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MS Office Professional 2010

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    2 Reviews
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      02.07.2013 22:49
      Very helpful
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      Without Bill Gates there may not have been a world wide web, or, at least, not as big as the one we have. He understood he had to give away his best technology free to get people interested in such a head scratcher and so reap the benefits later through licenses agreements. He also understood the democratic digital nature of the internet would see people quickly workout you didn't have to pay for much as it was so easy to swap files and software for free. He wisely called it 'democratic file sharing' as he knew his altruistic image would eventually make him the world's richest man as he earned their trust.

      His real earn is software, every office in Britain having Microsoft Office at some point, his complex license arrangements with all the worlds jurisdictions meaning he would make billions from his office software alone. Right now I have Microsoft Office 2010, which consists of Microsoft Word, Outlook, Access, One Note, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint. The Microsoft Office Tools package included in the two discs set adds extra stuff like imaging, photography and scanning software etc to integrate what you have. This version has two Microsoft Office discs for two separate downloads with a separate 25 digit product key for each. If you want to pass it around with your mates you can always scalp a fee 25 digit code off the internet so they can have the same software, as most of you do. Best not to pass it around too much though as Microsoft marries the code with IP numbers and can shut down software when you are deemed a pirate. I have suffered this with an unlicensed copy of Windows XP and they slowly shut down applications on it until you get the black screen, a bit like the universe slowly becoming extinct and collapsing in on itself.

      You all know Microsoft Word, the ubiquitous word processor we have all grown up with, the one that irritatingly corrects your spelling with American substitutes. But it's good kit and if you know how to use it you can set it on Auto Correct and get lazy and type gibberish with your eyes shut and it will all be wonderful correct as those red and green wavy lines disappear and it all sorts itself out on its own. Users notoriously underuse word processors and don't exploit their full potential. Just right click your mouse with the pointer over the command bar and all its extras will be revealed. They have a lot of power. Paintbox is good on this one and you can do some photo cropping too.

      Excel is for your spreadsheets and accounts, a far trickier affair and so rarely used in the home. Access covers databases and stock control, again something you need to learn how to use and, perhaps, the trickiest of the lot. Basic spreadsheets are easy to learn if you read the manual but not the sort of ting your mum will want to get involved in if she is one of those mums who can't program the DVD player or get the screw top off the pickles.

      PowerPoint is all graphs and bar charts and stuff to do presentations and reports for work or clubs and organizations you may be involved in with, easy software you can fiddle around with to learn pretty quickly on your own. As I tell my mum. You can start again if you get things wrong on the computer. No one is going to tell you off.

      Outlook, of course, is your email editor and a bit redundant these days as online email like Hotmail and Yahoo can do most of those jobs now with the help of the cloud, the thing they keep rattling on about but no one really cares for. Outlook is still used in the work place for in-house security and continuity reasons. It remains very familiar to the Pas and secretaries of the world. One Note is fairly new to Office packages and used like a note pad to share information in the office or the home. You could say it's a community notice board and you can add photos and videos and stuff on top of that to anyone in your network that needs to see them. It doesn't replace the old notebook application as that is, and never has been, a notebook, mostly used by the I.T guy to fix Windows issues. It's a useful bit of maintenance kit if the truth be told that goes back to the days of DOS where you can still generate critical exe.files and stuff that windows software and operating systems are made up to rescue your computer if your computer can't find the certain boot or operating files. I remember having Windows 98 and Office Professional 97 and they wouldn't run together, an intense Google search of various chartrooms and websites for help eventually revealing that I had to generate a share.exe file in notepad, which I did indeed manage and dropped it into the correct WIN98 yellow file as instructed and it worked.

      I wouldn't say there are many noticeable improvements on Office 2010 from previous version as they release a new one every year like a Premier league team does a football shirt. If you do need upgrades just go to the Windows Update website and get them there. It's as good as ever and I have never looked anywhere else. My only one gripe would be better access to the internet from Word so you can integrate more with the WWW.

      I think you can pick this up for around a £100 on EBay or Amazon but silly money on some of the retail sites. If you are going to buy Office now you would buy 2013. I, of course, will just pass the discs around and not worry about it, my version costing just £40 from a car boot sale last year, upgrading from Office 2003. It's a quick and easy download although make sure you have your product key ready!


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        22.06.2012 22:26
        Very helpful



        Definitely recommended for purchasing to help you with office tasks and many other things too!

        Introducing Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus!

        This most recent version of Microsoft Office that was released for Windows is Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus, the perfect office suite software for many different uses including home and office work. This time, Microsoft have finally decided to give the whole layout a change and to include more interesting and useful features to help us with our day-to-day office tasks like writing letters or designing presentations! This incredible new version of MS Office is also easy to navigate around because they have scrapped the old drop down menu and they have designed a quick access toolbar which has tabs instead of drop down boxes!

        What does this version of Office include?

        Due to software design becoming more complex and advanced, Microsoft has been able to include more easy use software in this version.

        This version includes:
        Microsoft Word,
        Microsoft PowerPoint,
        Microsoft Publisher,
        Microsoft Access,
        Microsoft Excel,
        Microsoft InfoPath,
        Microsoft OneNote,
        Microsoft Outlook,
        Microsoft Lync,
        Microsoft SharePoint

        Why should I choose this version of MS Office?

        This version Office as mentioned previously has many different features included in it to improve the user's experience.

        Reasons to why you should:
        *Helps make your work stand out more than before,
        *Instantly share your work,
        *Respond quicker when your away from the office with Microsoft's new web apps,
        *MS Office 2010 Professional Plus is compatible with PC's, Smartphones and Web Browsers,
        *Plus much more!

        MS Office 2010 Professional Plus is definitely a reliable Office suite and helps you get your work completed much more efficiently and faster!

        Negative Side!

        The only problem with this version of Microsoft Office is that it can become very slow at times due to it being a bigger size than the older versions!

        To get this software cheaper search for 'Software 4 Students' on the internet. This company only lets you purchase this software cheaply if you are eligible. To be eligible, you must be a parent/guardian, teacher or student in full time education!


        I conclude that this incredible version of Microsoft Office is perfect for home and office use. It has many different and useful features for designing publications, presentations, letters, webpages and lots more! This product is definitely worth purchasing.


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