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Mothercare Jamestown Wardrobe

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Brand: Mothercare / Type: Wardrobe

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2013 21:24
      Very helpful



      Good quality wardrobe that doesnt date

      I bought this piece of furniture as part of a set sold from Mothercare just short of 4 years ago, for my sons bedroom. I realised that after moving into a bigger property that I had nowhere to store his ever growing collection of clothes, so needed some storage to keep all of his stuff neat and tidy. This item, cot bed and baby changing unit cost around £800.00 together. All white in colour.

      Why did I buy this?

      I bought this because I bought the additional items in the range. I needed this to store my sons clothes, and when I measured the dimensions I realised it would fit into an alcove in his room very easily and neatly, without sticking out and would run flush with the wall.

      I liked the fact it had the main wardrobe section to hang clothes, but also a drawer, so I could place other items in there, whether that would be clothes, possibly shoes, toys etc.

      How is this wardrobe laid out?

      The wardrobe itself is a 2 door wardrobe with a section at the bottom that houses a pull out drawer. Inside the wardrobe is two rails for clothes, one quite high up for longer items such as jackets, and a lower rail that sits just over half way down the wardrobe.


      Made from pine.
      Contains a drawer and 2 interior hanging rails which gives plenty of space to store clothes.
      Height 170 cm
      Width 100 cm
      Depth 55 cm

      How was it to assemble?

      The instructions were reasonably clear and suggested this to be a 2 person job. In this instance I have to agree. I managed to complete half of it, but due to how tall it was I couldn't finish it on my own, so got some help in the end. Not only are some pieces tall but they are quite weighty, so would need at least one extra pair of hands to make it easier.

      I found putting it together was not as easy as putting together the matching cot. There were quite afew pieces and it got abit confusing, and took probably a lot longer than it should have. For someone who doesn't do flat pack, or at least not before having children, this stretched me abit but wasn't impossible.

      I did need additional tools in the form of a screw driver, as there are some traditional type screws needed to fix the 6 hinges onto the doors and the wardrobe itself ( 3 on each side ), but everything else was included such as bolts, different length screws, small wooden rods and an allen key.

      How does it look?

      When I first put it together it looked very neutral, bright, clean and non offensive.No patterns or odd shapes anywhere on it. Simple lines, and very simple in look which means it wont really date, and could slot into an existing nursery/bedroom with ease or decorating around it in the form of using it as a centre piece or inspiration means the possibilities are endless, as this wardrobe is like a ' blank canvas '.

      The only form of ' pattern ' as such is on the wardrobe doors. Roughly 2.5 inches from the edge of the door is an engraved line that goes right around it, giving a slight framed effect. The handles are quite rectangular in shape, easy to hold onto and measures 5 by 2 centimetres. Made of wood with two on the drawers and one on each door of the wardrobe.

      Even though it is quite a big size wardrobe, it doesn't overpower the room or make the room feel and look smaller. I think if it was any wider, then possibly. But because you get most of the room from the height and the width it balances it out. My sons room isnt very high in regards to ceiling height, but I have managed to put afew storage boxes on top of this wardrobe away from sight.

      What do I think?

      I actually still have this wardrobe in my sons room, nearly 4 years later. Despite the fact it has been in the same room but decorated twice, it still fits in well with the themes I have chosen and changes of colour.

      Its still the same crisp white colour, and haven't really needed to clean the outside, sometimes just the inside when Ive had to clear out some items of clothing.

      It now homes both my sons clothes and his sisters, not all but a good proportion of them. In the drawer section it has solely my daughters old baby clothes that I don't want to get rid of, plus a secret stash of birthday presents for them!

      I haven't had to move this item of furniture too far e.g I moved it afew inches away from the wall so I could decorate, but if it needed to come out of my sons room, I could see a problem with that and don't think it would fit through the door in one piece. Breaking it down would be the only option I think.

      The only downside I can see with this wardrobe is the door fell off around 6 months ago. Where the hinges are attached it completely came away from the wardrobe, and the holes where the screws were screwed into to secure it are far too big now, so would need to fill in some way to get the door fixed back into position. I have been far too lazy to try and fix it back on, which Im sure it can be just not got round to it.

      Would I buy again? Yes I would. This particular piece of furniture, despite the door falling off, has been very good and overall is still in good condition. I just need to get my bottom in gear and fit the door back on.You can tell its good quality because of its thickness, its well made and completely unisex. Only afew tiny scratches but nothing noticable ( except its door leaning against the wall! )

      Lovely item.

      Still being sold on Mothercare website for £175.00 but out of stock..


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