you don't start using it as a toddler bed until 18 months so this will well for us and then you can use it until your child is aged 4 and to be honest it is actually so long that I think my little boy could use it for a bit longer than that. I definitely think we will get our moneys worth out of the bed by that point in time.

      We we first set this cot it up we had the bed base on its highest setting. This bed has 4 base positions that you can put it in which in my opinion is another great feature. To raise it or lower it you basically just move the screws that it sits on. I didn't do this my husband did but he reported that it was very easy to do as was putting the bed together in the first place as it came flat packed from Mamas and Papas. When our baby girl was first born we had the bed base quite high up so it was easy to put her into it and my son also, and you didn't have to bend down a long way to put them in gently. Most times they were asleep when we attempted this so to have the base high was great as it meant we could do it gently and she hopefully then didn't wake up.

      As they older and started to pull themselves up and stand up we needed the base to be lower so there was no chance that he or she could climb out or fall out. However, that being said the bars are quite high on this cot so there was really never a chance of that but toddlers do have a way of climbing to places you never thought they would be able to do so the peace of mind was great. I do expect one day my little boy to come running into my room when he has climbed out of his cot but it hasn't happened yet thankgoodness!

      The bed not only looks good but it is well made as well. On the two ends there are solid panel which have tongue and groove effects to give it a really nice look. Then on the sides there are bars which are quite close together so there is no chance of getting your head, hand or foot stuck in them for little ones. My little girl had a habit of once she woke up, kicking her legs against the end of the bed to attract attention and to tell us that she wanted to get up but the bed stayed in perfect condition and never suffered any damage from all that kicking. The top of the ends have a lovely oak effect finish on them which I think gives the bed a bit nicer of a finish and a really posh look. My little boy now also really kicks the *** out of the bed when he is awake and ready to get up and still, no damage to this cot so after three plus years I think it is holding up perfectly. It would work for baby number three too, who knows!!!

      The bed sits high enough too that you can store things under it so its really handy to store nappies, wipes and other things for the baby under there. The bed takes a 400 size mattress but of course that is not included, you need to buy that separately of the cot bed but that is true of wherever you buy it.

      This is a lovely bed that will last for a long time and in my opinion is well worth its price.


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