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VTech Lullaby Teddy Projector

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2011 13:22
      Very helpful



      A lovely light projector with varied melodies and sounds

      Getting my daughter into a bedtime routine was something very important to me as witnessing my cousins children running riot this was something I definitely wanted to avoid so I was determined for my daughter to get into a routine as soon as possible - yes probably a bit harsh but I was put into a routine from the word go by my parents and it didn't do me any harm - I think!

      I wanted to make sure my daughter's bedroom (she has been in her own room since she was a few days old) was comfortable, safe and welcoming for her as lets face it this is the place she will spend a lot of time in. For her cot I wanted it to make her feel calm and safe. Apart from her mobile I wanted something else musical for her to listen to whilst drifting off to the land of nod. After searching around a little I purchased the Vtech Lullaby Teddy Projector from Boots.

      The projector I bought is the pink version which is ideal for little girls. It's basic aim is to play music whilst projecting images onto a wall or ceiling at your baby's bedtime. I thought this would be the perfect addition for her bedroom and cot. The projector comes in a cardboard box which gives you information on the projector. The box isn't completely enclosed so when you are in the shop you can tough the projector itself so just make sure you check the projector over just in case it has been dropped on the floor (if buying in store). There is an instructions booklet which is useful especially as there is more than one switch to use.

      The projector is pale pink colour and it is slightly triangular in shape. The projector is made of plastic and does seem quite heavy duty which is great. On the front of it there is a bright pink teddy bear button which is quite large, this button is so you can rotate the modes that the projector gives. There are two sets of switches on the projector which are set at either side and are yellow in colour. The projector also has little bright pink plastic feet should you want to stand it up rather than attach it to the cot.

      The components of the projector are:

      Strap, volume button, timer switch, nursery/nature mode switch, light projector button and the bear button.

      In a nutshell the projector helps soothe the baby with the use of soft melodies, natural sound effects, motherly phrases as well as a gentle light show which can be projected on a ceiling or a wall. There are two modes to the projector; natural and nursery. Natural mode has softer effects than the nursery mode as there are natural sound effects which are quite subtle whereas nursery mode has gentle sing a long sounds, sound effects, melodies and phrases. To choose your desired mode there is a simple switch at the side. There are two different timings for the projector; 5 or 10 minutes and can be changed easily. There is a 'demo' setting which is on the same switch as the timer and the demo allows you to hear a selection of both the nursery and natural effects.

      To attach the projector to the cot there is a very flexible bright pink strap which has holes in and if you look on the back of the projector you can see where the strap will loop and fasten into (there is a guide on the back of the projector). Once you have the projector in place on your child's cot then you simply thread the strap through and fasten. The hardest thing I found was positioning the projector so the whole light show can be seen on the ceiling and I did have to move it a few times but it does help that the straps has quite a few holes to choose from so you can get the desired effect. You can of course have it freestanding. But when attaching it to the cot you need to make sure it is snug and not loose.

      To turn the projector on you simply need to use the nursery/nature switch as there is the 'off' setting on the same switch and you simply need to choose your mode. Depending on how long you have set it to play for the projector will automatically shut down after the 5 or 10 minutes to preserve battery life which I think is a great feature as my daughter is usually asleep within minutes of being put into her cot at bedtime. No matter how long the projector is on for you will still get the lovely light show on the ceiling which features cartoon type characters such as stars, the moon, teddy bears and clouds etc all in gentle, pastel colours which is nice and relaxing for the baby. However, should you not want the light show there is a button where you can turn it off.

      I tend to use both the nursery and natural modes as I like the variety they provide. Generally for my daughter's afternoon nap I use the nursery mode and for bedtime I use the natural mode as it is a bit more subtle although you can of course adjust the volume. The nursery mode has 16 melodies which for a cot toy is great and they are quite varied. Because you can adjust the sound you can have them as loud or as quiet for your baby as you want but they are not particularly up beat but rather slow and gentle so ideal for trying to get a baby to sleep.

      The Melody List:

      1. Cradle Song (Brahms Lullaby)
      2. Are You Sleeping
      3. My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean
      4. Hush Little Baby
      5. Beautiful Dreamer
      6. Fur Elise
      7. Greensleeves
      8. Moonlight Sonata
      9. Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone
      10. Clair de Lune
      11. Rock a Bye Baby
      12. All Through the Night
      13. Au Clair de La LuneActivities
      14. Shenandoah
      15. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
      16. Sailing, Sailing

      Apart from the Melodies there are two song lyrics to rock a bye baby and twinkle twinkle little start which is quite nice and a gentle voice sings them to the baby. On the nature mode you can expect to hear the ocean waves, rainforest sounds as well as subtle animal noises which is quite sweet. I was quite impressed with the selection of melodies that the projector has so my daughter isn't constantly listening to the same tunes as there are enough to give a little variety.

      The projector has now been on my daughter's cot for around four months and has been used every night that she has been in her cot. When I first turned it on it took her a few seconds to realise that something was moving on the ceiling and now as her eye sight as become a lot clearer she notices it instantly and by the time I leave her bedroom she is incredibly focused on her ceiling and doesn't bat an eye lid when I leave! I don't have the volume on too high, I use it just do it is in the background, loud enough for her to hear it but not so loud that she can't drift off to sleep.

      All the switches are easy to use and all feature a little image so you know which switch is which. The projector is really basic which is great as it isn't complicated to use and you simply press a button and the projector is on and working which for me is a plus as I don't want or need something so complicated that I need a degree in rocket science to use! The projector was easy to attach to the cot you just need to get it in the right position which may take a few attempts but once it is safely secured it doesn't move.

      I can't complain about this item as it does what it says on the box. My daughter goes to sleep quite easily anyway but I think it is nice for her to drift off calmed and relaxed whilst watching the gentle light show and listening to subtle music is playing in the background. As I said above she is now very focused on the light show but within a few minutes she is getting herself comfortable and her eyes start to close so it must be doing something good!

      I would definitely recommend this and I may even be purchasing one for myself as it is actually quite relaxing even for an adult especially with the nature sound effects which are my personal favourite! This is no doubt a toy which is going to be used for quite some time.

      *~* Useful Information *~*

      Availability: Vtech stockists - I bought mine in Boots
      Price: RRP is £12.99
      Batteries: Takes 4 'AA' which are not included - you will need a screwdriver
      Warranty: 1 year - keep your receipt
      Age Range: Birth onwards
      Developmental Areas: Visual, Memory, Sensory and Language


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