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Next Blue Table and Chairs Set

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Next / childrens play set.

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2010 09:05
      Very helpful



      highly recommended!

      When my son started primary school I wanted to purchase a small table which he could sit down at and do his homework and things on rather than make him sit at the large dining table. I wanted something that was going to be portable and preferably would come with at least one chair. I browsed online and found a blue table and chairs set on the next website. I have to say initially the £40.00 price tag really put me off and I couldn't make my mind up for a couple of weeks but I eventually purchased it through my directory account.

      The table is a blue hard wearing plastic which comes with two chairs. The table and chairs both have thick chunky legs which really feel quite secure. I have sat on the chairs too and have had no issues and so they are definitely well made! What is particularly great about this table and what made my decision in the end was the fact that it has a reversible lid. You can have the table as a flat work surface where your child can draw, paint etc or you can turn the lid over and there is a Lego style base for building. The Lego base is split into four colours and covers the full top of the table. We have used this with actual Lego for building and it works really well as your creations are secured to the table. When you take off the lid there is a reasonable amount of storage space in there-either for bricks or your creative equipment. There is also a red plug there which means you could use the table for sand or water play too. Whilst we haven't done this as I am sure you can tell there is real scope for many uses with this table which means the high price tag isn't as bad as I had initially thought.

      The table comes in two boxes with some assembly to be done. There are full instructions with the table but to be honest it is quite self explanatory as you are just mainly pushing the legs into the table and chairs and such like. Whilst the making of the table and chairs is quite self explanatory this is not to say we didn't have a few problems whilst we were making it! Obviously the legs of the chairs and table need to be secure but actually getting them and the back of the chair to fully fit into the base was quite difficult! I was wary of using a hammer as I did not want to damage the plastic but in the end I had to use one and thankfully this didn't damage the table.

      When the table was built I have to say I was really impressed with the quality. I have had other tables from places like ikea or toys r us in the past which haven't lasted very well at all and I can tell that this table is going to last. We have already had the table for over twelve months and it is used virtually every day in our house. The table looks nice too. Initially we had it in my son's bedroom and it looked great up there as his room is blue too. We since moved it to the kitchen though but it looks fine there too as the décor is white in there.

      My son uses this table for when he is practising his writing, when he is colouring and painting and such like. We regularly move the table into the lounge if we are feeling a bit naughty and are eating our tea in front of the television instead of on the dining table. The table is showing no signs of wear and tear at all from being moved about so regularly and I really do think this is because it is so well made and is good quality plastic.

      The chairs are suited to my son's size and he is five years old but I can sit on the chair too and am not too uncomfortable and so I think this will last him for a good few years to come to be honest. The fact that the table comes with two chairs is a bonus for if you have two children as they can both be at the table at the same time. As I just have the one child we actually just use the other chair to go with the cheaper ikea table in his bedroom. However, whenever he has friends round we bring it downstairs so they can both sit together at the table.

      My only niggle with this table is that sometimes if we are using it for my son to have his meal from crumbs or a spilled drink can leak through the tiny gap where you have to flip the lid over. Of course I don't really think this table is intended for meal times and so I can handle that as it is easily cleaned as long as there isn't lot's of things being stored in the base.

      Although I was initially worried about the £40.00 price tag I am really pleased that I purchased this table for my son as we really have had so much use out of it already and I envisage we will continue to get a lot of use out of it in the future. I would therefore thoroughly recommend this table and chairs set from next. In the past I have bought tables from toys r us that cost £30.00 and broke after less than a year and so I would advise spending a little more and getting a product that will last.

      5 stars from me and a huge recommendation!

      Thank you for reading my review!


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