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Apple iWork '08

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    3 Reviews
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      17.04.2010 15:10
      Very helpful


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      A amazing product A****************

      iWork '08 version

      I have had this software for about two years maybe more and I know there is a new version of this software but this is still really good. I have used windows microsoft office for ages and the I got a iMac and I had no idea what office suite to get. I bought this in 2008 and I have been using it ever since.

      The software package contains pages, ketnote and numbers. They all have similar functions to that of the microsoft office packages. Because I am used to the microsoft software I found this one a bit difficult to use and get used to at first, but it is a good piece of software.

      Keynote is apples version of microsoft powerpoint. You can make presentations with apples pre-designed themes (backgrounds) which there are 35 to chose from. Some of the features are different to office, including powerful graphic tools and built in voice narration recording. can also add text, graphics, images, charts, sound and transitions to your presentations/slides like on office.

      For me keynote is really useful, it makes, making presentations more entertaining and in my opinion it is quite easy to use, although you have to get used to it first. It is also set out really clearly and it has the same apple signature style of functionality, simplicity and elegance. You can also add movies to your slides, make images movie on your slide and you can export your slideshow into another format such as quicktime, so that you can add it to your iPod to watch it wherever and whenever you want!

      This is apples version of microsoft word. You can do the same things with pages as you can with word, you add text, change text, add images, add tables and add charts/graphs. It is also a bit like microsoft publisher in that it also has templates which you can use for things such as letters, newsletters, business cards, flyers, cards and invitations - there are 140 templates to chose from.

      Which are really good for making your personal gifts/items. For example, I made a birthday card for my sister on pages. I added images of my sister and text as well and it cam out really well.

      Although it is quite difficult to get used to after using office for so long, but it is quite simple to use and it also has a clean simple layout. It has the text size, font, colour, bold and alignment at the top of the window, just like microsoft office word. It is a really good programme in my opinion.

      This is apples version of excel. You can do the same things as you can on office excel such as creating spreadsheets, tables of data, charts and graphs. You can also make 2d and 3d graphs like you can on excel. It says on the box for numbers that it has 'more than 150 functions', I just haven't found them all yet.

      And numbers has video tutorials that you can watch and learn from. When you open numbers up you come on to this screen with various templates on the same as pages and keynote. Some of the templates include, event planners, dinner party organizer, an invoice and budget planner. I especially like the travel planner.

      Again like with the other software, pages and keynote, it takes time to get used to unless you have only ever had a apple iMac or apple software. It has the same clear, simple apple design as all apple software. One thing I love so much about numbers is the travel planner, which has various sections for you to fill out for your holidays so you don't forget anything, including a packing list, reservations, emergency contacts and activities.


      *A joy to use
      *More entertaining to use than office software
      *Simple, clear and elegance design which is true of all apple products I have used
      *Good high quality brand
      *Great product - the pack contains the apple software cd, am iWork getting started guide and a installation sheet.
      *So easy to set up
      *New version available
      *I payed about £50 I think for this product which is really good in my opinion as you can spend up to £300 for the microsoft office software
      *Nice colourful apple packaging
      *Easy to install
      *Does take a bit of time to get used to - but the getting started booklet helps so does the apple website and the video tutorials. And apple support.

      Thank you for reading my review


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        22.07.2008 13:31
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        Brilliant value for money and much better than anything else out there!

        Before I begin I have been told by a fellow member that I should always state whether or not I own the product, so to clarify, and to avoid getting scary comments, I do own iWork.

        Having bought a mac, as I assume you must have since you're reading this review, we are faced with a serious question; iWork of Microsoft Office for mac. Having just come from a PC I honestly thought it was a given, go microsoft office. But I then got to the shop, stopped and wondered why this was. Microsoft Office, priced at £349.95, is a good £295 more than it's rival, iWork priced at £55. So I decided to back and use the trial software expecting either iWork to be useless or Microsoft to be fantastic and definitly worth the £295 ... but it just wasn't.

        Lets firstly look in detail at Microsoft Office. It contains word, excel, powerpoint, entourage and messenger. I shall begin by pointing out that messenger is a free download of the apple website, so why have they included it in the £350 bundle? Then we get to entourage, I know some people who do use Office, but they still can't see the point in entourage, it's meant to be used for emails etc but isn't really worth the money.

        As we move on through the bundle, we have the typical word, excel, powerpoint trio which is exactly as it is on PCs so it's great, but there's nothing special about it to make it stand out to be worth £350, it's the exact same software I got free on my old laptop.

        So we must now look to the alternative, iWork. Using this I knew it was by far the better software package. It consists of pages, numbers and keynote and is, as I said earlier, only £55 and even cheaper if you get 4 other friends and purchase the family pack and all chip in.

        Lets first look at pages, this is macs version of word. Lets start with the templates, there are fantastic and there is enough to keep you amused for hours! Then as you start using it you see how easy it is to create fantastic looking pieces of work. My only query was that it used a different format to Microsoft Office, but then when I saw that it really is just two clicks and it's exported as a .doc file or .pdf file I was just amazed that this could possibly put people off and then importing, it does it without you doing anything, this is the same across the package.

        Then numbers, this is the only place where they fall down because it's not quite as easy to use as excel and isn't quite as useful and this is my only query about the package.

        Keynote, this is by far better than what you can ever produce on power point, more professional slide transitions, better usage when showing a presentation with the screen on your mac showing you the current and next slide and how simple it is to use and achieve a professional, good looking presentation.

        I just can't see where Microsoft think they are worth £295 more than iWork and even if Microsoft Office was £55 I would still opt for iWork because it is easier to use and the end result is so much more professional than Microsoft can ever offer you.

        So, save your money and buy 404,110 paper clips with the £295 you just saved. It's a much better use of your money


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          06.07.2008 08:45
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          If you have a mac, this is your only option

          The one piece of software that everyone will need at some point is an office suite. Most people's natural choice is Microsoft Office, but why? When there's so much more choice out there, why does everyone go to Microsoft?
          One option i would like to submit to mac users is iwork08. It's an excellent suite of applications designed to make life easier.
          --Word Processor--
          The word processor (Pages) is the best i have ever used. It's simple yet has all the features you could ever want. Composing documents and formatting them is a breeze and, unlike other applications, it has never crashed. One fantastic feature it has is the ability to go into desktop publishing mode in which you can create flyers, business cards; menus and anything else you can imagine. The only downsides are that it is only available on macs and is not compatible with any other word processor.
          The spreadsheet application (Numbers) is not the best spreadsheet application i have used (that position goes to Excel), however, it is the best on a mac. It provides many features which are found in all other spreadsheet applications and more. For example: on feature that i find useful is the header formulas where rather than entering "=sum(A2)" you can just enter "=sum(column name)" This can greatly simplify and speed up data input. One disadvantage is that it does not integrate with other spreadsheet applications and it is sometimes difficult to find some simple functions.
          The presentation application (Keynote) is one of the best applications in the world. It allows users to create professional presentations quickly and easily. The function are easy to access and use and provide stunning results. Mastering the software is simple and easy, even a baby could use it. The presentations make Powerpoint look prehistoric.

          Overall if you are looking for a cheap and very capable mac office suite i would advise you to get this suite and nothing else. It is quite simply astonishing.


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