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Trousselier Magic Lantern Sea Creatures

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Brand: Trousselier / Type: Lamps, Lights and Shades

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    1 Review
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      26.08.2013 15:54
      Very helpful



      A wonderful night light that adds charm to a nursery and helps sooth our son

      This Night light was something we asked for as a gift for our youngest son following the success that we had with our eldest son's magic lantern in the circus theme. This time as our son's room was decorated with boats and a nautical theme it seemed appropriate to go with the underwater creature magic lantern. We have used this with our son since he was around 8 months and moved into his own bedroom whilst he was obviously not capable of asking for a night light or voicing any concerns of being scared in the dark we thought it was still a good idea to introduce a night light into his room. This was mainly for our benefit so there was a light in his room if we needed to go into his room for any reason in the night and the soft light of this light would be enough to change a nappy too or to check up on him.

      What is it and our experience
      There lantern is an electric plug in night light rather than a battery operated light. The main body of the unit is a cube that comprises of four white wooden upright pieces of wood and between each of these is a white plastic type material, I am unsure what it is but it is very similar to the type of material that old fashioned slides are made of in my opinion. This white material is stretched quite taught over the frame and gives little pings if it gets tapped. Underneath this structure there is a metal wire frame that stops the circus scene middle falling off. In the middle there is a cylindrical section that contains the bulb this is encased in further heat resistant plastic with some holes at the top to let the hot air rise which is what turns the underwater sea scene inside. The sea scene is on a blue background with fishes octopus sea horses and some sea weed on it. On the top there is an almost enclosed white section that is curved with slats in it to allow the heat to move through them and turn the scene. This is scene is suspended and attached to the main body of the lamp by a small pivot pin that rest on the top of the cylindrical bulb section. This all makes it sound very complicated but it is very simple really you turn the lamp on and after a few minutes the heat from the bulb project the circus image onto the clear section and this revolves around to give you delightful underwater images. The curved gapes from the top also project clear curves of light onto the ceiling.

      The whole lamp measures 17cm x 17cm x 19cm so it is a nice and tidy size to fit on dressing tables.

      At present when we use this lamp our son is still in a cot so we have no concerns about him being able to knock this over or damage it in anyway so it stays on a dressing table in his room. The plan is when he progress to his bed is to try to keep this on high to reduce the risk of damage to the lantern. This is because it is quite a fragile item with the material it is made from. Also by protecting his brother lantern this way it is still working after nearly 5 years of daily use. The instructions states this not being a toy and only suitable for children over 3 years due to small parts and whilst I agree it shouldn't be in reach of young children due to its fragile nature and small parts such as the revolving pin. I do think if it is out of children reach then it is a delightful thing to have in a nursery room both with this scene and others from the same range such as fairies and princess like my niece has.

      The light that this lamp casts is a lovely soft light that is enough to light up the room for a child to be able to see what is in there but not enough to stop them thinking it is night and being unable to sleep. We have been able to see sufficiently well to do a night time feed or change a nappy in subdued light. It is however I think not bright enough unless you are sat directly next to it to read a book so we always have the overhead light on dim for bed time stories.

      The image my father picked for our son was the sea theme and this goes very well with the nautical theme for the bedroom with the sea creatures complementing the look well. Also the creatures do appeal to our young son and at 16 months now if he wakes during the night he will point and say look at the various creatures and watch them swim around the lantern on an evening. These repetitive images of the charming sea creatures seem to help him calm down and settle on occasions. He is still too young to have a favourite creature but mine is the seahorse which is just delightful and playful to look at.

      Unlike our other lantern this one has white wood rather than natural wood and this complements the look of his white cot as well and gives it a lovely fresh look.

      I would recommend that if you have one that you switch it on a few minutes before your child goes into the bedroom as it does take a few minutes to start to revolve I find the length of time is dependent on the temperature in his room and on colder evenings the difference between the lamp and the rest of the room means it starts to turn sooner than it does on hot evenings.

      We find by my son having a night light he is a very settled in the night and if he wakes up and we hear noises from his room and he isn't scared from a nightmare then he is able to resettle himself in his room as he has a light to see by. I think this is great as it means I can get a bit more sleep too. He seems to find the soft light cast by the light and the rotating images to be very calming and reassuring.

      When we first got our first lantern I was a little concerned about it going on over night but a quick chat with the shop where my dad bought it reassured me as the bulb is such a low wattage that similar to cooker ovens that it is unlikely to cause a fire hazard. As this takes a low wattage bulb 12V rated 20W SES bulb I do think is very safe to be left on overnight now. We have had no problems with either lantern been left on in nearly 5 years of use. The lamp has a flick button on and off switch that is easy to use.

      As this is made by a French company it seems to come with a transformer plug for it rather than a standard British issue plug and it has two prongs going into the transformer plug this seems to work well and we have had no problems with the transformer in all the time we have had the light.

      To keep this clean and to keep it rotating it does need to be cleaned regularly as I find if there is a build-up of dust on it then it doesn't rotate as well. The instructions suggests wiping the internal cylinder with a window cleaning solution I also use the same on the plastic scene and this seems to keep it rotating very easily.

      In the first year of use so far we haven't had to actually replace the bulb which is guaranteed now to go I have written these words. We found that with our first lantern that one bulb actually lasted for 4 years given this is used nightly bar the odd night away I think is great from a price of blub to use ratio. How you change the bulb is that you unscrew the cylinder in the middle lift out the old bulb and replace and re-screw. This is very simple to do taking less than five minutes to do unscrew and re attach in fact it took me longer to find the screw driver than change the bulb!

      I would definitely recommend not only the underwater sea night light but any other scene that you think would appeal to your child. The light gives a lovely warm glow that is nice and soothing to a child in the night but still allows them to navigate their way around the bedroom if they need to for such things potty trips. The sea scene seems to appeals to my son and he finds these incredibly soothing on a night if he is upset. I would however make sure they are out of reach of children as they are quite fragile to the touch. It is currently available at John Lewis for £40 from the following Link http://www.johnlewis.com/trousselier-magic-lantern-sea-creatures/p231691594


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