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Saplings Little Angels Swinging Crib Natural

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Brand: Saplings / Type: Cribs

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    3 Reviews
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      14.09.2010 21:04
      Very helpful



      Beautiful crib that makes those early days easier

      I bought this just before my daughter was born in Mothercare for 90 euro. I thought it was a bit expensive for a bed that my daughter would grow out of quite quickly but I just fell in love with it and had to buy it! It is suitable for babies from birth to 6 months. Really when your baby can sit up you should get them into their own cot.

      Its made of oak and you can either get it natural varnished or just plain white. I must say the white looked really cute but I knew it wouldnt stay white for long in my house so eventually settled on the wood finish. This co ordinated with the rest of the nursery so it fitted in nicely.

      A mattress is actually included when you buy this crib which is fantastic because anyone who has bought a mattress for a cot will know that they can go to over 100 euro for a good quality mattress. It is also moisture resistant for baby. The crib itself can be fixed in a stable position or rocked to sooth baby to sleep.

      I constantly kept mine on fix though. I was told that if I got my daughter into the habit of being rocked to sleep then I would regret it so this is why I never really used it as a rocker. When she was a newborn I did use this once or twice out of pure exhaustion and it worked well but I wouldnt recommend it in the long term!

      It was nice to shove beside the bed for the first few weeks as a first time mother as I was very worried about her breathing and everything and needed to keep and eye on her for my own sanity. This helped me to do so.

      The dimensions are as follows: 50cm W X 95cm L X 91cm H. I found it fit right next to my bed perfectly and never got in the way. Unlike a cot I was able to move this downstairs so she could nap as I went about the housework during the day. This was a better arrangement than running up the stairs every fifteen minutes to check on her.

      I would recommend this crib because its a great functional bed for newborns and it can be easier to put a newborn into something that is lightweight and portable for the first precious few months.


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        09.10.2009 16:38
        Very helpful



        A safe, secure Crib for your little Angel

        Preparing for the arrival of a newborn is an exciting and daunting task, and it is also an expensive time with many important essential items needed. One of the most important pieces of equipment you will need to buy is somewhere for you little bundle of joy to sleep.

        Most parents prefer to put their newborn into a crib or Moses basket for the first few months and then into a cot. I used a Moses basket for my daughter 13 years ago, and when I became pregnant the second time around I decided (was talked into) find out the sex of my baby, as my budget was tighter as we had just moved house before my son arrived.

        The house we moved into is very small with two boxed bedrooms and a very steep staircase, I decided that it would be better to sleep downstairs for the first few months as I didn't want to struggle up and down the stairs. I knew this would limit our space even more but it was the only option. With a limited budget and space I shopped around looking for the ideal cot, after looking at several different Moses baskets none of them appealed to me so I started looking at cribs. They were more expensive, but I didn't want a basket on the floor and I wasn't sure about the stands that you can get for them as I could imagine it being knocked over. It would of worked out no cheaper to buy a Moses basket with a stand than it would to buy a crib. So with that in mind I decided on a crib, I finally found a crib that looked perfect and was affordable so all I had to do now was convince my partner.

        The crib comes in two different finishes either natural wood effect or white, I opted for the wood effect which I ordered from Boots for £59.99. It came flat packed and is relatively easy to assemble by just one person, with easy to follow instructions. The crib needs assembling in to two different sections the main crib and the stand upon which the crib will hang and swing from. It was a straightforward task and was built within 30 minutes!

        It comes supplied with a mattress that is, breathable and moisture resistant. This was another reason for purchase as I knew the mattress would be the correct fit and I wouldn't have to worry about finding the right size mattress for it. The crib is a decent size (L98 x W57 x H91cm) and it is suitable to use from birth and will last anywhere between 4-6 months, as once your baby is able to push up then the crib is no longer safe for use.

        I was really pleased with the crib it looked adorable, and I was amazed at the quality as it wasn't overly expensive. The design is really nice with the turned dowels giving it a timeless look. The base has nice wide feet making it very sturdy; the main body of the crib is suspended from two metal hooks that are attached to the stand which will allow you to swing/rock the crib from side to side; there is also a locking mechanism which will allow it to be locked in place.

        For the first couple of weeks after giving birth most of the time is spent recovering and resting whenever possible. As my bed was in the lounge I spent most of my time here, the crib was easy for me to pull up to the side of my bed without me having to get out of bed or disturb my sleeping baby so I could watch over him. It was also at just the right height for me to be able to lean over and lift him out and put him back for feeds. I was able to easily slide the crib over to get out of bed when I needed to. It was also easy to dress and undress my baby in the crib as the height was just right.

        My baby was quite a fussy newborn and it took him a while to adjust to the outside world. I thought the rocking motion of the crib would soothe him however it didn't and he didn't seem to like being rocked in the crib so we didn't use this feature much at all. Some parents might find this an invaluable feature when they want to keep their baby settled when they are feeling tired.

        The crib requires no maintenance and is very easy to clean; it can be wiped down with a damp cloth. However all newborns bring back milk and have little accidents and hygiene is highly important when you have a newborn, I cleaned my crib with Milton spray when it needed a good clean and a baby wipe when it just needed to be wiped down. The mattress was also easy to keep clean and stayed in good condition.

        My son was able to lift his head when he was only a few days old and when he reached 5 months he became mobile, so just before 6 months he was moved into a full sized cot bed. The crib looked immaculate and as good as the day we got it after 6 months of use. I liked the fact that the mattress size of the crib is bigger than that of a mosses basket (84 x43cm) so the sheets used on the mattress could be used to swaddle my son in also.

        Once I had recovered from labour it was easy to get the crib upstairs as the crib can be dethatched from the stand. I liked the fact that I could have the crib pulled up next to my bed so I was able to reach in to tend to my son and it made it easy during the night when I needed to feed him or soothe him back to sleep as I didn't need to get out of bed to get to him.

        Another advantage the crib has is that it can be dismantled to be stored away should you need it in the future, however I would recommend replacing the mattress. Once I had finished with the crib it was passed on to my partners brother who has just had a baby and then on to his sister when they had finished with it as she was expecting a baby. So it had plenty of use out of it and it is still in great condition and they were all as pleased with it as me.

        I preferred my crib over the Moses basket as I preferred the look of it and the fact that it was sturdier and built to last. If I was to have another child then I would definitely choose a crib again and this one is excellent value for money.


        The price of this crib varies depending on where you buy it from and the choice of finish, it can be purchased from Boots.com, amazon.co.uk, or kiddicare.com

        ~Important things to remember~

        Put your baby to sleep on their back in the "feet to foot position" at the bottom of the crib or cot.

        ~Important information when choosing a crib~

        Make sure that the mattress fits snugly, less than two finger widths between edge of mattress and crib side.

        Distances between crib bars that is less than 45-65 mm

        Position the cot away from: windows, heaters, lamps, wall decorations, cords, and furniture which can be used to climb out of the cot.

        Conforms to BSEN716.

        A beautiful crib that will compliment any nursery and provide your little angel with a safe and secure environment to sleep.


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          29.07.2008 21:43
          Very helpful
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          Will last longer than a Moses Basket for about the same price!

          Having decided quite early on that we wanted our baby in our room for as long as possible but not having enough room for a full cot we dcided a crib was the best compromise.

          It is larger than a Moses Basket, after speaking to other Mum's I found that they had outgrown a Moses Basket by about 8 weeks. The current governement guidlines are to keep your baby in your room until 6 months.

          Although I doubt my daughter will still fit in her crib at 6 months she still has plenty of room now she is 11 weeks old.

          We decided on this crib as it was cheap from Kiddicare - I think it was about £50, we then had to buy the mattress seperately.

          When we recieved it I was very impressed, the wood and finish is of good quality with no risks of anything splintering.

          Putting it together was relatively easy, although sliding the base into the frame was a 2 person job. It comes with a little spanner to put it together as well so there is no hunting around for tools.

          Using the swinging motion is a bit fussy as you have to unscrew to screws at either end and ours squeek so we haven't used it swinging - although that isn't a problem as you can't leave them to sleep with it in swinging motion and my daughter didn't like the swinging motion anyway.

          This will certainly be going into our loft ready for baby number 2.


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        • Product Details

          The beautifully turned dowels makes this swinging crib a timeless addition to your nursery.

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