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      26.08.2007 16:44
      Very helpful



      One Disk Full Of Many Features!

      Microsoft works 7 is a programme which came with my Toshiba laptop and i'm pretty sure it does come with other laptops or PCs aswell. It basically comes as a disk and you have to install it your self.
      There are two options either complete installation or basic installation. Complete installation, installs everything on the disk onto the Laptop and it takes quite a while to install everything including clip art and other templates.
      Basic installation only installs needed tools from the disk which enables Microsoft works to work. However, the advantage of Basic installation is that it’s fast to install and does not use a lot of disk space for laptops like EI system 3001 or EI sytem 3089 which has limited memory. If you install the whole software you are risking your laptop to run slowly as you might have to install other soft wares in the feature which needs bigger space.
      Microsoft works 8 and 7 are the same to be honest, the only difference is the name of course though Microsoft works 8 has a few added templates which you might not even use anyways.

      --Getting started
      This is definitely the place to go if you want to learn how to use the templates and other Microsoft works features step by step. It will show you picture demonstrations on how to use some of the features.
      It teaches you how to copy, paste, cut and undo.

      --Microsoft Calendar
      If you are the sort of person who is into writing diaries or always attending appointments then this feature is for you. Microsoft works calendar has dates of every months and on each day there is hours provided in-case you have hourly appointments or things to do that day you need reminding on.
      To create a new appointment you just go on the file menu and scroll down to click new appointment, and off you go. You just type what you want and select the start time and the end time and click on save. If you want the appointment to repeat, you just click the box that says “make this appointment repeat” and you are done.
      You can also print your calendar, change the orientation of a monthly calendar, set and change reminders, set up snychorization for a PDA, change calendar views, delete a calendar etc.

      --Microsoft Works Data Base
      This is for those people who have a lot of data to store. With Microsoft database it helps you to store and organize all your data. When you start Microsoft database it will give you an option of blank database, template or open existing database. Blank database will be the idle option for those who are new to database, as it will let you start from scratch.
      If you are an IT advanced person or a mathematician you can use database to calculate via its formulas.
      When you are typing and you see these signs (# # # #) it means that your words or characters you have entered in a cell are too much for that cell. Therefore it can't view them all, but you can however make the cell wider by dragging it apart.
      Other things you can do with Microsoft works database is, add colour and shading to your fields, create reports, create graphs, spell check, put a border around objects etc.

      --Microsoft works Portfolio
      This is a feature that lets you edit your pictures and store music, pictures and other media that you have in your computer or from various devices (even the internet).When you store your items you can also add comments to them once you have the comment, the next time you open your picture etc. and you move the curse on top of the picture it will show you the comment you typed or part of the comment if the comment was too long etc.
      When you minimize Microsoft works portfolio it will automatically turn into a little grey cube which will be on top of your desktop, you can just click it again for it to maximise.
      When you want to add more items to your ready made collection the easiest thing to do is to copy and paste the item or just drag it into the collection.
      Other things you can do with Microsoft works portfolio is to print your collections, delete a collection, rearrange your collections and move them around into different folders etc.

      --Microsoft Works Spreadsheet
      I don't know what Microsoft was thinking when they made this feature because it does the same thing as the Microsoft Database which is rather weird. Therefore, if you want to know more about this function just read Microsoft Database which i have written above ;). Maybe the difference between the two is spread sheet has ready made cells unlike Database were you have to add the exact amount of cells that you want at the beginning of every document.

      --Microsoft Works Task Launcher
      This is a place to go if you want to launch some of the features on Microsoft works 7 (word processor, database, works portfolio, view power points etc.). It also lets you see the history of all the things you have done using Microsoft works 7 and it lets you launch the documents you have worked on before. If the file you worked on before is not listed in the history file just click “find files” and enter the document's name and off you go!. You can also chose to arrange history list by names, date of last saved or by file size.
      Task launcher is helpful because you can use some ready made professional templates e.g. certificates, invitation cards, birthdays cards, sports team organisers etc. You can also create a to-do list which helps you to go through all the steps you plan to do with Microsoft works.

      --Microsoft Works Word Processor
      This is probably the main feature out of all the features that comes with Microsoft works 7. This is for those people who have essays, letters and flyers to type.
      You can zoom in and out of the document to see how it looks like from far or near. To access this you can go on the “view” menu and click zoom.
      Microsoft works word has some short cuts which you can use if you don't want to waste time. The most popular short cuts are:
      Cut Text - Press CTRL and X
      Copy Text - Press CTRL and C
      Paste Text - Press CTRL and V
      Select an entire document (highlight) - Press CTRL and A
      Undo and action – press CTRL and Z
      Single space text - Press CTRL and 1
      1.5 space - Press CTRL 5
      Double space text – Press CTRL and 2
      Triple space text - Press CTRL and 3
      To make text bold - Press CTRL and B
      To make the text italic – Press CTRL and I
      To underline text – Press CTRL and U

      In word processor if you want to open a new document you just go on file and click open, and it will show you all your saved word processor documents. You can also start new document by going on file and click new document and a new window will open with a blank document.
      There are a lot of things you can do with Microsoft works word processor e.g. Adding numbers, time and date to your document, add footnotes and endnotes, move and copy text, format a document, undo changes to your text, auto correct selected words, check spelling and grammar,
      use thesaurus, create columns and graphs, mail merge, use hyper links, add pictures and different backgrounds to your document, change text and text colour etc.
      There is just a lot you can do really and some of the features are unbelievable. The more you fiddle around with this feature the more you will learn.

      --Windows Address Book
      This function does exactly what it says. It's basically an address book which lets you have people's names, e-mail address, business phone, and home phone.
      When you have their info you have the options of internet calling them and sending them e-mails.
      The contact details will also be used by out look express.
      You can use the directory to find people but you will have to download a directory from the internet first.
      Other things you can do with this function is organizing your contacts, print address book information, find people and business on the internet, create a business card, set up a conference call from the address book etc.

      I would recommend this to people, because it's a simple package which brings a lot to your computer or laptop and it definitely does what its name says “Microsoft works” definitely works.. If it didn't come with your laptop or PC you can still buy it from the internet or P.C shops and it will not cost you more than £30.00.

      For more questions just check:
      On the web page you can also register your product, sign up for a regular newsletter which also provides you with some new tips,


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