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MS Office Professional 2007

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    10 Reviews
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      31.12.2009 02:05


      • Reliability



      When I first used Microsoft Office Professional 2007 I had noticed several changes which were to do with both the user interface and the performance of the programs that are part of the suite.

      The user interface has been improved and modernised on all the programs and look rather similar to what Windows Vista and Windows 7 looks like. It takes a little while getting used to at first but when you've found everything, it's really easy and nice to use. It makes a change from the old 'File, Edit, etc.'

      Performance wise the programs have been renovated and have had the security updated, as well as the addition of different features. The programs now run nicer and faster, which makes it more of a joy to use than it used to be.

      Some of the programs that are part of the suite I had never used before, for example; Microsoft Groove, which is like a workspace where you store information, and you can retain this information on a different PC, as long as the two PC's are part of the same Groove network. It's quite a nice addition, as it's really useful if you don't have any flash media at hand.

      Microsoft have also added some new fonts, which is a bonus as some of them are really nice and make writing on Microsoft Word a joy.

      Overall, I believe this is the best Office to date, and Microsoft are definitely going the right way in business. I would recommend anyone who is still using older versions of Office to upgrade now, as it is well worth the extra money. Good work Microsoft.

      5/5 here.


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      27.11.2009 15:15
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great set of applications but upgrade at your peril.


      The chances are that anyone using a Windows based PC has come across a version of Microsoft Office over the years. I remember installing Office 4.3 back in the 90's from 32 floppy disks. Then came Office 95 which was launched to coincide with Windows 95. This version was fairly buggy in my opinion and was quickly followed by Office 97 which was possibly the most popular version of the office suite to date. Microsoft continued to release a new version every 2 to 3 years with the arrival of Office 2000 and then Office XP in 2002. The next version, Office 2003 was released almost immediately after. This seemed a strange decision as Office XP seemed to behave perfectly well to me. There then followed a four year gap to Office 2007 which is currently the latest version of the suite. This version saw the most radical changes since the transition from Office 4.3 to Office 95. We will go into the details shortly.


      Working for an educational establishment, I was able to pick up an original version of this software for the great price of £15 under our campus agreement. If you are not a student or a member of staff at a college or university, you will be paying around the £100 mark for this software.


      The software comes on two DVD disks, the first one is the Microsoft Office2007 software itself, the other is Office Communicator 2007 which I have not installed and will not be discussed in this review.

      To install the software, insert the main Office disk into your DVD drive and let it start up automatically. At the beginning of the installation, you will need to provide the 25 digit serial number to confirm that you are using a legitimate copy of the software. After you have done this, sit back for around 10 minutes depending on the speed of your machine and let the computer do the rest.

      Once the installation has finished, you will need to activate the software with the Microsoft online servers within the first 60 days of use to complete the registration. Failure to do this will mean that you can now only view documents and will be unable to create new ones.

      ==The Office Suite==

      Microsoft Office 2007 is a collection of programs (this is the correct spelling for a computer program) which serve to aid users in their day to day business operation. Many of these programs will be familiar to frequent computer users but some of the lesser known programs will still be a mystery to a lot of users. I am not intending to write a full review on each program as this review would be unbearably long and boring. It is intended to give an insight into all of the programs that make up the suite.


      Microsoft Word has now been the industry standard word processor for over a decade, since the demise of WordPerfect in the mid 90's Word has been left pretty much unchallenged for this crown.

      If you have used any of the previous versions of Word then you are in for a real surprise with the 2007 offering. This now looks completely different to its predecessors, buttons have now moved from their normal positions in the tool bar and instead are on panels supposedly grouped together with other items of similar functionality. For example, if you want to spell check your document, the ABC icon is no longer visible on the main screen and it is not really obvious where you will find it. After a few seconds of rummaging around the menus, you'll eventually find it under the review heading.

      All these visual changes in my opinion are unnecessary and only serve to confuse the user. As someone who still uses Office 2003 at work, it is a nightmare trying to find something that is easy to do in 2003. In fact, I have been using Word 2007 at home now for 18 months and still cannot get used to it. I can type a standard document but a lot of the more advanced features are beyond me.

      What I do like about Word 2007 is that you can now save your document as a PDF file without the need for a dedicated PDF writer installed on your PC. This is great for emailing documents that you do not want people to have the ability to change.
      It is worth noticing that the standard file extension for Word 2007 is now docx as opposed to doc. This means that any file with a docx extension will not open in a previous version of Word. If you need to do this (and you will if you are circulating a document to multiple recipients) you will need to force Word to save the file as a Word 97-2003 .doc file.


      Excel 2007 is a spreadsheet application which allows the analysis and manipulation of numerical data. As with Word, the interface for Excel has had a drastic rework from the earlier versions. Strangely though, in my opinion, this change has made Excel easier to use as now, things like graphs and pictorial representation of the data has its own enhanced section and some of the things you can now do look just as professional as a proper reports package such as Crystal. There is now more emphasis on third party data with connections to other systems like Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server meaning you can seamlessly interact with data from these heavy duty database applications. If number crunching is your thing then you can't fail to be impressed with Excel 2007, it really is a massive step forward from anything that we have seen before.

      As with Word, Excel now uses a new file format, namely xlsx. To produce spreadsheets in a format readable by Excel 97-2003 you will need to manually select this format when saving the document.


      Now, as someone who has developed software over the years, I've often found myself using Microsoft Access a lot. Access has always been the one Office application that has had problems being backward compatible with previous versions. Whereas Word and Excel would quite happily open in older versions, you have to implicitly tell access which version you want your database to be compatible with. This can lead to all kinds of problems when you want to share the database with other users who all have different versions of Access.

      The Access interface has stayed pretty consistent for the past 15 years but Access 2007 presents the user with perhaps the biggest change in the entire office suite this time around.

      Key operations such as table, query, form, report and module design are no longer the main focus of the interface. In my opinion this is a bizarre decision from Microsoft as without using these operations, there is no database, end of story. In their wisdom, Microsoft has decided to hide this content under the Create menu. When you finally get to this menu, things start to look familiar again and anyone familiar with Access should now be able to start work in earnest.

      The main enhancement in Access 2007 is its close links with Microsoft SQL server. In previous versions, it was possible to make this link via something called an ODBC link. Access 2007 now makes it easier to connect to third party databases.

      There is undoubtedly a steep learning curve to using Access, loosely speaking it's a form of programming at a very high level and this fact puts a lot of people off using it. As Access is very particular about versioning, I have also installed Access 2003 on my PC so that I cover all bases. This is the only Office program where I have had the need to install two different versions.


      PowerPoint is one of my pet hates. I have lost count of the number of times that I have had to sit through slide after slide of constant drivel. In my opinion, PowerPoint is responsible for allowing presenters up and down the country to produce the same unoriginal presentations, if you've sat through one PowerPoint presentation, you've sat through them all!!. PowerPoint 2007 is actually very similar in layout to PowerPoint 2003. The menu items along the top are much more obvious than those in Word and because of this, the navigation is simple. As a limited user of PowerPoint, the only real noticeable difference from earlier versions is the inclusion of SmartArt. SmartArt basically allows you to group images together on a slide. This could actually be accomplished by creating the images individually but SmartArt does seem to do this in a much more efficient way.

      To summarise, PowerPoint 2007 seems to have very few changes in it since PowerPoint 2003. If your main reason for upgrading to this version of Office is for PowerPoint then I would advise you not to bother as you will not be getting anything extra that you cannot already do.


      If you have a business email client on your office PC, the chances are that it will be Outlook (not to be confused with Outlook Express that used to get installed with Internet Explorer prior to Windows Vista). Outlook is an excellent piece of software for organising your appointments and task list as well as being the home for your email. As with PowerPoint, the 2007 version of Outlook offers very little in terms of enhancements from previous versions. I don't really see this as a bad point though as I don't think it actually needs enhancing. I find that Outlook gives me everything I need from an organiser/email client.

      When you create appointments with Outlook, you are able to set reminders that will pop up a set time before the event, you then get the chance to dismiss this reminder so that it will never appear again or you can snooze it for a user defined duration. If you have a busy lifestyle this really is a godsend as it almost seamlessly manages your schedule and warns you if you double book. If you use Outlook in a business environment, you can even share calendars with your colleagues but as this requires Microsoft Exchange Server, it is not really a function the home user can make use of. If you use a web based mail provider such as hotmail or googlemail, you can still make use of Outlook although I would say that web based mail is best left on the web where you can retrieve it from anywhere. Once mail is downloaded into Outlook, then it is only available on that one computer.


      Microsoft Groove 2007 is a new product in the Office suite. It is mainly aimed at business users who share a specific job role. With Groove you can share files, hold discussions and/or meetings in the form of a chat room style scenario. As I only use Office 2007 at home, I have never had any use for this software although, I can see its use and it would be a very valuable tool for our department which is based over several sites.


      Infopath is an electronic form designer. These forms can then be published either in infopath itself or via a web browser. This is a very powerful tool for capturing any data an organisation deems necessary. Data is captured in the industry standard XML format meaning that it can be analysed in almost any data driven application on the market today. Of course, Microsoft really want you to do this analysis in either Excel or Access so there are automatic integration options with these programs. I have dabbled with Infopath for a short time and whilst it is a very good way of capturing data for the everyday user, as an IT professional I prefer to write my own systems for performing this task as it gives me more control and scope to do exactly what I need.


      I have always seen Microsoft Publisher as a nice application for the home user. If you want to make invites for a party, thank you cards for Granny or a calendar filled with your kids photos, you won't find a better application than this. There are however, a million and one other things you can do with publisher if you have the time and patience to sit and play around with it such as actually producing a professional looking flyer or newspaper.

      Publisher 2007 actually feels completely different to the rest of the office suite. Just as you have got used to the new menu structure and the zones, Publisher goes back to the traditional menu approach which leaves you asking the question 'What exactly has changed from the previous version'. This is a very valid question as I am still struggling to spot any differences. Even the file extensions still appear to be compatible with previous versions, again leaving me to question whether this is actually Publisher 2003, just with a new name. Saying that however, this is still a fun package to use and one that I always have a mess around with at Christmas time for example, just to see if I can come up with the perfect Christmas card although I always fail miserably due to my lack of creativity rather than any problem with the software.


      Obviously at over £100 not everyone is going to want to pay for Microsoft Office, so what are the alternatives? Well you will be pleased to know that there is a very good competitor on the market called Open Office by Sun Microsystems (http://www.openoffice.org/). Open Office is a free alternative and contains most of the applications that Microsoft Office does (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database, Presentations and Graphics), it is also Microsoft Office compatible which means that if someone sends you a document created in Microsoft Office, then it will open perfectly in Open Office. With over 100,000,000 downloads worldwide, Open Office is probably more popular than the Microsoft version and with the current cutbacks that companies are making, a lot of them are now turning to Open Office as there corporate software suite.


      There is no denying the quality of Microsoft Office 2007 but is it worth buying. The simple answer is yes, the more in-depth answer will depend on your own personal taste and requirements. Office 2007 represents a massive change from anything that you have seen before in the Office family and this change may not be everyone's cup of tea. Some users will like it due to its intuitive grouping of functions whereas others will hate it as things have moved off the main toolbar and they are not always easy to find. The new document extensions will also catch a lot of people out. I have received so many emails with docx files attached but because we do not use Word 2007 at work I cannot open them. In my opinion, Microsoft have tried to be too clever with this change and it is going to annoy a lot of people now they have to keep remembering to change file formats.

      There is a lot of software in this version that I will hardly use, if at all. For the home user, Microsoft Office 2007 Standard Edition will be a better choice, this contains all of the core applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) but doesn't include the more specialised ones. Obviously, if you can get this software as part of a student or faculty agreement like I did then it becomes an absolute bargain.


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        27.05.2009 13:15



        A true upgrade from 2003

        Microsoft Office is the latest upgrade of Microsoft's hugely popular Office Suite. It contains Word 2007, Excel 2007, Powerpoint 2007 and Access 2007 programs. Microsoft has really delivered in the upgrade of Office from 2003 to 2007. The whole office suite now has a clean, contemporary feel to it and the programs within the suite have really progressed. One of the major changes has been the interface, which at first may seem rather confusing and difficult to use. However, persevere for a few minutes and you will quickly find that all the features have been placed in intuitive little sections which can be accessed much quicker than you would normally by having to trawl through endless menu items. Microsoft also look like they have overcome so of the annoying bugs that were associated with 2003. For example the drawing tools in Word are very easy to use and actually do as you ask!


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        19.05.2009 01:34


        • Reliability


        A great new version of Office for Windows

        WOW what a product. I have been using Office 2007 since March 2008 and at first I disliked the ribbon. The new package completely threw me out of my comfort zone. I was used to navigating the menus in Microsoft Office 2003 and did not much like having to re-learn over 5 years of using Office products.
        After a month though, once I explored the possibilities, I loved the interface. The new ribbon makes things alot easier to find and the big pictures say it all.
        The most used of all of the programs is Word and Microsoft really have come up trumps in terms of designing a word processing package that not only word processes by desktop publishes as well. The mass of aesthetic features to improve your documents making it look professional but not taking you ages to do. You can add headings, funky title pages and more plus the themes create specific colour and fonts together to create a project for school or a report for work in the same format everywhere.
        The second most used is Outlook, I've always wanted Outlook to organise my emails and now I've got it I kind of take it for granted. Unlike Word, Outlook has the same interface as that of previous versions. The Outlook connector add-in allowing connection to Windows Live provides the ideal way of keeping up with my personal emails plus if I want to receive emails from work (as if I'd want to) I can utilising Microsoft Exchange. Outlook also effortlessly organises your contacts, meetings and appointments which can be synced to your phone or mobile device.
        I can't tell you about every product featured in this suit as it would take forever and I do not use them as often.

        Overall the most popular Office package got a whole new facelift and if you want to maximise your business potential or get that school project looking top notch Office 2007 is for you.


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        19.01.2009 21:48
        Very helpful
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        • Reliability


        ver good overall

        Many companies have launched their Application softwares which are used to help in various applications in offices as well as organizations.These applications help in making the work easier and completing tasks easier and faster.One of the most used and successful application software is Microsoft Office developed my Microsoft Co.This is an application software which is widely used in offices and other places.

        Microsoft has launched many versions of this application software till date with Windows office 2003 being the most successful one and the most used one till date.

        The newest one on the block is the Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate.It has many features which were not available in the previous versions.With user interface being the USP of the product as it provides a better user interface than the previous versions.

        Some of the features that are new in this version are -

        Office Button - A round in shape office button has been provided which has eased of the usage time as not there is no need to use a toolbar and find options to open,new and print.It has provided us with a
        rather easier and a better looking button than the previous one.

        Ribbon - Ribbon is nothing what is conveyed from the word " Ribbon".Ribbon here is the bas that opens below the button when you click on button like home,design etc.Here you get all the options related to the choice.

        Live Preview - I think this is one is the best feature provided in windows vista.This helps you to see the preview of the option using without even clicking on the option.This helps while changing fonts,colors etc.You can see the change on the text without even clicking on the option.

        Quick Access Toolbar - A mini toolbar with option like save,open,new has also been provided to users who are accustomed to the previous versions

        Mini Toolbar - This toolbar gets displayed automatically when you put the cursor on the text.Firstly its a little bit transparent but becomes visible after you put the cursor there for some seconds.

        This version also has the features that were there in the previous version like-

        Microsoft Office Word - It is the word processing application which help you in editing and formatting of texts.

        Microsoft Office Outlook - this features helps in forming mails and other documents which are required to be sent via net.

        Microsoft Office Excel - this helps in forming spread sheets and other tables which are required in offices and organizations.

        Microsoft Office Power Point - this is one of the most important applications of the Microsoft Office as it helps in forming presentations which are required in every field while giving some lecture to students,during counseling or while promoting your product in front of as audience.

        Microsoft Office Access - this helps you to form records in tabular form through which you can maintain large chunks of data.This is mainly used in Schools,libraries,organizations to maintain records of employees,students etc

        Some other applications are

        Microsoft Office One Note
        Microsoft Office Publisher
        Microsoft Office Info Path
        Microsoft Office Visio
        Microsoft Office Project
        Microsoft Office Share Point Designer

        ==My own experience -==

        I am a student so using Microsoft Office is a common thing to me.I have to is to form projects,presentations and spread sheets.It compulsory for us to understand the minutest of things available in this.Before its launch I was using Microsoft Office 2003 and was accustomed to all its options and usage requirements.I used to use the software very easily but then one day I Heard about Microsoft Office 2007 being launched.Then I had it installed on my laptop.Initially I had a little problem finding options.It took me helluva time to find the option required by me.It took me time because Microsoft Office 2007 is a drastically changed than the previous product.Due to those drastic changes it was little difficult for me to find the option.

        SO I just decided to give extra time to understand its features.That thing paid off and now I can easily use it.The best features I liked about it are -
        Office Button
        Mini Toolbar
        Live Preview.

        The live preview option is the best thing that has ever happened to any Application software according to me.

        So I will just advice you to have it installed on your laptop and I guarantee that you will have awesome time working with it.


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          24.12.2008 13:08
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Really useful for everyone!

          '''Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate'''

          Microsoft Office Word:

          When I got Microsoft Office 2007, firstly I opened Microsoft Word, and checked out changes. Biggest change was surely design. Toolbar is totally changed. Maybe toolbar outlook is better than older versions have, but if you are accustomized with older version, then using this version might be really hard work. Every toolbar is actually sorted and if you click on that, then instead of some stripe, what runs down, arise wide board and on that you can see all options what you can use.

          Anyway, design and toolbar formatting is essential change, and I haven't find any other changes. It's very useful to write your essays and story's in Microsoft Word, because there is also Spell Checker, and there are a lot of languages to choose from. Also you can translate your article to other language. Changing page layout and paragraph settings is really easy. Also there are some Add-Ins; Open In Contribute, Publish to Website and Post To Blog. I have used Post To Blog once, and It's really easy to use it. If you write article for your webpage, you can also check out as it would look as a Webpage. In summary, Microsoft Word 2007 is really useful, and Microsoft have done many changes.

          Microsoft Powerpoint:

          Microsoft Powerpoint is biggest dissapointment for me. Outlook is absolutly same as Microsoft Office as, but using Microsoft Powerpoint is really inconvenient, and creates a lot of difficultys. But also there are many advantages; there are many new layouts, what you can use, while you design your slideshow. As Microsoft Office, also Powerpoint has Spell Checker. Almost everything is really nice, but I don't understand why It's so hard to find various options, I really don't like it.

          Last year, in school, I had to complete my Powerpoint Slideshow. It was really easy to do it in the school, but at home it was really hard, and I just didn't find options, what I needed to use. It took almost 5 hours, before I completed that. Fortunately, I completed it, but after in the school came up new problem. In my school, there was Powerpoint 2003, and It didn't read my layout, so my powerpoint was without layout, It has single white backround.

          Microsoft Outlook:

          Microsoft Outlook is really important and useful in my opinion. Also Microsoft Outlook have changed, but It's not so hard as Microsoft Powerpoint has. So It's much easier to check out your E-Mails, so you don't have to go to internet all the time. You just have to open Micrsoft Outlook and you see all your E-Mails what you have got. Also It has calender, where you can mark all events, what you need to mark. Also if you have marked some event, then always Microsoft Outlook remind you if It's not done yet.

          Also It's much more secure, than example Hotmail or yahoo e-mail. It defends you for junk e-mails and you don't have to spend so much time to delete these mails. In my opinion, Microsoft Outlook is really useful to everyone.


          Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate is really useful to everyone, there are many different and useful files, like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Outlook. Also there are other files Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Publisher, but I haven't use them yet. If we compare Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate with Microsoft Office 2003, then biggest change is outlook and design. Also there are many advantages, but biggest disadvantage is finding different options in my opinion. In conclusion, Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate is really useful, and everyone should buy it, regardless of high price.


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            30.09.2008 12:45
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Its ok

            After recently adding Ms Office Proffesional 2007 to my computer, as with all upgrades i am not sure, what the point way!

            Yer its got some little extra, but noting what is worth over £300. I have to confess i do only use Outlook Express, Microsoft work and excel- and rarely publisher.

            I personally noe find some things more tricky to so as the menus are not as they were previosuly./

            Such as the File button no long exists and is replaced by a round MS Logo, which infact is exactly as the File button was.

            Asl there are some new bits on the tool bar in the Word programme.

            Outlook Express, seems much the same as before- i dont think i have found any extra things at the moment.

            Overal i think i would havesaved the extra cash and stuck with the previous MS office.

            But i guess if you want all the extras- this is a good programme


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            28.09.2008 00:45
            Very helpful
            1 Comment


            • Reliability


            Shame they have re-invented the wheel as it's time consuming to learn a new package, but well worth

            Office 2007 is a great package for all your word processing, spreadsheets, databases etc, but does cost a fair amount to purchase.

            Lucky I brought this through an education provider at a discounted rate or it would have set me back a small fortune. I have been using this for all my study as I don't have the 2003 due to the disc breaking, therefore I have had to learn how to use the package but Google is your friend and very useful for finding the different functions within the package.

            I'm still trying to make the transition from Office 2003 though as 2007 is slightly complicated to understand as they have not kept to the standard menus and now you have all sorts of things all over the place and much emphasis is placed on the ribbon up the top which is an array of tabs an options in place of the standard menus in Office 2003, so if you don't have the time to learn this just yet then I wouldn't recommend upgrading as you could get pretty confused.

            Just simple things like finding options are very difficult which really annoys me in all honesty. But overall the package is very clean and sleek and works like a charm, plus there is less bugs than there was in Office 2003.


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              19.06.2008 11:45
              Very helpful



              Just don't do it...save your money

              Microsoft Office Pro 2007 features Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint and Publisher. If like me you are a student get this software on an academic license and you can save hundreds of pounds. Otherwise this will set you back approximately £300.
              My reason for buying Microsoft Office was simple its industry standard, and has been for a long time, and I really don't think that will ever change. This software has all the same features of Office 2003, so it is probably simply not worth taking the plunge with this unless you are buying a new computer. But, there are things about this piece of software that hugely annoy me....
              Firstly as a default it save files in a special Office 2007 format, and therefore this means when sending files to other people they need to have Office 2007 to actually be able to open it. This is hugely surprising, and considering my coursework submissions are electronic a huge problem if your assessor doesn't have Office 2007.
              Secondly, Microsoft seem to think a toolbar is simply too difficult for people to use, so instead have introduced this huge version of a toolbar which places tools in ridiculous places meaning the software is basically unusable until you learn where everything is! I have spent half an hour before looking just to put something into subscript.
              All in all, it's not an improvement, in fact I'd say it is worse than Office 2003 because of the issues! And considering OpenOffice is free, and this is £300, given the decision I know which I'd buy.... stay well clear.


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                17.02.2008 19:40
                Very helpful
                1 Comment


                • Reliability


                a very good improvement of previous versions, but very expensive

                Overall, Microsoft Office 07 pro is a very good package, supplying a significant number of updates since the old Office 03. Firstly there is the new ribbon style, and Microsoft globe in the corner, in replacement of the original file menu system. From this you are provided with the same tools as before, except in a much more manageable way... On first using office 07, I constantly found myself to be looking for what I wanted to do (such as change inserting a table for example), but then over time you start to get used to the new working, realising that everything is where you would expect, and so making everything much easier to work with, whilst also giving your screen much more 'eye candy'. The only problem the ribbon provides is the amount of screen space it uses, although this has never really been a problem since I have quite a high resolution screen.

                The windows globe in the corner also provides access to the save, save as, new, open, print ... Basically all the options from the old file menu. One problem I have read about Office 07 is its incompatibility with previous versions of office, due to the new file extension used for saving files (such as .docx in word). However, all my old Office 03 files open perfectly fine in Office 07, and also when saving files, you have the option to save the file as the old Office 03 file extension anyway, and so has never been a problem; Even if, by mistake, you save the file as the new extension, there are tools to convert it into the old format.

                I have found the biggest change in Office 07 been made to Access, which uses a very different UI (user-interface) to previous versions. I haven't, however, tried to use Access yet, as I use alternate Database solution software.

                I own Microsoft Office Pro 2007 which includes the following:
                Access 07
                Accounting Express 07
                Excel 07
                Outlook Express 07
                PowerPoint 07
                Publisher 07
                Word 07

                This version costs around £400 from various retailers such as Amazon, PC World, Play...

                Other versions include Office Standard, Home and Student, Mobile, Small Business, Pro Plus, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Each different version contains different utilities, and range in prices. To view what each version includes go to the following website:

                office.microsoft.com /en-us/products/FX100 487411033.aspx?pid=CL10 0571081033

                Overall I would definitely recommend Office 07 to any type of computer user, although obviously only if you have the money to spare. Previous versions of Office work as effectively, but without the eye candy and the extra tools which make creating your spreadsheets and documents much more quickly.


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              • Product Details

                Office Professional 2007 is a complete, easy-to-use suite of productivity and information management software to help business professionals save time and stay organized. Powerful features centralize customer, sales and project information in one place so users can respond more quickly to opportunities. Enhanced tools help create professional-quality business and marketing publications, documents and presentations in-house.

                Technical Data

                Product Description: Microsoft Office Professional 2007 - complete package
                Category: Office applications
                Subcategory: Office applications - office suite
                Licence Type: Complete package
                Licence Qty: 1 PC
                Licence Pricing: Standard
                Licensing Details: Not to US
                Language(s): English International
                Platform: Windows
                Distribution Media: CD-ROM
                Package Type: Retail
                OS Required: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later