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Zingzillas Pop Up Storage Chest

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Brand: Worlds Apart / Type: Pop Up Storage Chest

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2011 21:39
      Very helpful



      I could have Saved some Money on a Cheaper Version!

      Lately I've been at my wits ends with picking up toys every night once my son has gone to bed and just piling them as neatly as I can in the corner of the living room, I felt like the house was permanently untidy with toys lying around everywhere. It is obviously very difficult to keep a house spic and span with a young baby and a mountain of toys, but there are storage facilities that you can buy to at least improve the mess a little bit!

      Pop up storage chests like this one are quite widely available and I've seen them in Ikea, Pound Stretcher, Home Bargains and many other homeware stores. But they are all of quite a plain variety and usually only available in basic colours, so I wanted to buy something a little bit quirkier for my sons toys. My son loves a lot of the TV Programmes that are featured on the children's channel Cbeebies such as In The Night Garden, Waybuloo & Zingzillas etc. so I decided to have a look on Amazon.co.uk for a Pop up storage facility featuring some of his favourite characters.

      There wasn't a huge choice to be honest because most of the Pop up storage chests available were tiny and the Zingzillas one was the biggest I could find. The website showed the same image as above and it looked a very generous size, especially in comparison to the smaller versions that were mostly available. It was £11.99 which wasn't too expensive but is certainly a lot more than I would have paid for a basic version from Ikea. Anyway the Pop up chest arrived in a flat packet and I got quite a fright when I opened it as it popped up quite unexpectedly almost hitting me in the face! haha so do be wary of that when taking these out of their packaging! Luckily it did mean that there was no assembly required for the chest itself and I just tried to iron out the creases in the material with my hands to make it look less crumpled.

      It was then that I noticed that the chest was a lot smaller than I had been expecting it to be. The image on the website is definetely misleading, while it's still big enough to fit a lot of toys etc. it isn't the size I was expecting. The website does state the dimensions as (H) 40 (W) 60 (D) 30cm so I should have worked out for myself the size, but as usual I just went off the image that was displayed. Never mind, that was a fault on my part. Now the lid of the storage chest I wasn't impressed with, it doesn't sit in a "chest" shape at all as pictured and instead it is rather flat. The chest did come with 2 thin white metal rods which I assume are meant to go in the chest lid somewhere to help it take its shape, but I can't find whereabouts they go in and the instructions are rubbish as they are just poor diagrams rather than written instructions.

      So we don't tend to have the lid up and we just keep the chest open instead which is ok because my son can reach inside and get his toys easily. The box features all 4 of the Zingzillas characters which are bright and colourful, but with this product you really are just paying for the fact that it features the Zingzillas!

      The quality of this product does not justify the £11.99 price tag, the majority of similar products cost £5-£6 so if you are just after any standard pop up storage then don't waste your money on purely paying for a picture of a TV character.


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