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Prague Nursery Cot Bed Pine

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Brand: Argos / Type: Cot Bed

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    1 Review
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      15.08.2012 09:24
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      A nice piece of nursary furniture

      When we were looking to buy a cot for Jayden we were thinking of just buying a cot as we already had a bed in what was going to be nursery so we originally thought we would get him a cot and then give him the bed that we already had. However after having a look around for a cot the one which we liked the best actually turned out to be a cot bed, this was the only cot we had seen that we really liked that also didn't cost a fortune so we decided to buy it. The cot bed we chose was the Prague Cot Bed, my husband and myself really liked the look of it, it was reasonably priced and there was the added bonus that we could use it as a bed as Jayden got older.

      The Prague Cot Bed came in a large cardboard box, from what I can remember it had the name of the product on the box and a drawing on the item in plain black, the cot bed came flat packed so we would have to assemble it ourselves. Inside the box was the two ends of the cot bed, the two sides and the base along with a bag containing all of the fittings we needed and an allen key to fasten the screws and bolts with. There was also an instruction leaflet inside the box as well which informed you of how to assemble the cot bed either as a cot or as a bed. The packaging really wasn't anything fancy at all and was basically just a plain cardboard box, the sections of the cot bed were not wrapped up inside.

      The Prague Cot Bed
      The Prague Cot Bed is made from a pine wood, it consists of two ends which are solid and have a curved top, they are both exactly the same so there is not actually a top or bottom to the cot bed, it also has two sides which are slatted, these have rounded tops so that there are not any sharp edges your baby can hurt themselves on, the tops of these sides have a plastic cover over them which can be removed, these are designed as teething bars so that your baby cannot chew on the wood of the cot, the base of the cot is also made of just plain wood. All of the pieces of the Prague Cot Bed have a variety of holes in them designed for the screws to allow you to adjust and assemble the structure, no drilling is required all of the holes are pre-drilled.

      The wood which the cot bed is made from is very smooth with rounded edges so you baby cannot hurt themselves, the slats on the sides are reasonably close together again for your baby's safety, the gaps are quite small so they cannot try and put their head through the bars and get stuck!

      When the Prague Cot Bed is assembled as a cot (which is how we currently have it) it has three heights, you can have the base right near the top, in the middle or right at the bottom of the sides and two ends. The highest level is more for when your baby is little meaning you can easily reach your baby without bending too far and you do not have to worry about them climbing out, as your baby grows and becomes more mobile you can move the base of the cot down so that they cannot try and get out of the cot.

      If you want to change the cot into a bed you can simply move the two slatted sides to leave the base for a mattress and the two ends forming the bottom of the bed and the headboard.

      Assembling the Prague Cot Bed
      When it came to assembling the cot bed me and my husband didn't think it could be too difficult after all it only consisted of five parts, however we did have a quick read of the instructions first just to be on the safe side, especially as we were going to be putting Jayden in it we wanted to make sure we were doing it correctly and that it was going to be stable and safe for him. It did need two of us to assemble it as the parts were quite large so one of us needed to hold it together while the other one screwed in the screws with the allen key, although the instructions state that it only requires one person to assemble the cot bed, whilst we were assembling it until all pars were fastened to each other the structure was a bit wobbly and seemed flimsy so I was a little concerned as to how sturdy it would be, however once it was fully assembled I wasn't worried at all it was extremely stable.

      Putting the Prague Cot Bed together wasn't what I would call difficult but it was quite fiddly and it did take us longer than we expected as it was very difficult to see what you were doing in order to line up the holes together, also we fond one set of the holes with ours weren't exactly inline however we managed to work around this and get the cot bed assembled successfully as a cot.
      The instructions were pretty average, they told you what fittings you should have and what to do although the instructions were a bit basic but I didn't really expect anything else as I find these sort of instructions are a bit basic and do not go into much detail at all.

      We live in a two bedroom house and whilst the rooms are an ok size they are not huge so we didn't want something that was going to take over the room as we already had a wardrobe, chest of draws, a bedside cabinet and a single bed (which has since been removed) in there along with a large wooden toy box, the Prague Cot Bed measures 144cm (L) 74cm (W) and 89cm (H) this was the ideal size for our Jayden's room, it fits nicely in the corner of the room, it is not bulky and does not take up too much space at all, it is the perfect size.

      The Cot Bed does not come with a mattress so you do need to purchase this separately, you need a mattress which measures 140cm (L) and 69cm (W). The cot bed is quite heavy and weighs 28kg, I can slide it around the room alone if I need to but would need help to actually lift it and carry it.

      Price and Availability
      We purchased our Prague Cot Bed from Argos, we actually bought it online and had it delivered to our house. The cot bed was very reasonably priced at just over £100.00 .I personally thought this was an excellent price as it was not ridiculously expensive and also of an extremely high quality.
      The Prague Cot Bed was definitely worth the money, it was extremely sturdy and strong not weak or flimsy at all, it looks very stylish in Jayden's bedroom and looks as though it should have cost more than what it did.

      My Opinion
      At the moment Jayden is still sleeping in our room in his moses basket, however he has all of his naps in his cot in order to get him use to going in it at night, when we first put Jayden in his cot he looked so tiny in it you could have got about 10 of him in there.

      Despite it being far too big for him at the moment I have been very pleased with the Prague Cot Bed, it is very strong and stable and I feel happy putting him up in his cot and leaving him up there to sleep and know that he is safe.
      When I put Jayden in his cot he seems quite happy, I did wonder if he would cry and feel a bit vulnerable in there with it being so big for him, however he settled down straight away and now naps much better than what he use to.

      The Prague Cot Bed was very reasonably priced, we got an excellent quality cot bed at a very good price, it looks stylish and provides a safe environment for your baby to sleep in. I would highly recommend the Prague Cot Bed to any one, it is ideal to use from birth and can be used up until your child is around 5 years old so you definitely will get your moneys worth out of it.


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