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Address: Westfield Centre, Derby / Tel: 01332 293887

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2012 23:18
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      A shop selling a nice variety of smelly things

      AROMA - Westfield Centre Derby

      This is one of my favourite shops in Derby Westfield centre and I spend many a happy time browsing at the temptations they offer within the quite small shop. The entire shop front is window with a glass door as well so although the shop is quite tiny it is nice and light and the smell is almost as good as in Lush at the other end of the centre. This shop is down at the end near Marks and Spencers and Debenhams if you are looking for it.

      The shop claims to be "The first of its kind in the UK, Aroma is a store dedicated to home fragrancing and handmade, natural cosmetics."

      Now I am not certain about their claim as I am sure while I was in Glastonbury I went into different shops selling natural smelly things but anyway that is what they say on their website.

      This shop always sells the entire range of Bomb Cosmetics bombs, soaps, and their tubs of body scrubs, face scrubs, shower jellies and so on. This display is on the left as you enter the shop and I am always tempted by the very pretty little bath melts and ballistics. The bath melts are actually rather more tempting as they are made into small balls or made into little iced cakes. They make lovely gifts and you can but 3 for £6 which is not a bad price for a small gift.

      Bomb Cosmetics as a company is a bit like Lush in that they believe in using essential oils, and create handmade products that are never tested on animals. Their range also includes bath creamers, shower butters, fragranced candles, soaps and gift packs.

      The soaps are mainly the clear glycerin ones with different shapes and colours. They look lovely and again make very pretty gifts and they smell lovely. My next gift to myself is going to be to try some of their pots of bath stuff. These are very oddly in sort of cardboard tubs which is a strange material to put bathroom products in. They are made to look a bit like posh ice cream pots, Hagen das and the like.

      In the window in front of this section at the moment is a metal tree with large glass globes hanging from it. They are called 'friendship globes' made of coloured glass. Apparently glass makers would make these from the scrap ends at the end of the day as they hadn't got much money these would be given as gifts to friends and family. They are about £10 each but really very beautiful and something quite different as a gift idea. They are rather too large for most people's Christmas trees but they are a bit like giant Christmas baubles. Some of them had open holes on one side and they were deigned to put a night light candle in. I am tempted as I do think they are beautiful.

      Also on a display in the window is a new idea similar to a plug in of an oil diffuser only these fit in a car cigarette lighter. There are four different scents, one to keep you alert when driving. One to get rid of cigarette smells, another for travel sickness and another just as a happy scent to put you in a holiday mood. The only problem I can see might be if you need to have your Satnav plugged in then you would need a double adapter or two lighter outlets in your car. I am tempted to buy one for my step daughter as one of the grandsons suffers from travel sickness and anything is worth a try! These are called Easy Scent and something I have never seen before last week.

      Lampe Berger also make an original fragrance lamp which has a unique "catalytic diffusion system that purifies the air in your home while diffusing delicate interior fragrances." They are quite attractive bottles and packaged to look as expensive as they are. I don't think I'll be buying of them as they are rather too expensive to buy myself. The oils are about £15 here and the diffuser lamp bottles with oil even more, something like £35.


      Yes indeed a huge range of Yankee candles are sold here but they are expensive, the tarts are £1.25 each and the rest go up accordingly. I very rarely buy my Yankee candles from here unless they are on sale which they are sometimes. I do like to go in and smell those they have on display and then I know which I like and buy them elsewhere where they are cheaper.

      At the present time they have two large jars of Christmas scents for £20 which is good value, or three medium Christmas jars for the same money. I think they may be last years scents but as they are all sealed they will be fine. They are just a bit more than I want to spend at the moment on myself. I might suggest them as birthday gifts for me in November.

      The big Halloween display has some great new scents but only in candles , the smallest being the medium jar so again I might have bought a few tarts but not the larger candles despite the fact they smelled good.

      The ladies who work in the shop are all very pleasant and willing to let you have a sniff of the different products. I now have an Aroma loyalty card. Every time I spend over £10 I get a stamp on the card. Once I gave ten stamps I have £10 to spend in store as a reward. It I really 10% off but the annoying thing is that you have to spend £10 to get the stamp. So far I have one stamp so I have a way to go to get my reward.

      If you are in Derby and in the Westfield centre then pop in and have a look at this lovely little shop it smells wonderful.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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    • Product Details

      The first of it’s kind in the UK, Aroma is a store dedicated to home fragrancing and handmade, natural cosmetics. Lovely smellies shop in the Westfield centre in derby.

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