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Nature Trail Moses Basket

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Manufacturer: Nature Trail / Type: Moses Baskets

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    1 Review
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      19.06.2010 12:18
      Very helpful



      Good sleeping / napping option for a newborn

      The 'Nature Trail Moses Basket' is part of the to be quite frank, budget range of baby accessories sold under the 'Lollipop Lane' brand. It's widely on sale eg. in Asda shops and is also available over the internet. The RRP is £25, which means that if you buy it with the £15 'Lollipop Lane' folding Moses Basket stand that Asda etc. are also selling, you get the whole 'Moses Basket' package for £40, which, as far as I'm aware, is about as low-priced as you can get for baby goods of a reputable standard on the current UK market. I believe 'ToysRUs' also sells an equivalently or near-equivalently cheap version, but I don't think the 'Lollipop Lane' version can really be beat.

      The 'Lollipop Lane' Moses Basket is quite nicely made overall. The basic basket is made from robustly-woven and stitched maize (leaves?), with long, sturdy carrying handles. The weave is open with lots of holes (presumably to avoid breathing problems for the baby) but there is a lot of 'give' in the basket which means it bends, rather than creaks so this is a good 'quiet' design of basket. We had a wicker Moses Basket for sprog #1 and every time she turned over in her sleep, the basket creaked or groaned, she woke herself up and started howling; the 'softer weave' baskets like this one are definitely much better.

      This basket comes with a foldaway hood which admittedly isn't much cop (it won't stay up very well) and a thin mattress-pad that fits in the base of the basket - you'll need your own under-sheet to cover this with, for the baby to lie on. There is a thin un-patterned padded lining for the sides of the basket (this is made out of something similar to the same white, synthetic material that they make cheap duvet covers from) and then a separate, decorated fabric liner for the inside of the basket. This liner folds over the sides of the basket, so your little one will be completely kept separate from the woven part (apart from maybe the floppy basket handles) which is a nice touch. Like the cloth covering the folding hood, this inner liner comes in a pretty cream / pastelly green and brown cuddly animal print fabric. Admittedly it is all a bit on the poly-cotton side rather than being fine-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheeting, but at least the poly-cotton stuff washes well. Also included in the set is one of those semi-circular, lightly padded quilts that you get with small baby bedding - and like all such quilts it has 'DANGER! RISK OF SUFFOCATION! DO NOT USE WHILE BABY IS ASLEEP!' printed on the label which is not terribly reassuring.

      The inner fabric liner (the printed one) of the basket is a bit of a nightmare to put in place eg. after you've washed it. It secures with ties to the handles of the basket, but it's a tight fit and you'll really need two of you to get it back in place; one to stretch it out and the other one to tie it back securely. Once it's had time to 'bed in' it fits OK however.

      It's a good sized basket, 83cm long and 46cm wide and it's robustly constructed. Personally I didn't tend to carry the sprog in the basket using the handles but I suppose it is designed for that. Like all Moses Baskets, it's only for use until the sprog can sit up unaided (so, till it's approx. 6 months old) or until it weighs 9kg.

      My personal experience of this was that although I thought it was an excellent item my new sprog just didn't like Moses Baskets in general and so we used it for daytime naps mostly. My sprog not liking the Moses Basket isn't a comment on its quality however - I think it'd have turned out like that whatever type we'd bought to begin with.


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