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    187 Reviews
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      26.07.2014 00:26
      Very helpful



      Why shopping at boots is a great experience xx

      I love going into the boots shops as looking around is such a pleasurable experience. There are many different stands for all of the different brands that are available there such as revlon. There are lots of different brands available for makeup such as natural collection, rimmel , revlon, 17 , maxfactor , maybeline and so on. All of the makeup products have testers so you get the chance to try the product before you buy it . This comes in very handy when buying foundation. They also have high end makeup brands available instore and online such as benefit and dior etc.

      They don't only sell makeup, they have lots of others for example perfumes. They have a wide display of the fragrances where you can see the bottles and once again try the testers.

      Boots also sell fake tans , food , hair care , nail polish , baby stuff etc.

      The other great thing about boots is their advantage card, you get 4 pence for every £1 you spend which is great as the points do buildup . You also get coupons like £4 worth of points when you buy two rimmel products etc.

      Overall I would defo recommend going in boots for all your beauty needs. The main reasons for going are the range of products, range of brands and the price range. Therefore I would rate boots a 5 out of 5 .

      Hope you like this review and take all of my points for shopping at boots into consideration xxx

      Imogen bailey


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      20.02.2014 19:21



      nice easy website

      I like the boots website but the only thing that puts me off is having to spend a certain amount before you get free delivery or to pick up in store? I've used boots for years and prefer going in the shop but when the recent 75% off sale was totally wiped out in store within minutes I checked every day for it to be updated online and if you're not fast your last! Boots are so useful they literally have everything you need and often have great deals. The transaction on the website however was easy and because I planned to get allot of sale stuff I qualified for the free in store pickup which is local to me. When viewing a product you don't even have to open it and you can instantly pop it into your basket. The checkout process was easy and not stressful and was done within minutes.


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      24.06.2013 07:24
      Very helpful



      One of my favourite stores!

      I am forever shopping in boots and dozens of different stores. Here are my thoughts.

      This shop sells almost everything beauty related, there are hundreds of different hair products, accessories and tools. Makeup wise they sell a number of brand including a couple specific to them - number 7 and 17 (the former being a little more expensive than the latter. They also have a pharmacy, sell tonnes of baby products, photos and food. Some of the larger stores even have a small waitrose inside. The large ones on cities especially Manchester are really amazing.

      The stores are always clean, modern and always well staffed. The sections are well defined and you know what part of the store to use for which product type. Some of the larger stores have makeup counters for the more expensive products, such as benefit.

      The website is very good there is a lot of stuff available in particular every soap and glory item imaginable, there are also a number of gift sets here. If you spent over £30 delivery in generally free and takes up to four business days, you can also collect instore.

      They always have a 3 for 2 on gifts at Christmas and this often includes items from more expensive brands, ths is a gat way to stock up on beauty products for the year and perfect for works gifts etc.
      They quite often have a buy one get the second half price here as well and this is my favourite and is part of the reason I own so many items!

      As there is such a range here I can't really comment on the prices but what I will say is that they are very similar to Superdrug and other drugstores. They also have one of the best rewards schemes in the UK (which I will review separately ) and sometimes there can be so many points up for grabs its as if you are getting a good percentage off.

      As suggests in the title I love this chain and would recommend it to anyone. There is a lot of things to choose from, a great reward scheme and also a store is almost every town,I can't wait until my next visit.


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      11.04.2013 14:17



      First told I was standing too far to the right of the till to be served.then had the £10 note snatched from my hand, the receipt was then dumpedback into my hand with the change plonked on top all in total silence (despite myattempts to lead the way with politeness) then left to pack my goods while she moved on to the next victim. I guess its lucky I can see the funny side of life.


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      05.02.2013 02:03
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Handy store which seems to be in majority of towns now stocking many household necessities.

      I'll start with some background information that I found on Boots website and found it really interesting. Boots first appeared in the 19th century and was founded by a man called John (can you guess?) Boot. John Boot used to sell his herbal remedies in his little store and even though he died in 1860 his wife and son continued the business and expanded it selling more and more items. By 1914 they had over 550 stores across Britain. The company was sold to Americans in 1920 when Johns son retired, then back to some British investors in 1933 which was led by John Boots grandson whom was also called John. I'll bet John Boot senior would be so proud of how the company has turned out now.
      There is lots more info if you are interested to read on boot.com site.

      I never used to favour Boots much and was happy enough using their competitor Superdrugs. It was only whilst I was pregnant with my son over 7 years ago now (wow where did those years go) that someone told me to go into Boots for the baby bargains. I was advised to sign up to the boots baby club and when I did so a few weeks later received lots of coupons for money off freebies and good deals. I remember going in there and coming out with loads of bags of bargains.

      The baby section in Boots is well equipped to purchase everything you may need from pregnancy through to birth and newborns. I definitely prefer them over Mothercare and their prices are cheaper too. Staff always seem on hand to help with advise and help too if needed.

      Boots are famously known more for their pharmacy side of things I feel as most have a dispensary and also sell a wide range of medical products and medicines. This isn't however just what they sell, you can buy baby goods, health and beauty products, children's clothing, perfumes and aftershaves a wide range can be found in bigger stores. A gift section, photography, health product electricals, toys and some food drink and snacks too. Basically whatever you need for your beauty routine you can fine it in their store along with a lot of extras.

      Recently a lot of small chemists have been taken over by Boots stores, our local tiny chemist or pharmacy if you prefer is now a Boots and stocks a very small range of essentials but their main purpose is for the dispensary.

      When I go into Boots now I usually have something in mind that I wish to purchase and will seek out an offer of interest. The offers are similar to supermarkets with buy one get one free, half price buy two get one free etc. This week the Huggies baby wipes were on offer at 84p a pack which is better then half price. If they aren't on offer then the Pampers of Boots own will be on some sort of offer as they rotate the deals every few weeks. I am happy to use Boots own products as well as more well known named things as I've never had any problems using their products and give them all full marks.

      As well as the well known makes of products Boots have a great range of their own products. You will probably at some stage have heard of the NO 7 range which is very good quality beauty products. Now even though these can be pricey at times the store often runs promotions where you spend £5 or more in store you get a voucher with your receipt for £5 off NO 7 or £2 off a certain shampoo range so if you are planning to buy something that you can get a voucher for then do other shopping first and get that voucher for a good discount.

      As I previously said some stores stock snacks and drinks and they have a permanent meal deal offer on which allows you to get a sandwich/wrap or salad along with a snack of chocolate, crisps fruit, jelly etc along with a drink. I'm not 100% sure but think the cost of this is £3.29. Not bad in my eyes as they are good quality especially the drinks with smoothies included in the promotion.

      So next time your passing a Boots store remember John Boots and pop in and have a look around you may be surprised what exactly you find in the stores.


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        30.12.2012 18:34
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        I don't know where i'd go without boots, i absolutley love it

        Ive been shopping from boots ever since I was a teenager. I loved walking into their makeup and perfume isles and just looking around like a child in a candy shop. I would always take my pocket money with me but would end up coming home without anything because I'd be spoilt for choice. I even have that happen to me now as a grown up.
        Boots is a very famous drugstore and pharmacy chain in the United Kingdom, much like Sephora and Ulta in the United states. It is the place to go if you want to shop for perfumes, magazines, beauty products and makeup, and during Christmas time, they have a large selection of unique gifts that cannot be found at any other shop. It is a local shop that is found in almost every local town center, and some of their shops are bigger than others. The one that is local to me is a very large Boots and within it is boots pharmacy, opticians, children's care, beauty and photography. There isn't a single person who isn't aware of boots here in the UK and it comes as no surprise.
        Boots stock a number of brands in their makeup department such as Maybelline, No7, rimmel, Essie nail polishes, and now even smash box which is a high street brand used by celebrities. Of course big brands do come with big prices but for those of us, like me, who cannot afford to shop for Armani and Dior beauty products in Selfridges, boots is a cheaper and better option. You get what you want, you get your money's worth of products and the products are, of course, big brands. They don't stock any old brand and that you can tell when you walk into their shops. Although they don't stock the very high end products, they also don't stock the cheapest of things. That in particular draws me to boots as an individual because I don't feel like I have to settle for something less. I get a choice between very good renowned brands.
        Boots offer so many deals on all their departments that I always find I save money every time I purchase from them. Either I buy three things for the price of two, or sometimes I even get things half price. Even if I don't have the money to buy, I do always go for a browse around the shop. It gives me a lot of inspiration, their staff members are always there to offer their expertise and I feel quite welcomed.
        I am always drawn towards the hair and makeup side of boots, they have a huge selection to choose from and there are multiple choices for everyone. Although Boots have come out with many of their own branded beauty products, I am not particularly a fan. Due to their own brands being a lot cheaper, I have purchased their products quite a few times with high hopes but have unfortunately been quite disappointed. I do hope that they improve their quality of products as I would love to try more of their products in the future.
        As far as perfumes are concerned, they have almost every perfume that is available in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. They have the latest perfumes, from Gucci, Armani, Dior and may others. They are set on display in an attractive manner, inside glass cabinets but also there is a tester bottle of every perfume that you can go and spray and see if you like it before purchasing it. This is great because perfumes are expensive and testing it makes it easier to decide which perfume is for you. In the past when I have had to buy perfumes without testing, such as Bulgari omnia, I have been very disappointed. Therefore the fact that I can test a perfume before hand is a big relief and help.
        About their pharmacy, I have noticed that again, they have a large selection from everyday health products to prescription medicine. I recently purchased drinking Iron for myself and they had the flavor that I cannot yet find anywhere else. If I need help with anything such as a particular health problem, I am instantly offered many products that could help me overcome my problems. I do admit, sometimes their prices are dearer than other pharmacies and shops but for me it is worth it because I get an in depth review of the product by the pharmacist and that really gives me mental satisfaction. I have never been disappointed with any of the health related products I have purchased from them.
        Boots have an amazing way of giving back to their customers by offering an advantage card. I never paid much attention to the advantage card but recently when I registered online, I have noticed my points are piling up quickly because they offer 4 points for every pound that I spend. Soon I can purchase a product with my points, without having to pay in cash. It feels like a bonus treat. Now every few months, after I collect enough points, I can treat myself to something that I have wanted but couldn't afford. It really is a great way of making a customer feel valued and as part of the boots family. I really enjoy spending my time in boots stores, I just wish I could work there too! That would be icing on the cake. I'd get to spend time around products that I love and learn so much more than I already know about health and beauty!
        A couple of my favorite products from boots have to be the soap and glory products, The botanic skin care range and also their wild strawberry body spray which I have to keep on me at all times. They have so much variety in every department, I find myself trying new things all the time. Without boots I don't think I would be able to try and test new things as often as I now do, nor would I have much of a passion for makeup and beauty. I know superdrug is another chain, not quite as big as boots that offer many similar items but for me, there really isn't a comparison, it is quite simple, Boots has always been and always will be my first choice between the two.


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          20.11.2012 15:54



          My order 17860238 was for instore collection. Received acknowledgement, confirmation and delivery notification but article was not at store when I called to collect. Many calls and e-mails not responded. Still waiting ten days later. No updates. Nothing. Advise go elsewhere. This company is on a downward spiral as far as service is concerned.


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          08.11.2012 22:32
          Very helpful



          My favourite place to shop for all my health and beauty products.

          I never used to be such a loyal shopper at Boots, and it was only about 2 years ago that I really started shopping there at all. I know a lot of people criticise Boots for being over-priced, but I actually really like it as a store. And I'm certainly not one to shop in expensive shops. The reason I like Boots is that, yes their prices may be a LITTLE higher than the shops, Bt really not by much, and plus they always have plenty of offers on for you to end up buying more than you went in for. I think we can all agree to that one! Also if you're smart enough to take a few moments to fill out a form and receive and Advantage Card, then there's even more for you to take advantage of. From extra offers to free products when you save up the points!

          Boots now stocks pretty much all if not everything you consider to be your health and beauty essentials. It has everything from medicines, vitamins, plasters etc., to hand, foot, eye, skin and body care, to all your toiletries and haircare, to beauty accessories such as false nails, costume jewellery etc., to makeup, electrical goods (hair dryer, straightners etc), perfume, travel goods, gifts and even everything you would need for your baby. I think that just about covers everything they sell... So you can see, Boots makes it so much easier for you to get everything from one place.

          Like I mentioned before, Boots always has numerous offers for you to take advantage of. These offers are available across all of their departments, and are always changing, so you never get to miss out on those products you've always wanted to try, but wish were on an offer. The most popular offer Boots always has on is 3 for 2. This is often seen across the makeup lines, skincare, vitamins, and at Christmas, 3 for 2 on gifts. If you apply for an Advantage Card, you can receive 4 points per £1 you spend, where 100 points equals £1. So you are getting something back even if it's only a little at a time. But there are always chances to increase your points intake with vouchers that allow you to do so. You can also make use of the kiosks available throughout Boots stores, where you can see what extra offers are available to you as an advantage card user. Also you are often sent vouchers through the post as another extra advantage. The vouchers you receive in the post, or can print from the kiosks, vary on what it gets you. Some are for extra points when you buy a certain product, or a product from a certain brand, if you spend a certain amount on one transaction, or a double points voucher to use on anything. Also money off products, and buy one get one free.

          When you have saved up enough points, you can use those points to buy something for free! (Just as long as you have enough points to cover the cost of the item) I often use mine to buy makeup, shampoo etc. Or skincare. Saving up points doesn't take as long as you might think. If you're a frequent shopper, and use extra points coupons whenever they're available, then the points soon add up. What's more, you can now shop online on Boots Treat Street, and get extra advantage card points for doing a bit of retail therapy at places like New Look.

          Anyway, back to the stores... The layout of the stores are often simple with signs above each isle so you can easily locate what you're looking for. And products are often well stocked, so you don't have the re-occurring disappointment of the product you want not being in stock. The staff there, in my experience, are very friendly and will happily help you with any queries you have, or even if you want to ask for another opinion on something. Boots also has a fridge counter where they stock sandwiches and drinks, and even sell packets of crisps and chocolate bars. These all being part of their £3 meal deal. So you could even buy your lunch while you shop! At Christmas Boots heavily advertise their 3 for 2 gift offer. The range included in this is rather big, so you can easily find a present for everyone, and save yourself some money to indulge on yourself.

          For me, shopping at Boots often changes from a 'shopping trip to buy what I need' into a 'shopping trip to treat myself' as well as buying the essential toiletries and vitamins etc. Of course. For those that think Boots is too overpriced, they also sell their own brands of products, that are actually pretty good quality, and most only cost around £2 or £3. AND still often listed in 3 for 2 offers. Can't really criticise that. Especially not when you still get points for buying these products too, which then converts to free products of your choice.

          Every experience I've had of shopping at Boots has been a positive one, and I've plenty of products I always go back there for. Some being because they're Boots own brand, and the others just because it's convenient to get all my health and beauty products from the same place. Plus, I like to see what extra offers I can get my hands on. And you might as well do a bit of Christmas shopping there... (A.K.A buy something for you too!).


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          30.08.2012 23:24



          Avoid purchasing goods on boots.com as if it goes wrong....their customer service is really bad

          I am a regular customer of the store and over years I have built up great faith in the brand of boots. Yes their products can be slightly more pricey than say...superdrug, but generally the service can be good and the meal deals are good value. My faith in their customer service has now been shattered following my first attempt to use boots.com. I ordered a Phillips lumea precision online and was lucky enough to get the online deal of 50 pounds off and ten advantage card points for every pound spent. Bargain! I ordered my product to be delivered at the Cardiff bay store so I could collect it. When I got the product home, I discovered that it was faulty and simply wouldn't switch on. Inevitably this was disappointing so I decided to take the product straight back to the shop within an hour of me collecting it.
          Well, what happened next was ridiculous. I was queuing at the collection point to be served, only the pharmacist was dealing with customers whilst other members of staff were having a natter around me. Two girls were gossiping, and ignoring the ever growing queue. A supervisor walked past and ignored me, even though I was blatantly waiting. I was already shocked, but worse was to come.
          The lady seemed rather annoyed at me for my product not working, saying that it was a problem with the appliance and not the product (she didn't make sense). There were other identical copies of Phillips lumea precision in store so I hoped I would be able to make a switch for a product that wasn't faulty. However, not so simple, this wasn't possible. All they could do was offer me a refund for the product I bought online, then charge me a hundred pound extra to buy the product in the store. Also this would mean losing my advantage points gained from the original purchase. I became quite upset at this point. The supervisor then re-assured me that "in any other circumstance an exchange would be possible". This is insane since there was a fully functioning product available right in front of me and I was unable to take it. This was also massively inconvenient as the store is 8 miles away from my home. Why should I have to be charged a hundred pound more for receiving a faulty product.
          The final piece of sterling advice was to go home and re-order the product. Do Boots really think I would do that and go through this frustration again. I am going to try and avoid using boots as much as possible. But I'm sure the meal deals will lure me in. Also, there is not email address available online to complain directly to boots....l. Ridiculous.


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          18.06.2012 02:04
          Not Helpful



          Check your receipt before leaving Boots, accept refunds only in cash

          I returned two products at the same spot & time I had bought them (marked wrongly) and I was asked by the cashier if it was OK he credited the amount back into my non-UK debit card. I said yes to the friendly attendant. Big Mistake. HUGE.

          Though I got a receipt stating that the amount had been refunded, the money never got back to my bank account. This was October 2011.

          During the first half of 2012, I spent hours and more than a dozen mails to Boots customer services, from whom I several times received promises that the funds would be returned... never happened. I even got someone calling me on phone (finally!) two months ago apologizing for the grotesque processing of my claim and saying they would round the amount up to £20 as a compensation. NEVER happened. Till today, I neither got my refund. One feels twice a complete idiot, by:

          - Not having demanded one's money back in cash at the counter instead (ALWAYS do so if ever returning goods at a Boots)

          - Spending an incredible amount of time writing & responding to mails of 12 different people and providing my bank account data to at least half of them (God forbids my loss gets even worse) for absolutely no good.

          Boots "Customer Service" can only be reached by toll-free numbers that cannot be connected from outside the UK & Ireland. Therefore, such customers can forget all about calling up them and talking to someone in charge.

          So if you are a tourist, good luck with your cosmetics shopping during the 2012 Olympic Games. But I would stay clear of Boots and instead go to Sephora or any other more professional retailer /pharmacy.


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            24.01.2012 20:56
            Very helpful



            If only walls could talk!



            Boots, their is so much to say about it! It is one of those stores that is everywhere you go, from the massive kinds in towns, cities and retail parks where you can get make-up, face makeovers and on-show electricals to the teeny tiny ones in airports where you can pick up sandwiches and the essentials. There must be a Boots in every town in the UK and Wales. No wonder it's so popular!

            Boots is one of my favourite stores because they sell toiletries like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and facial wash. Some might say the prices are high, but recently thay've brought them down and have loads of special offers on. Such as 'Buy one get on Half price' offers and 'Buy one get one frees'. As they have the advantage card scheme, you can get offers on such as 'get 150 points when you buy ...' and vouchers you can get. My mum also likes Boots because they have the No.7 skincare range and you can get points + vouchers too.

            Boots is a great place to go christmas shopping because of the 3 for 2 offer and the advantage card points. Plus they have great pressies their too. Such as things like Boots Extracts range gift sets, No.7 & much more! Plus think of all those lovely advantage card points!

            The Store:

            My review will be based on the store on Church Street, Oswestry, as this is the one I most frequently visit. I do go to the Boots inn Newtown, Welshpool & Shrewsbury (which has an upstairs).

            The Oswestry store is quite large but dose'nt have an upstairs, but still has everything a Boots would have. If you enter the store from the Street way (opposite ethelaustin) you will be greeted with a rows and rows of ailes in front you. Turn to your left and you have the tills (with minimum queues and only 3 tills available), turn to your right and you get the smelly bit A.K.A the perfume bit. Walk straight ahead to the back and you have the Pharmacy, Photo processing area and baby section. You can enter the store both ways, either from Church Street or from the Car Park (which is the back way).

            Store Layout:

            Boots inside is always clean and tidy, with spotless floors, well presented items on shelving and in glass cabinets plus minimum queues (thankfully) this is a place i'm happy to be.

            Store Facilities:

            As i've already mentioned you have the pharmacy, photo area and baby section, you have lots of choice. You could easily spend a good half to 1 hour in there checking out the latest fragrances, looking at all the things on the shelves and grabbing your prescriptions from the pharmacy.


            As I visit Oswestry every other weekend we tried to get our doctors prescriptions through Boots. It made sense as me and my mum were always going there so we tried it, but only once. We rang the doctors and asked for the prescriptions to be sent to Boots pharmacy in Oswestry and they did, so whilst we were shopping we picked up my prescription and everything was there. (I have a blue and brown inhaler plus a tube of aqeuous cream). Everything was accurate and there.

            Whilst waiting I realised that the pharmacy was well stocked with all the drugs you could hope for! The pharmasist was really nice and the prescriptions were really quick, (faster than the doctors anyway!)

            Photo Area:

            My Boots also has the photo area in which you can process, print and edit your photos. They have the photo processing machine so you can print all your memories or your holiday, birthday, wedding etc. They take film, SD and more, plus they have a special Kodak one too! The prices are OK, such as for an instant photo printing it's 39p per photo, 1hr processing is 25p, 24hrs is 15p per photo or you can have the SuperSaver which is if you have 200+ photos, you can have them at 5p each! But that would still cost you £10! Still cheap though!


            Your probably getting bored now, but i'f you're not, stay with me. I have lots more to talk about, such as the Opticians. My opticians sell glasses aswell as do laser eye surgery (I think) and do eye tests. I've never booked an eye test but if you do, you can collect 1 point per £1 on Advantage Card.

            Baby Section:

            This has come in handy for us over the past couple of months. With my niece being born in November, and mum and dad having her for a weekend or two, Boots has been extremely handy.

            We had my niece one weekend and realised we had none but 1 nappy! Oh no! What are we going to do?! I know, let's go to Boots! And we went! And good thing too, we got Boots SuperDry nappies on speciall offer! And we've still got them now! They have a clothing range, called Mini something as well as selling things like bottles, sterilisers, baby toiletries, top and tail bowls and baby formula milk. Everything you need for you and your baby!


            Boots (or originally known as Boots the chemist) was a herbalist chemsit drug store opened in Nottingham in 1849. John Boot, hence the name opened it and when he died, his wife and her son, Jesse Boot kept running the store until more opened in the late 1800's. The sign of Boots was an 1800's design with all the squirly writing. I could'nt believe it when I saw old Boots ads in YouTube (sad I am, yes) that the sign has been kept the same since it opened!

            It was sold to Americans in 1920 but sold back to the British in 1933 and by 1968 they had 22 stores across the UK.

            In 1982, they opened a new factory in Cramlington.

            In 1991, they brought Halfords and sold them in 2002.

            In the 1990's they brought and sold more business and branched into more things like dentistry and laser eye surgery.

            2005 saw Boots bosses considering selling sex toys but these plans were abandoned, (thankfully).

            Recent months saw Boots reducing thair prices because of prices coming down and Boots started losing business. The prices shot down and Boots started gaining business again.

            Advantage Card:

            Boots advantage card was launched in 1997 and gives you 4 points for £1. It is apparently the most generous loyalty card in the UK. 4 points per £1 equals to 4p. So if you spend £25 you get £1 back. Some may say that that's not very generous but as Tesco say 'Every Little Helps!'

            I have recieved my Boots Advantage Card today, with the equivalent of £1.22 to spend in store! I applied for my card about 1 1/2 weeks ago, and it come! I spent £28 over christmas! I even got a voucher for 100 extra points when I spend £5!

            Advantage Card offers:

            Extra offers kiosk:

            When you have an advantage card you can do lots with it, such as use the Extra Offers Kiosk. There are 4 in my store and are all quick and simple to use. Simply pop in your card (gold chip upwards) and you can check what offers you have available. This is great for when you do a big shop at Boots, say you have a voucher for 25% off any shower gel or 150 extra points when you buy 2 Boots essentials products, these are handy. Just make sure you use them on the same day in the same store.

            Parenting Club:

            You can join this club if you have a child under 2. It's great becuase you get 10 points per £1 when spent on baby products. You can collect points on baby toiletries, baby products, nappies and baby formula milk (after six months). You can't collect points on baby formula milk before six months due to government regulations, my sisters really annoyed about that, but she can collect points on everything else.

            Health Club:

            You can only join this club if you're over 60, you can skip it if you want.

            If you join this club, you get 25% off all Boots own brand products and vouchers every month.

            Health & Beauty magazine:

            Boots also have Health & Beauty magazine which comes out every 2 months. It has tips on hair, make-up etc. and what's hot them 2 months. Advantage card vouchers come in the back aswell.

            It costs £1 or if you have an advantage card it's 100% free! It's good to read and the Jan/Feb issue has tips on your baby and an interview with Phillip Schofield.

            Special Offers:

            Boots regularly have special offers on such 400ml of Herbal Essences shampoo for £1.74 or 3 packs of Boots essentials facial cleansing wipes for £3! The offers are really good and everytime you shop there there are at least 5 offers on different items!

            How to collect points:

            You can collect points by handing over your card at the till and getting points for the items you have bought. This card is an absolute must for anyon who shops there either regularly or justs visits at christmas time because you'll find you points build up and your able to treat yourself more often!

            In 2009, they gave away over 39 million products, now that's a lot of moneys worth!

            You can even collect points the easy way if you buy lunch there with the meal deal for £2.50. That's an easy way to collect points and there sandwiches are tasty at a very reasonable price!

            You can even buy mobile phone top-up here too! This is a great wa to build up points for mobile phone-aholics! I get mine here, around a £5 every fortnight and I get 20 points just by going out of my way to get mobile phone top-ups at Boots!

            What they sell:

            Boots sell a wide range of products such as:


            Dental care, hair care, body care.


            Mascara, eyeliner, lipstick etc.


            Hairdryers, hot air stylers, straighteners, curling tongs, shavers, electric toothbrushes, nose hair trimmers, even travel electricals.


            Mens & womens fragrance and gift sets.

            Gift sets:

            Body wash sets, fragrance gift sets etc.


            Boots is a great place to shop at. With the prices low, you can shop with confidence! You can also get Boots in America, Kuwait and France. It is truly a great place to shop, they've been around for nearly 2 centuries now and actually they have not changed their logo in that time and I hope they don't! They have really good offers on and the advantage card just keeps enticing me to shop there!

            I will do a review on the Boots Advantage Card as soon as, guys and I hope you will be able to shop at a historic place like Boots!

            Thanks for reading and rating!


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            22.01.2012 14:23



            I think Boots, have gotten too big for their Boots over the years, they are taking advantage of this by hiking up their prices, I have found the same products can be found elsewhere for a much better price. Also their own branded products are of really bad quality. I wont stand for it anymore, if you are prepared to be taken advantage of and have money to waste then good luck to you. But I would steer clear of this place if you want anything other then your prescription.


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            08.12.2011 00:47
            Very helpful



            A great store for all your bits and bobs.

            As you can tell by reading my reviews, I shop in Boots stores a lot. I think this is probably due to the great loyalty card points that they offer, and because I'm often there as I work in a Boots store myself. Boots is a well known company that has been around for many years now. It is a reputable shop and the Boots own brand is often compared to more expensive brands.

            Boots sell a wide variety of products, from cosmetics to childrens clothing and electricals. Pretty much anything beauty related can be bought in a Boots store. I think they do have the widest variety of fragrances too. It's a very popular shop at christmas time with the 3 for 2 offer they have on all of the christmas gifts, it is a really good offer so I often shop there a lot this time of year.

            Boots are also well known for their pharmacy and array of medications and medical advice whilst you shop there. This makes it a useful place to shop, especially if you've got prescriptions to drop off as you can kill two birds with one stone.

            I do think the shop can be quite expensive for some products, and I sometimes see things cheaper elsewhere, but it isn't a big issue, and people still shop there regularly to save the Boots points you can collect. The advantage card scheme is said to be the most generous loyalty card in the country, giving you 4p for every £1 you spend on almost everything they sell and this does create a big incentive to shop there, though I must warn you, saving your points is addictive and I find myself going out of my way to shop there sometimes just to get them.

            Boots has really good offers that always keep me spending there, including their 3 for 2's, free gifts and points events where you get £10 worth of points when you spend £50. As a typical woman, I love a bargain so can't resist.

            I think this is a really good shop for parents of babies or young children due to the amount of baby accessories, food and clothing you can get there. The food is priced similarly to other stores, but you get points back from what you buy, so you can save and buy at the same time which isn't something many other stores offer for everyday essentials.

            I've shopped in a variety of Boots stores accross the country, from the store I work in, to airport stores and a couple as far as Wales. They're all pretty similar, and tend to sell the same things, except bigger stores have much more variety. Boots is well known for good customer service and I must say when I've shopped in Boots, I've never come accross rude staff or anything I've felt the need to complain about.

            Working for Boots is something I can't say I've ever regretted. I've worked at two stores over the past 13 months and must say I've really enjoyed my time there. It's helpful that it's a shop that I enjoy spending money in for a start, but the other staff and management are really friendly too which makes it a great working atmosphere. Working at Boots you are made to feel like a valued member of staff, even after a short time of being there, so if anyone is contemplating a career with Boots, as a current employee, I would recommend it.

            Overall, I really like Boots. It's a great shop where you can buy plenty of everyday essentials plus your beauty treats.


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            17.08.2011 15:21
            Very helpful
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            A high street store that covers everything body and beautiful.

            Painkillers check! Athlete's foot powder, Check! Perfume, check! Kid clothes, check!

            Boots really does have it all and threes no one on the high street quite like them. The company itself is just over 150 years old and has some interesting history. They bought Halfords then sold it. Their Children World business was sold to Mothercare, their Do-It-All business was sold to Focus, and their laser eye surgery business was sold to Optical Express. Bet you didn't know their research and development team developed ibuprofen, consequently they owned Nurofen which they later sold on. Canny business people these Boots owners, so they haven't just expanded from a little pharmacist back in the 19th century, they've expanded so much bigger!

            How to describe Boots? Well, blue, lovely calming blue. The staff uniforms are blue, the décor is blue as are all signs. Theres also no music playing so when there's no crowds it's actually quite a pleasant shopping experience.

            I'd say Boots was a two-tier operation; you have your local stores and the then large shops in town centres and large shopping malls.

            The small stores have pharmacies in them and then the rest of the store is built around that. You'll find a range of medicines, painkillers, cold treatments, etc, perfumes, gifts, body sprays and more. And various odd things like flight socks. All the essentials you need.

            Now the big stores are nothing short of mega stores!
            When you walk in you'll be assailed by beautiful women wearing most of their counter on their face and slightly intimidating to talk to.
            Your nostrils will be tickled with the air full of clashing perfumes, get through this and move into relative peace.
            Boots have a huge range of potions and lotions for your body and face. This includes exclusive ranges like Soap & Glory the only offline stockists, their own natural ranges and more 'up-market' ranges such as Sanctuary. For a bonus they quite often have these on off, such as 3 for the price of 2.

            Fancy a make over? For those of us unable to afford the MAC and Space NK they have the likes if Rimmell, No 7 and Maybelline, etc. Often they have special offers or free gifts. Go in for hair dye and you'll be there for hours trying to choose one.

            Toothache, poorly little one, cold sore, athletes foot? There are rows upon rows of little pills and potions for every pain, bump and lump.
            And if you believe prevention is better than cure and to be nice and healthy there are vitamins and minerals and lots of herbal preparations.

            Bad eyesight? Try and find your way to the opticians. When you've got those glasses you can pop over to the photo-lab and you'll finally be able to see those photos of Aunt Edith in Lanzarote.

            Got a baby or a little nipper? Drop in the kiddies section, nappies and clothes and milk and all things rug rat related.

            Oh no, hair straighteners broken just before the big night out? No problem, pop down to their electrical sections where they'll have a huge range, you'll even be able to get a spare hair dryer 'just in case', and a foot spa for when you've done all that shopping!

            A bit peckish on the way home to indulge your feet in that foot spa? Not a problem, they also do a wide range of sandwiches, pastas, etc, healthy of course, as well as drinks and snacks to be got in meal deals. Thanks to the big store in Manchester I can now bypass the M&S Foodhall and buy a hugely over-priced luxury ready meal from the in-store Waitrose they now have there.

            And goodness me, they've expanded even more! Not sure what that bump is, worried about that sting, got a nasty case of the colly wotsits? Some of them now have their own walk in centres!
            You can get advice from registered nurse practitioners who can also prescribe medication. They also have doctors available at certain times. I haven't quite worked out the rules yet but it seems you can see them if you don't have a doctor in the area, i.e. if you are on holiday. It also seems that id you live in the local area you can register with them for treatment and medication.

            And excellent idea particularly as there is a definite lack of doctors in city centres where all these apartment blocks have sprung up. Its just a pity you don't get Boots Advantage card points.
            Oh yes another loyalty card I hear you say, another useless piece of plastic to keep in my purse useful just for the store to secretly monitor my spending habits and sell my details to data capture companies.

            You get 4 points for every £1 you spend, you get a penny for every point, and its surprising how quickly these do add up to do a bit more spending. They've also expanded how to earn more points, go to various stores such as HMV, eBay, etc through the Boots website and you'll earn points on purchases that way.
            Then theres the Advantage Card machine, pop your card in and there might be a nice surprise. Its usually extra points when you a particular products, use the photo lab or buy glasses.
            When you've paid for those precious purchases you might get a till spit for more points, of course I'm not one of those naughty people who see's that people have left behind their receipts and till spits and grab them to get points added on or further reductions!.

            Like the sales? Getting a good bargain? Oh I'm tempted not to tell you so I can keep it all to myself! Boots are the original purveyors of the Christmas 'buy two gifts, get one free' Of course they over stock and rather fantastically they reduce all the gifts to 50% off, very tempting to stock up. But later on they actually reduce some stock to 75% off, yep 75% That's the time to stock up and get this years presents. Forgot the Next Sale, this is where the fights happen! (This years Christmas, all the birthdays and possibly the Christmas afters pressies were bought last week, there are still some bargains to be had I'm told)

            Aah, Boots my favourite store, I hope I've conveyed my admiration for this store, so get yours boots on and stroll down to Boots. (I had to end with a pun!)


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              19.11.2010 23:11
              Very helpful



              Go on...you know you want to!

              We all love Boots! I don't know anyone who avoids Boots or refuses to shop with them, because they're just so amazing! You can pick up pretty much all of your health and beauty bits in there (make up, medication, sun cream, gift sets) and come out smiling.

              But the main reason that I go to Boots at the minute is for their amazing meal deals, which is what this review is based on.

              ----------Food in Boots?----------

              So maybe I'm a bit old school but I didn't realise that Boots sold food until around a year ago. I'm not saying you can go in and do your weekly shop, but you can grab yourself a quick snack, or some lunch on you break, at great prices!

              ----------The Meal Deal----------

              Boots meal deals entitles you to any sandwich or salad, any snack and any drink for £2.99. When I first wrote this out, I put the entitlements in 'inverted commas', then realised this was a stupid idea as you literally are allowed ANY of these things.

              ----------Any Sandwich or Salad----------

              I am always surprised at the large selection of sandwiches and salads that you can choose from. You can have the basic sandwiches, the Christmas specials, shaper's wraps, salads or Philadelphia sandwiches.

              I find myself standing looking at the sandwiches for too long because there is too much of a selection, but this is great compared to other stores.

              Todays Sandwich:
              Chicken Triple - Chicken and Stuffing, Chicken and Bacon, Chicken Salad.
              RRP - £2.80

              ----------Any Snack----------

              Aswell as a wide selection of sandwiches, there is quite a large range of snacks to choose from. Here you can choose one of the snacks out of the fridge, which include cheesecake, fruit bags or yoghurts. Or you can head over to the crisps and chocolate and choose something which has the 'meal deal' tag underneath it.

              At one point, you could have the large bags of Malteasers with the meal deal, however, I think this has changed now.

              Todays Snack:
              Delicious Lemon Cheesecake
              RRP - £1.10

              ----------Any Drink----------

              Pretty much every drink in the fridge is included in the deal, apart from two or three brands which are clearly stated so that you cannot make the mistake. Some brands which are included in the drinks are: Coca Cola, Red Bull, Boots Shapers, Innocent and Relentless.

              The drinks definately make this deal worthwhile as other competitors only allow you a bottle of water with a meal deal.

              Todays Drink:
              Relentless Energy Drink
              RRP - £1.69

              ----------And there it is!----------

              So you've chosen you sandwich, snack and drink, which I must mention are all clearly labelled throughout the fridges so that you do not make any mistakes.

              And you are heading over to the checkout working out how much this should come to, 'surely it cannot be discounted to £3. My sandwich is supposed to be £2.80 so why would they give me a cheesecake and drink for 20p?!'

              This thought runs through my mind every time I go to pay for my food! However, it always comes to £2.99! And as I always expect them to charge me more, I am always extremely happy.

              Today I saved £2.60 on my meal deal! Which is amazing considering what I managed to get for £3.

              ----------Last Words----------

              Boots have definately given other stores which have similar offers a run for their money, and I cannot get my head around why people would visit other stores for their lunch.

              Tesco offer a £2 meal deal which entitles you to a sandwich, packet of crisps or fruit and a bottle or water or orange juice. This is cheaper, but you have very little choice compared to Boots and everything is Tesco branded.

              The choice in Boots is great, you don't have to have the same thing every day and there is plenty available to try out lots of new things.

              Boots are definately my lunch time choice from now on!

              I highly recommend them and give them 5 stars for their meal deal!!


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