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Me To You Tiny Tatty Teddy Large Wall Stickers

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Brand: Me To You / Type: Nursery Accessories - Wall Stickers

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2012 20:55
      Very helpful



      An easy way to brighten up a room

      With only a few weeks until our baby is due me and my husband decided that we needed to make a start on decorating our spare room. We wanted a theme running through the room but didn't want it too be tacky or over the top, after hunting around I came across some Tiny Tatty Teddy bedding which I thought was extremely cute, we decided that this was going to be the theme for our babies room, Tatty Teddy is actually quite neutral and you can get merchandise aimed at both girls and boys, we are having a boy so started to hunt around for something to decorate the room with. I came across some Tiny Tatty Teddy giant room stickers, they were perfect for what I wanted, I could paint the room blue and use the stickers to brighten it up and turn it into more of a nursery (please note the ones shown are slightly different to the ones I am reviewing)

      The Tiny Tatty Stickers came on two large sheets of paper laid on a piece of card to prevent them from bending, the stickers were then covered in clear plastic with a thinner card bent over the top, this contained the Tatty Teddy logo and a picture of the stickers on a wall, on the back of the card were the directions for use, the packaging that they stickers came in was minimal and basic but it told me what I needed to know which was how to use the stickers and also allowed me to have a look at the stickers inside before purchasing them.

      The Tiny Tatty Stickers I purchased in my opinion are quite neutral and could quite easily be used in a girl or boys room, in total with this pack I got 5 large Tiny Tatty Stickers along with 12 star stickers. The pack includes -
      *1 very large sticker of Tiny Tatty Teddy sitting in a crescent moon shape
      *1 slightly smaller version of Tiny Tatty Teddy sitting in a crescent mood shape
      *1 large sticker of Tiny Tatty Teddy sitting down
      *1 small sticker of Tiny Tatty Teddy sitting down
      *1 large sticker of Tiny Tatty Teddy holding a blue coloured blanket

      I would say that the large stickers measure at least between 40 and 50cm and the smaller ones between 20 and 30cm, although the measurements are very hard to judge due to the shape of the stickers. The 12 Star shaped stickers come in three colours, pale blue, pale green and yellow, these again come in two different sizes of between about 2 and 3 inches. Tiny Tatty Teddy in the stickers looks just like the regular Tatty Teddy merchandise you can buy just a younger version.

      The stickers are not textured in anyway and come printed onto a clear background which makes up the entire sticker, this means that the stickers are sturdy when you peel them off, there is no fear of tearing them and the clear background allows you to see the colour of the wall the sticker is being placed on giving the impression of the design being printed direct onto the wall. The stickers have a sort of plasticy feel to them making them ideal for a child's room/ nursery as they could be wiped down with a slightly damp cloth to remove sticky finger prints.

      When I got the stickers out to use I was a bit concerned about how easy they would be to apply, the packaging did say that they are re-positionable meaning I could peel them off the wall and move them around should I need to, I had visions of them being peeled and restuck so many times that I would remove the paint or they would loose their stick. The directions for use on the back of the packaging stated that you simply peel each sticker off of the sticker sheets, position it on the wall and smooth it out with either your hand or a clean dry cloth to remove any air bubbles. I started off with the largest sticker as I thought this would be the easiest to apply, I was very surprised at how simple they were to do, each sticker went smoothly onto the wall with hardly any air bubbles at all, and the few small ones which did get in the sticker could easily be pushed out with your hard giving a very smooth finish. Once I had decided where to put each sticker applying them took hardly any time at all, the back of the packet did advise that you wait 2 weeks before applying the stickers to a newly painted wall, however being impatient I decided to risk it, of course this was the only sticker I had to peel off and redo so I was a bit worried that I would remove the new paint at the same time, however the sticker easily peeled off the wall without taking any paint with it meaning I could quickly reposition it where I wanted it to go, whilst it is probably not recommended that you apply the stickers to a freshly painted wall and peel them off speaking from experience the stickers do tend to peel off without causing any damage, however you do need to be careful just in case the paint isn't as well set as you originally thought. The only other warning which comes with the Tiny Tatty Stickers is that you should not stick them near heat or radiators as this can cause them to peel from the walls, we just avoided sticking them on the same wall as the radiator to save any problems when we have the heating on.

      Tiny Tatty Teddy Wall Stickers are available in a variety of shops and on several different websites, I actually came across the ones I purchased one a website called allthingsgifts.co.uk, the set of stickers cost me just £14.99 which I thought was an excellent price as I had looked at them in other shops/ websites and some places were charging a lot more than this. The stickers actually come in several different designs and often change, the ones shown are slightly different to the ones I purchased.

      Personally I would say that the stickers are very good value for money, you get just enough stickers to spread around the room without having too many and making it look over the top and crowded, the variety of sized stickers also works well as it means you can have more than one sticker per wall the different sizes complement each other and work well together. The stickers are durable, they are made from a plastic type material as I have mentioned which means they are easy to keep clean but also they do not tear when removed from the backing sheet, also the plastic material makes it easy to peel the stickers off of the wall should you need to.

      You can buy larger sets of the Tiny Tatty Stickers which are a bit more expensive, our rooms are not overly big so the slightly smaller set worked well with what space we had.

      I would definitely recommend the Tiny Tatty Stickers, they are an excellent way to brighten up a nursery or Childs bedroom, you can quickly and easily create a theme in the room without having to be artistic, once in place the stickers have a professional look and give the impression of the design being printed direct onto the wall. For me the main benefit of these stickers was how easy they were to apply, I really thought they were going to be time consuming and quite difficult to position without air bubbles in the sticker, however it really didn't take me long at all to apply all stickers.

      The design of the stickers is quite neutral so could be put in a girl or boys bedroom and still look good, ours go perfectly with the blue and cream walls we have painted and will match perfectly with the other Tiny Tatty Teddy items we have for the room. I would certainly recommend these stickers and would consider bedroom stickers in the future.


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