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Boux Avenue - Lingerie shop.

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    2 Reviews
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      06.10.2013 14:01
      Very helpful



      A store that gives you great designs and welcoming staff

      I just adore my lingerie and I do have a rather shocking collection, I have all different brands but one of my favourite is Boux Avenue. They are pricier than grabbing one from Primark or a local supermarket but the quality for me is just wonderful.

      Boux Avenue - Store in General:

      'Born out of a love for lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and all things romantic, with a desire to bring traditional service, superior fit and outstanding quality to a modern and beautiful setting, Boux Avenue is a luxurious shopping haven'


      Merry Hill
      Unit L87 Lower Mall
      DY5 1QX
      01384 483799

      My Findings:

      Was late last year I first spotted this store at West Fields, Merry Hill shopping centre in the West Midlands. On the hold it is a relatively newer brand and a place I have fallen in love with. The staff has always been very friendly, welcoming and helpful. Making you feel comfortable while browsing around the store they don't pressure you into any sales at the Merry Hill store just around great atmosphere.

      From the outside of the Boux Avenue stores have a lovely boutique feel, very clean and high end looking. Their window displays always been full of wonderful detail but yet neither in your face nor over packed as some store window displays I find look messy and cluttered here they seem to hit the right balance.

      The lighting is bright but not uncomfortable; everything is set out magnificently on the shop floor. You have very smart lines all neatly presented whoever did the floor plan I personally think they did an excellent job. Getting around the store as it is slight compact it is wheelchair and pushchair friendly but just a little snug.

      Inside the store you will find an array of stunning items -

      Lingerie - Which was the main reason for me visiting the store, they have such amazing pieces I really haven't seen anything I didn't like. Sizing starts from 30A all the way to 40H and they have huge style range. Backless, balconette, bandeau , full support , laser cut fibre dry , lightly padded , longline , moulded , multiway , padded , plunge, soft non-wired , sports , strapless, T-shirt and unpadded. There really is something that will suit all the bra wearers of the world.

      Nightwear - I haven't personally purchased anything from the nightwear collection, however they have a large collection and I have seen quite a few pairs that I would love! You have slippers, robes, pyjamas plain, patterned and novelty ones. Chemises and cami sets plus they also have loungewear perfect to lazy Sundays!

      Swimwear - For my holidays next year I will certainly be taking a visit here, I didn't notice the swimwear until a couple of weeks ago and some of them are to die for. They have Beachwear, bikinis, swimsuits and tankinis.

      Gifts & Beauty items - Perfect for treating yourself or some fabulous gifts for friends and family. They have just stunning trinket items really worth wile taking a look. Bath and beauty items, the white chiffon I will add smells incredible. Also home and fashion accessories which I just want them all! I really have fallen in love with all Boux Avenue has to offer.

      Bridal Wear - For the wedding folk this really is a place for you, I would get married just to wear some of the items within this collection.

      All of which is displayed delightfully the manikins are well presented, neat and clean all items are clutter free. The have items displayed on cabinets then draws underneath where they stock more, so chances are if you don't see your size on display it will be in the draw. Or you can not find it at all the staff are happy to try and find a store that does for you.

      You also have wall displays again in size order and stacked neatly it doesn't take you ages looking through to try finding your size. Everything is just so well planned out, easy to local and all just looks stunning.

      The store doesn't have any toilet facilities and nor do any other like this, but normally they are located within shopping malls which there is always toilets about if need be.

      Bra Fitting:

      It is really important that we are wearing the right sized bras and that we feel comfortable. At Boux Avenue they offer and free fitting service. You just ask a member of staff to help and they take you into there gorgeous dressing room. They measure you and pick a few bra they think are well suited to you. When you have one on they will pop back into the dressing room and alter the straps if need be and make sure it fits you correctly.

      I have to say they make you feel at ease if you are a person uncomfortable getting undressed you can keep you bra on, they are there to help you get the right bra for you and best of all the one on one time is completely free.

      The fitting room carries on the theme of boutique is a good space and nice large mirror. I personally can not fault there styling.


      For me a super lingerie store with much more to offer, a place that feels relaxed I'm happy to shop and you can get some wonderful items for yourself or gifts people will love you for. The staff team, they have picked do a great job and I have always have 110% perfect customer service, which makes me happy to fully recommend.

      When purchase anything from store, staff are quick and efficient and there is also gift wrapping perfect when it comes to Christmas and birthdays. A perfect lingerie store!

      Massive five out of five stars from me.

      Thank you for reading.

      Opening hours

      Mon: 09:00 - 21:00
      Tues: 09:00 - 21:00
      Weds: 09:00 - 21:00
      Thurs: 09:00 - 21:00
      Fri: 09:00 - 21:00
      Sat: 09:00 - 19:00
      Sun: 11:00 - 17:00


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        11.06.2012 15:02
        Very helpful
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        Lingerie and night-wear,

        Boux Avenue is a new lingerie brand selling lingerie, nightwear and swimwear. Boux Avenue is inclusive and for everybody, no matter what your age, size or style. They create irresistible lingerie and nightwear that will compel the desire to look, touch, feel and of course wear. Boux Avenue's vintage name came from a meeting with a dazzling French girl named Boux. Embracing elegance and beauty with a whispering, seductive sound, the name 'Boux' became nestled in their heads and hugged there hearts. Theo Paphitis whom is a well known Dragon on Dragon's Den is the owner of Boux Avenue and was the owner of La Senza before owning Boux Avenue. Until a Boux Avenue shop opened in my local town I had never heard of the company before. When hearing the name of the shop, to me I think it sounded quite pricey and rather posh and I wasn't sure I would ever shop in there. Boux Avenue currently has 12 stores across the country, how-ever there are plans to open more and expand the company.

        My local Boux Avenue store is in the town of Guildford, Surrey and the store is located in the main shopping centre called 'The Friary'. When standing outside the store it looks quite large and you can see lots of different colours/types of bras displayed neatly on the walls and nightwear on stands in the shop. They have a few mannequins in the windows which display the latest ranges and currently a selection of swimwear including bikinis. Their window displays are kept very simple but have eye-catching colours, which I tend to notice when I walk past. It wasn't until about a week ago I decided to go into the store and browse. I wasn't intending on buying anything, how-ever I did intend to look at the range of bikini's here as I could do with a new one. As I walked into the store I noticed how bright and chic it looks. The main colour of the store is white, and has a white tiled floor which a white cash desk in which the staff serve customers. There were so many fantastic colours that stood out within the bras, knickers and bikinis. I noticed 2 staff members in the shop and they were dressed very smartly in a black dress which came down to the knees. I went over to the bikinis to browse the selection and I was shortly approached by a female staff member whom asked if I needed any help. I explained to her that I was looking for a bikini but was unsure of what size to get and also stated that I probably needed re-measuring as it had been a good 4-5 years since being measured last.

        To have a bra fitting service here it's free and there's no need to book an appointment. The lady asked me to follow her and she took me to the fitting rooms. This area was really nice and very clean. It was well lit with large full length mirrors and you could even change the lighting in your cubicle if you wanted to. I was asked to remove my tops and leave my bra on. The lady then wrapped a tape measure around my bust area, and took the measurement. She told me what my measurement was and I was surprised as the back size was smaller than the bra I was currently wearing. She asked me some questions about my current bra's and asked if the back tends to ride up, when I told her they did, she stated it's because I have been wearing the wrong sized bra. I may have possibly got smaller round the back area over the years that I hadn't been measured. The lady left me to get dressed again and then asked if I was looking for anything specific. I told her that I would have a look around the store to see if there was anything I wanted to buy. Seeing as I had the wrong sized bra, I thought this was the perfect excuse to treat myself to some new lingerie.

        I had a good browse of the store, looking at lots of different styled bras. There were multi-way bras, strapless bras, push up, under-wired, padded and plunge bras. There was also a range of bikini's and matching bottoms and a lovely range of nightwear items which included shorts with matching tops. They also do a great range of knickers in here where you can mix and match 3 different pairs for £7.00. If your size isn't available on the hanger which is on the wall there are drawers underneath each unit with the corresponding bra in it. On each drawer is a label stating the sizes of bra in that drawer. You can simply pull the drawer out and look to see if they have your size available. I loved the idea of this and thought it was fantastic. If they don't have your size you can also ask and they will double check out the back to see if they have your size or not. The store was very neat and tidy and things were folded up neatly and displayed lovely throughout the store. As well as stocking a range of bright coloured bras and lingerie they also do plainer colours such as white, beige and black items if you prefer something a bit more subtle and neutral looking. I spent approximately 10-15minutes just browsing the store and I felt as though I could have spent longer in here.

        After picking a few different bra's I decided I would try them on to see how they fit. I wanted a strapless bra I had picked up in white but it wasn't on display on in the drawer. The lady kindly popped out back whilst I was trying on the black one to see if they had one. She knocked on the door and handed me the white bra. She checked the fitting of the bra that I had on and told me how to ensure that the bra was fitted properly and she asked me how it felt. The bra was much more comfortable than my current one. She left me to change back into my bra and clothing and told me if I needed any help with anything than to just let her know. I got changed and after another few minutes browsing went to the till to pay for my items which was 2 bras and a pair of knickers.

        I walked up to the cash desk which was nice and tidy with a few items on such as key rings and I handed the items to the lady behind the till whom was the lady who helped me throughout my visit here. As she took the items off their hangers and scanned each item, she made some conversation with me. My items were wrapped up neatly in some pink tissue with a lace like pattern on it, and some scented white rose petals were put into the bag. I then paid for the items and she asked me whether I would like to join the VIP club which earns you points every time you shop at Boux Avenue. I accepted the offer and she just took my name, address, e-mail address and handed me a card which I could then use to collect my points. The cashier asked if I would like my receipt in the bag and I stated yes. She folded the receipt neatly and popped it into the bag and then handed it to me and wished me a good day and goodbye.

        They have a fantastic range of lingerie and nightwear in here with a large range of different sizes. Their items include the following:
        * Bras - Cotton T-Shirt, Strapless/Multiway, Plunge, Balconette, Full Support, Lace, Ultra Boost, Seamless, Gel Boost, Ultra Boost & more.
        * Knickers - Matching knickers to go with bras, Thongs, Shorts, French knickers and more.
        * Swimwear - Bikini's, Tankini's, Beachwear (Some of the bikini's are halter-neck whilst other fit like a bra with back fastening and straps)
        * Nightwear - Chemises, Cami Sets, Pyjamas, Tops, Bottoms, Robes, Loungewear, Slippers.
        * Gifts & Beauty - Gifts, Bath & Beauty, Home Accessories, Fashion Accessories.
        * Bridal - Weddings accessories, gifts and bridal lingerie.

        They also sell Babydolls, Petticoats, Basques, Bodies, Hosiery, and Suspenders & Bra Solutions.

        ~ THE STAFF ~
        The staff in here are very well presented and look very smart in their black dresses with a skinny waist belt. I have now been into this store more than once and all the staff are really friendly and helpful. If you need any help with choosing lingerie, nightwear or other items they can ask you questions to identify your needs and then suggest items which may be suitable for you. If you decide to try any of the bra's/items on then the same member of staff will be on hand to help you, should you need a different item or to check that the bra fits you properly. After shopping in so many different retail shops the customer service in here beats any other shop I have visited as the staff are so friendly, outgoing and helpful.

        In terms of price I don't think the items in here are too pricey but they aren't cheap either. I would say that the items are average and range in the same price as Ann Summers, but are slightly more expensive than La Senza. I purchased a gorgeous pink & black plunge bra which looks like pink silk and black lace which cost me £26. I also purchased some matching knickers which cost me £14.00, these are short type knickers. In terms of quality, the items I purchased from here which included 2 bras and knickers are of very good quality. The items are made very well with lovely material and are easy to wash. The majority of bras have to be hand-washed; how-ever they always come out looking as good as new even after being washed. Their sizing is great and I can go in here pick my correct sized bra and matching knickers knowing that they will fit perfectly. I haven't yet had any issues with having to take items back due to them being faulty or of poor quality.

        You can return items in store or by post, see bouxavenue.com for details. They will exchange or refund unused items within 28 days of the original purchased. Simply return them in their original packaging with tags attached along with the receipt. A list of non refundable items is available or online. I have never had to return anything so I can't comment on the service of this.

        Although I had never been in this store until about a week ago I will now visit this store on a regular basis. The store is just lovely to shop in with a lovely atmosphere and feel to it. The staff in here are just brilliant and so helpful and they make you feel welcome within the store. I love the large range of items in here which come in different styles and colours and I love the knickers offers which they have on all the time. The items you buy are always wrapped up in lovely tissue with some scented rose petals (material one's) and they are presented to you in a lovely Pink & White back which looks quite expensive. The bra fitting service was fantastic and all the staff in here are trained to ensure they can provide this service properly. After having a bra fitting here I have even recommended my sister to go here to get measured. I cannot fault anything about this store about the range of products or the staff so it gets a very well deserved 5 gold stars from me. Highly recommended!

        www.bouxavenue.com - You can buy their products online and also check to see where their stores are located.

        (review may also appear on ciao)


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