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Sleepy Teddy Baby Moses Basket

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Brand: Argos / Type: Nursery Accessories - Basket

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    1 Review
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      06.06.2012 22:35
      Very helpful



      A lovely moses basket for my baby

      As Jayden is still only a 5 weeks old he is currently sleeping in our room at nights. Before he was born my parents purchased him a cot bed for his nursery, however this is far too big for us to have in our bedroom, plus we didn't really want the hassle of having to move it in and out of his room so we decided to buy him a moses basket to sleep in in our room, this was much small and also easier to move around meaning we could bring it downstairs during the day if needed. We wanted something either unisex or suitable for a boy so we had a look in our local Argos and spotted the Sleepy Teddy Baby Moses Basket, suitable for either a girl or a boy it was ideal for what we needed.

      The moses basket came thoroughly wrapped up in a thick polythene with all of the accessories and attachments sealed inside of the basket itself. The Sleepy Teddy Moses Basket is quite a traditional looking basket, it is oval in shape and made from an environmentally friendly material, to me this looks like a wicker type material, this is a pale, what I would call light pine colour, the basket is woven so that there are small holes between the strips of wicker. The basket has 2 wicker handles, these are attached to the basket with strips of the same wicker material platted together, the two handles are positioned in the middle of the basket so that when you pick it up you can carry it straight rather than it tipping up at one end which is important if you are carrying your baby in the basket. The basket also has a hood which can be put up and down as and when it is needed, this does not come attached to the main basket and has to be assembled.

      The Sleepy Teddy Moses Basket is mainly cream and white colours, it comes with a white coloured lining, this simply sits inside the basket and is slightly larger than the basket itself and folds over the edges, the lining is elasticised the whole way around which holds it in place and stops it from crumpling up inside the basket, the lining also has two ties on either side, these are a dark cream colour and tie around each side of the handles, these ties also help to hold the lining in place as well as the elastic. The hood of the moses basket is made from the same white cotton type fabric as the lining, again this is edged with a dark cream trim, it is held in place with two plastic rods which slide through the fabric, this also helps the hood to keep its curved shape, it is then screwed onto the basket. The other two accessories that the Sleepy Teddy Moses Basket comes with is a mattress and a duvet, the mattress feels like a foam mattress to me, this is covered in a cream material, however it does need a sheet over it as it does not feel overly soft and cosy to touch, the mattress does look a bit on the thin side, however for a baby it is the perfect thickness, it provides a soft comfortable base for your baby. The duvet is quite small, one end of it is straight and the other end curved so that it fits neatly in the basket, the curved area matches the shape of the bottom of the basket. The duvet has a picture of a brown rabbit and a teddy on it surrounded by different coloured stars on a white background, again the picture and colours of the duvet are suitable for both girls and boys. The duvet is quite thin, however for warm weather this is ideal, however during the winter the duvet alone would not be enough to keep your baby warm.

      There is not a huge amount of assembling to do when you purchase the Sleepy Teddy Moses Basket, however you do need to attach the lining and the main thing is to assemble and attach the hood. The hood as I have mentioned is made from a white cotton fabric, the front of it is elasticised and there are two holes in the fabric, in these you slide the two strips of plastic that come with the basket, these are very flexible and when attached to either side of the moses basket give the hood its curved shape. The hood attached to the moses basket with two plastic screws with small bolts on the ends of them, the actual plastic bolts are on the outside of the basket so that there are no bits sticking out on the inside of the basket that your baby could hurt itself on. That is basically it when it comes to putting the moses basket together, there really isn't a lot to it and it takes hardly any time at all.

      As I have mentioned we purchased our Sleepy Teddy Moses Basket from our local Argos, I was quite impressed with the price of it, before looking in Argos I had done a bit of research and had a look at what other shops had to offer and some of the baskets were very expensive, I wanted something that was going to be of a good quality, however this was something that was only going to be used for a few months so I didn't want to spend a fortune on it. The Sleepy Teddy Moses Basket cost £34.99, personally I thought this was good value for money, the basket seems to be well made and so far we haven't had any major problems with it so it was well worth the money.

      I would certainly recommend the Sleepy Teddy Moses Basket it has been extremely useful and has meant that we can have Jayden sleeping in our room without a lot of hassle. There are no major disadvantages with this product, although when we first purchased it we did have to go back to Argos as one of the plastic screws that you attach the hood with snapped, however we didn't have to take the basket back, Argos simply gave us another packet of the attachments. The only other issue with the basket is you do have to keep re-tightening the bolts on the ends of the plastic screws that hold the hood on, after being used constantly with the hood being put up and down they do loosen which means that once they get too loose the hood will not stay up, however this is not a major problem and it really doesn't take much to tighten the bolts and does not put me off the basket.

      The basket is ideal for Jayden at the moment, it is just the right size so that he feels secure and cosy but at the same time giving him plenty of room to grow. All parts of the basket seem sturdy and hardwearing despite constant use. The basket is quite light meaning it can easily be moved from room to room if needed or also if you wanted to travel with it. The cotton lining is soft to touch and can easily be removed to wash, this protects your baby from the wicker which would be quite hard on your baby's skin. I particularly like the design and colours of the Sleepy Teddy Moses Basket as it is perfect for both boys and girls and would also go with any colour scheme, the basket is also very reasonably priced for such a good quality product. The only thing the basket does not come with is a stand, however these can be purchased or a reasonable price from Argos and they often have an offer on where you get the stand a bit cheaper when purchased with the basket, despite this and the other minor disadvantage I mentioned I would certainly recommend this to anyone.


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