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RoomMates Repositionable Ships & Boats Wall Stickers

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Brand: Roommates / Type: Wall Hangings

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2013 22:00
      Very helpful



      A great set of wall stickers for any nautical themed room easy to use and create great effects

      Having had great success with our eldest son's room with the Jungle stickers by Roommates when it came to decorating in a nautical theme our youngest son's room I knew which brand to look out for. We picked this boat set from Amazon to go on to his light blue walls to create a seascape.
      The stickers arrived in a clear plastic box this was actually quite small and the various stickers were folded up inside actually needed to be taken out and smoothed down due to creases in the sticker sheets. I actually think this is a fault in the design of the boxes as other stickers we have bought from the same brand had the same problem. We found that it is best to take them out the day before you intend to put them up and lay them out flat after smoothing the creases out then they do un-crease. But it is a bit of a faff to do so when a flatter box would stop this problem from happening.

      The stickers are spread over several sheets with a good amount of spacing between them so when you peel them back they don't tear or lift of another sticker before you are ready for it.

      The instructions advise not to apply to freshly painted wall but to wait a few days ideally up to 3 weeks. The surface that we applied them to was very finely raised wallpaper with a satin emulsion on. Having applied the previous stickers to wallpaper with a raised texture with I had no concerns about applying them again as the stickers had remained in place well for nearly a year with only occasional curling. The stickers are marketed as repositionable stickers and on this point I would actually have to disagree they go on very well, but taking them off and lining them up or moving them around significantly reduces their stickiness. I don't think it is a coincidence that the two stickers that we have slight problems with are the ones we moved around. I would definitely advise having a plan in mind of where you want all the stickers to be to reduce the amount of moving you have to do. I would say that when we did lift the stickers off to move those stickers around they didn't damage the paint or wallpaper underneath which I think is great for the future when he grows out of this look for his room. To put the stickers on is simple really you lift them off the backing paper place on the wall and smooth down with a cloth to remove any air bubbles and hey presto the sticker is in place.

      The stickers are all printed on to clear backing so when you lift them up and place them on the walls they look as if they are printed on your walls or drawn which gives a great effect. Rather than some cheaper brands which are painted on white backgrounds are a clearly then on the walls stickers rather than a drawing which is the look these stickers give.

      The amount of stickers you get for your money is not a lot really there are 12 boats in total and these are actually quite large and all of them are a different design which I think is fabulous as this makes it look very unique rather than being repetitive and the same. Also in the pack at some seagulls, fish crabs anchors and a couple of life belt rings in total there are 34 stickers which gives you some of scope to be artistic. We created with a blue crayon a wave effect around two walls where our sons cot stood so the wave was above the top of the cot we then placed the various boats so they looked as if they were bobbing along the waves some on the crest and some going down. The life belts we attached to the side of some boats with the seagulls perched on boats or the waves the fish and crabs were all beneath the waves. I am really pleased with the look we have achieved and it is one that does appeal to our 16 month old as he often looks at it in his cot on a morning when he is awake. The stickers and boats are very brightly coloured and cheerful giving them a very friendly look and it certainly is appealing to young children I think. However I don't think they would really appeal to children over 8 or 9 who may want a more mature look to their room.
      The stickers wipe down well with a cloth if they get any marks on but I would advise just using a baby wipe rather than a damp cloth to clean them as it can make them lift slightly other wise

      The boat set costs around £19.95 from Amazon and whilst I think this is a bit expensive for the amount of stickers you get I do think the looks you can create almost justify the price. I am going to give them 4 stars as I think they are great quality look wise but I don't think they are as repositionable as they claim but they look great, stick reasonably well as they are still on the walls without any falling off after nearly 9 months now. We have used these to create a wonderful seascape for my son which certainly my artistic skills could never have done.


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