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Mothercare Jamestown Cot Bed

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Brand: Mothercare / Type: Cots

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    3 Reviews
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      16.05.2013 08:43
      Very helpful



      Great cot for any baby

      When my son was only afew months old, I moved from my previous flat into a house. It wasn't a move I was planning but very grateful for the added space my new property was going to have. With this in mind, afew months into settling into the new house, I ordered this wardrobe in white, along with the matching wardrobe and baby changing unit from Mothercare for below £800.00 collectively. This was around 3.5 years ago.

      Why did I buy this?

      I bought this particular model because I liked the fact I could have it in white, as I wanted something very bright and neutral, but the cot itself looked like a decent quality, and the fact I could get matching furniture to go in my sons room meant it was ideal and would save me time and possibly money buying individual items.

      What is this?

      It's a full sized cot that later on, when child is bigger it can be converted into a bed. Suitable for babies up to the age of 4 years old.


      3-position height mattress base to make getting baby in and out of the cot bed easier.

      Protective teething rails.

      Requires a cot bed mattress - 70 x 140cm. Not included.

      Made from pine.

      Height 92 cm
      Width 78 cm
      Depth 148 cm

      How did I find putting it together?

      Instructions were well set out and easy to implement. Although the instructions state that it's a two person job, I put it together myself. To be fair, it would have been much easier with two people, but I was impatient. So probably took alittle more time to assemble and was alittle awkward but was all done within the hour.

      Everything that was needed was included, which was different length screws, bolts and an allen key. Not too many parts to put together so not complicated. I am no DIY expert, in fact the complete opposite, so if I could put it together on my own, anyone can!

      How does it look?

      It looks very clean and classic in style and shape. Completely unisex and could fit into any nursery or bedroom. Its quite chunky in look in regards to the width of the bars and the general pieces of the cot when put together. It looks strong and sturdy. Very simple and timeless.

      What do I think overall

      I felt it was a really good buy at the time. The cot was strong, sturdy and very good quality. The best features for me were the fact the height of the base could be adjusted, as when my son was smaller and younger, I could have him higher up so I could see him more clearly and to be honest it saved my back a lot of straining when I had to put him in and take him out. When he could sit up it could be lowered, andwas, for his safety and comfort, giving him more room.

      Im so grateful that the bars running all around the cot were as thick as they were, as my son, even as a small child, was quite strong and would always grab onto them, pulling on them and holding onto them while jumping up down. I think the fact they thought have the teething element to it was good, but not essential for my son as he never tried to bite it but still a good thing to have just in case.

      To move the cot around was abit awkward as when put together had some weight to it, and to physically put it into another room, which I did have to do at one point when it went from my room into my sons own room, felt like quite abit of messing around, as you had to dismantle it, move the pieces then put back up again. It wouldn't fit through the doors as it was just too wide and bulky.

      There was plenty of height underneath the cot to store things if needed ( more like hide away ), within reason. Equally easy to hoover underneath if needed.

      Easy to clean-used a slightly damp cloth and wiped down when needed.

      This item was so durable and in such great condition that my daughter used it once her brother, at the age of 2 moved into a toddler bed. Despite this though, my son got alittle jump happy one day and jumped into the cot ( his sister wasn't in it though! ) and managed to break the base which couldn't be mended. So I didn't get the chance to see it as a cot bed.

      Would I buy this gain? I really would. Good quality, well made and easy to put together item. Despite my son using it as a trampoline and breaking it ( which I was not very happy about-he is quite weighty and strong! ), I felt it was very durable. Easy to clean, didn't mark very easily and most importantly, both of my children seemed very relaxed, happy and safe it in. The downside is I had to buy a mattress as it didn't come with it, but I guess that's how most cots are sold these days.

      The fact this cot is still on sale for £100.00 from Mothercare to date shows its longevity

      Great buy..


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        06.03.2011 10:52
        Very helpful



        Great in cot form, not up to scratch as a bed.

        This cotbed was the second cot that my son owned after a move back here from abroad. As he was sleeping in a travel cot, we were quite keen to get a comfy bed sorted for him as soon as possible and as we were first time parents, the obvious thing to do was to march down to Mothercare!
        We needed to buy a complete set of nursery furniture, so the Jamestown range seemed an obvious choice as they had a 20% discount for buying three pieces from the collection. We thought we were being a bit clever by buying a cot that would be useful for some years on its conversion to a cotbed. The cot (and it's matching pieces of furniture) looked very sturdy/aesthetically pleasing, the price was right, the sales person was great- sold to the dithering couple in the back!

        **The cotbed as a COT
        PROS- it's nice and big and sturdy, measuring L145 x W77 x H90cm.
        You are required to buy a separate mattress- we spent just under £100 on this, but this was about what we expected and gives you the freedom to choose which kind you'd like.
        It has two different mattress heights, so that you can adjust it as your baby grows- dropping the base to the low level as he/she learns to stand.
        It look lovely.
        It's easy to put together (I did it all by myself, meaning that I could feel all smug and useful!).
        It comes with two plastic side guards so that little teeth can't penetrate the wood.
        CONS- it doesn't come with four plastic guards- meaning that you may greet your child one morning to find they have flecks of white paint all round their mouth after having chewed the bottom side of the cot. I wasn't very impressed by this! It's not toxic but is now damaged.
        It doesn't have a drop-down side, but that's a matter of personal choice as to whether you want one.

        **The cotbed as a BED
        PROS-it still looks nice.
        It's easy to take off the bottom rail and replace it with the new part.
        CONS- major flaw!!! The base of this bed does not have any kind of ledge/lip at the sides once you have taken the side rails off, meaning that the mattress slips straight off as soon as your little one climbs onto it! I thought I was being thick and had missed something out- but after some research- alas no, I had put it together correctly. We have got round this by pushing the bed sideways to the wall- so that at least the mattress can only slip in one direction! It tends to stay put now unless my boy has a restless night- in which case we find the mattress dangling precariously with a six inch gap between the wall and the side of the mattress.
        Also, it would be nice to have some form of ledge to prevent little one from tumbling out of bed when he's getting used to 'big boy's bed'. We use a bed guard now after finding him in a crying heap on the floor several times. Of course- the necessary bed guard now adds an extra problem if he decides to lean against it, bringing the mattress sliding off the side again- but he has learned not to do this!

        In a nutshell- a good buy if you want to use it as a cot only. Not so functional as a bed. My sister in law is expecting now, so after using it as a bed for two months- we are going to pass this down to use in cot form and replace it with a new toddler bed- with a ledge!

        NEW PARENT TIP- when buying a cotbed, ask for a demonstration of how it converts into a cotbed, or if this is not an option, ask the assistant to explain how the cotbed will function. I give this tip as I certainly wish I had been wise enough to do this!


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          02.10.2009 18:35
          Very helpful



          A good solid buy

          When expecting my sons, who are now three, we decided to buy cot beds rather than traditional cots as we thought we would get more use out of them. We purchased the James Town cot bed from Mothercare.

          The cot bed comes flat packed but was easy to assemble, and this can
          be done by one person alone. The cot bed does not come with a mattress included. We also purchased a mattress from Mothercare, opting for a spring interior mattress as we were advised that a foam mattress, whilst being fine for a year or two would not last beyond this. As we were hoping to use the cot bed for up to 5 years, we opted for the spring version. The cot bed takes a mattress 70 x 140cm.

          When made up as a traditional cot, the base has three positions so the
          height of the mattress within the cot can be adjusted. The cot does not have a drop side, so this is a useful feature- when the baby is very young and unable to move about or sit up, you can leave the mattress safely in the highest position and this saves you from having to lean into the bottom of the cot. As the baby grows and becomes more mobile you can lower the mattress, meaning that they can't fall or climb out of the cot. When the time comes to transfer your toddler to a bed, you remove the sides from the cot and swap one of the ends for a lower bed-like end, making an ideal toddler-sized bed.

          We have found these cot beds to be solid and well made, and we are
          still using them three years later. Mothercare describe the beds as being for children aged up to 5 years, and I imagine that this will be about right. We found that that turning the cot into a 'big boy bed' made the transition from cot to bed smooth- the bed is familiar, and the fact that it is toddler sized makes it nice and cosy. It is also relatively close to the floor, useful for all of the inevitable bumps in the night as they adjust to sleeping without the sides!

          As for drawbacks to this cot bed, the fact that it does not have a drop side might not suit everyone, although the moveable base overcomes this in part at least. When first used with a small baby it can seem very big indeed! They do soon grow to fill it though. One final draw back we have found is that bedding for cot beds can be expensive to buy- with babies we didn't have a problem as we used sleeping bags anyway, however when looking for a toddler bed sized duvet and covers you can be limited to the expensive nursery shops. We have got around this problem by using single bed sized duvets however, and tucking them underneath the mattress- this has the added bonus that it is harder to loose your covers in the night and wake up cold! We did experience a problem with one of our cot beds a few months into its use when a knot in the wood opened up leaving sharp edges. This is probably not something that can be avoided if you are making wooden products, and after an email with a photograph of the problem, Mothercare supplied us with a repacement cot side with no problems.

          The Jamestown cot bed is part of a range of co-ordinating nursery furniture which includes a cot-top changer, changing unit, wardrobe,
          tall boy and under-cot storage drawer, so if you are kitting out a whole nursery it is perfect. It is available in white, or antique pine. The cot bed is currently available from Mothercare for £180 (excluding the mattress), although if you want to buy a package of nursery furniture they are offering a £100 saving on the purchase of cot bed, changing unit and wardrobe together.


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