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Worlds Apart Thomas & Friends Go Glow Time

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Brand: Worlds Apart / Type: Nursery Accessories

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2010 16:54
      Very helpful



      A positive addition to our home.

      My son was bought the Thomas the tank engine Go glow training clock for his 3rd birthday by a friend.

      He already had the matching Go Glow Thomas light but unfortunately these are not waterproof and when he put it down the toilet to have a look where his wee wee went it did not survive.

      The idea of a trainer clock is to actually help little ones who are too young to be able to tell the time to be able to understand when it is morning and night and hopefully remain in bed till a reasonable time in the morning. This is however not an alarm clock.

      The clock itself has a large circular base with a train track around and then the clock stands within the base but is fixed so is easy to handle. The clock itself does have the traditional numbers but only has one hand for the time and then another hand for the alarm time. Thomas's face is in the centre with a happy wide awake face and sleepy face.

      The time setting buttons are not easy to set but certainly with an inquisitive child like mind if it wasn't difficult to alter then he would be trying to wake Thomas.

      The Clock does take four AA cell batteries which are secured with a screw. My son's has been working for nearly a month and show no sign of slowing down and has been accurate in keeping the time. To set the clock for bedtime you simply press the button on top and a sleepy face revolves round and covers the wide awake face. The eyes on Thomas are mostly closed during the sleep phase and looks much more awake and smiley during the day.

      When my son first received this he was very excited especially as he recognised the design from his old light. He loved watching Thomas fall asleep and every time Thomas woke up he would press the button and ask me to wake Thomas up as it was morning. I encouraged him to leave Thomas awake so he could listen to the story at bedtime. For nearly a week Thomas did not get chance to hear a bedtime story then something really spooky happened. We were reading my son his bedtime story when Thomas suddenly woke up and my son was very excited to see he wanted the story.

      This was for my son a turning point for my son who decided that Thomas did want to hear his bedtime story so managed to restrain himself to pressing the sleep button before story time. The clock does have a nightlight clock which my son also loves but due to the fact it is battery operated and he already does have a nightlight I put in on while I sing him twinkle twinkle then tell him we have to turn it off so Thomas can get some sleep. The nightlight Mechanism only works while Thomas is asleep which will save battery power.

      The big question though is mornings and does it work?

      When I asked his Aunty to buy it for his birthday he was waking at 5am but predictably by his birthday he was sleeping till nearly 7 am. I have set his clock for 6 am because anytime after 6 am I do consider to be a bonus. His sleep has been slowly creeping backwards and the other day I finally got the chance to test how he would react. He came into my bedroom full of beans at 5.40am which usually means I may as well give up any hope of sleep but I told him that Thomas was still asleep and he could either get in with Mommy and lie quietly or go to his own room and look at his books till Thomas woke up. He chose to get in my bed but did lie quietly and got fifteen minutes more rest before he became completely incapable of been quiet so asked him if he wanted to go to his own room which he did and looked at this books until he shouted me in excitement to let me know Thomas was awake.

      We have had a couple of other incidents. My son fell over getting off his rocking ladybird at bedtime and knocked Thomas to sleep which he got really upset as Thomas wasn't going to hear the story so I told him if he quickly chose two stories I would wake him up this once as an accident.

      The second was on a further occasion my son came downstairs at 11am and told me Thomas had woken up. I took him back upstairs and we sent Thomas back to sleep and my son also settled.

      My son has come and got in my bed during the night and mentioned that Thomas is asleep and while it has made him aware it is still night time hasn't stopped the patter of tiny feet running to my room and climbing in my bed. He doesn't come in my bed every night and so I don't know when he wakes up but when I have just asked him what he does if he wakes up and Thomas is asleep and he replied " I have one more sleep" so it clearly does help.

      The mechanism for sending Thomas to sleep and waking up is relatively noisy and I would think if you do have a very light sleeper this clock would disturb their sleep however my son seems to have a normal sleep level and has not been disturbed him. It also does have a very quiet ticking sound which I mostly don't notice.

      This clock has helped my son's understanding of night and day and does encourage him to sleep through the night and Even with the few glitches it has been a worthwhile investment so long as your child is not a light sleeper.

      The age recommendation is for three years and over but I personally wish I had one six months ago when my son was waking at 3am and did not understand that it was still the middle of the night.

      These clocks are available on Amazon for £14.99 although when my son's was purchased it was at £12.99. These clocks are also available in a number of different themes including Peppa Pig and Toy Story although he price does seem to be varying dependent upon your chosen theme.


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