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White Rabbit England Bramble Toadstool Nightlight

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Brand: White rabbit / Type: Night light

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    1 Review
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      15.09.2012 22:06
      Very helpful



      A lovely looking and useful addition to a nursery

      Baby CrazyEgg's first few months were so harrowing that when her first birthday came and she was a happy and healthy, 12lb 10oz, 9 month old there was cause for much celebration. We had a big celebration with family, friends and neighbours dropping in all day. Baby CrazyEgg received lots of wonderful gifts and one of them was the Bramble Toadstool nightlight by White Rabbit England. It was bought by Baby's uncle who had sought to buy a gift that would be sufficiently useful, durable and magical to last a lifetime. I think he has succeeded, and pour scorn on his subsequent doubts and fears: "It might not actually be a good idea to harbour poisonous hallucinogenic funghi in her room, even if it is in porcelain form. You probably don't want to encourage a love of toadstools. She might eat a real one. Perhaps I should take it back."

      The Bramble Toadstool nightlight is a ceramic toadstool shaped nightlight standing 20cm high. It is Amanita muscaria, ie the quintessential toadstool of red top with white spots. However, where the white spots should be there are holes instead, of approximate 1cm in diameter. There are a further two holes toward the top of the stalk of the toadstool, each about the size of a 10p piece. The stalk has a scene painted on to it: a wooden door, an Elf (whose name is Bramble), tiny creatures, flowers and autumnal berries, and a window with a small animal looking out. In daylight it is very pleasing to look at. In the dark it is even better.

      Once the lamp is on the light glows out of the two porthole windows looking for all the world as if a small elf or pixie is at home and staying up late. For some reason I always think of them at a desk studying, but you can make up what you want. The light that streams out of the holes in the top of the toadstool produces soft, circles of light on the ceiling, and elongated circles on the wall behind the lamp. It gives a soft and reassuring glow and you can make out the shadowy shapes of the flowers and creatures by the light that is emitted. It is very atmospheric.

      Baby CrazyEgg generally sleeps well without any lights on, but on occasions when she has woken and needed a cuddle this lamp has been a comfort to her, and given me a stimulus for making up stories that send her back to sleep. Her sleep is not generally hindered by the lamp being on and it enables us to be able to check on her easily without disturbing her. We used to use the light of our mobile phones, but they did sometimes waken her.

      The lamp comes with a low voltage transformer so that the light given out is not too harsh, and the energy costs are reduced; useful since the lamp may potentially be on all night. The bulbs (3watt,24 volt E14 mini candle bulb) are specific to the White Rabbit England nightlight range so may be difficult to buy in a local store, but they are available online, priced at around £4. The lamp comes supplied with a bulb in the first instance and we have not yet had to seek a replacement, but have only had the lamp for four months so far.

      The lamp retails in the region of £40-£50. It looks and feels like a luxury item and if Baby CrazyEgg does not grow to love and treasure it, I will happily put it in our room instead!


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