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Buzby and Blue Hairdressers (Chichester)

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Address: 46-48 The Hornet / Chichester / West Sussex / PO19 7JG

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    1 Review
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      03.12.2012 17:41
      Very helpful



      A lovely hair dressers I plan on returning to based just outside Chichester city centre

      My hair is rather long and partly in the pursuit of getting it as long as possible I don't tend to go to a hairdressers very often (yes I know this is probably counter productive) - before this trip I think it had been at least a year since I last dragged myself to one and by this point I was looking like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards most days (smooth at the top and a frizzy puff at the bottom). My aunt emailed me across a photo taken just after I'd had my hair cut about 10 or so years ago, a style I still liked so I decided to print it out as reference and finally book myself in somewhere for a cut.

      Working in Chichester I decided to pick a salon here so I could go after work one day - there are a number available in the highstreet and previously I'd been to Rush (50% off first visit) but the cut wasn't anything special and the prices are very high normally. A few other places were offering 50% off first visits aswell, but they tended to be at the opposite ends of town and being lazy I decided to go for Buzby and Blue - they weren't offering any discounts, but their prices weren't necessarily stupidly high and they are conveniently located (The Hornet) between work and where I park my car.

      Ringing up from work on a Thursday morning I managed to secure myself an appointment with a regular stylist for that afternoon at 4.30 - great no chance to forget about it! So bring around the end of work and I made my way down there - I was about 15 minutes early, but I was booked in by a receptionist in a very prompt and friendly manner. Unfortunately there was no where to sit down as the seats were all taken up, mostly by what appeared to be people waiting for their partner/parent to finish - although the waiting area is quite large there were only 2 or 3 seats and a small 2 seater sofa. That said in front of the booking desk was an area dedicated to various hair care products to I passed the time browsing these.

      Luckily the hairdresser I'd been booked with came out to see me earlier than the booked time so I wasn't hanging around doing nothing for too long. My stylist was a lovely younger girl called Hannah - she sat me down in a chair, I showed her the photo and told her that I wanted to keep my hair as long as possible overall whilst removing the split ends. After agreeing/deciding on what needed to be done she took me around the corner to wash my hair.

      The large seat was comfortable to sit it and I didn't feel that my head was being pushed to far back - indeed I could still study the wall in front of me rather than staring at the ceiling. Just as well because they had some very funky wall paper in their consisting of animals on plants playing instruments and the like.

      Back in the main hair dressing area I was seated in what was once again quite a comfortable chair, there was no one to my right but none the less the work stations seemed quite well spaced so that even if they were full you wouldn't feel hemmed in.

      It's probably silly but another of the reasons I avoid hairdressers is I sometimes feel like I'm being judged - salons around here tend to be either the posh expensive type or the ones where old ladies go to get their hair permed and I don't fit in to either of those categories. Luckily I felt at ease with Hannah - in fact I think we had quite similar personalities so we also managed to avoid that awkward chit chat with long drawn out silences.

      To finish off with she rubbed some oil into the ends of my hair which she said were a little on the dry side hence the frizzing. This was done within the pricing structure - not an expensive added extra which I thought was nice. The finished look was very nice - she had only removed about an inch off the overall length to keep the length I desired while removing most of the damage, and had done some light feathering to the front which gives a bit of structured framing to my face, she had also nicely blow dried it leaving it very smooth to the touch. Next time I think I may get a side fringe put in - I can still keep the length but again it will give me a different look.

      I also asked advice on changing my hair colour - I dye my hair at home every 6 months or so and have had all sorts of weird and wonderful colours in the past. At the moment it's a darker purplish brown and I'm considering getting it put back to a mousey brown (my natural colour) with some blonde highlights for a period of time as I can't actually remember what I look like with normal hair! I can't just let mine grow out as a) it would take too long and b) at just 24 I'm already starting to get a number of greys around my parting. She gave advice on the best way to do it taking into consideration that treatments my hair has already undergone, and this is something I may well do in the new year.

      On leaving I was escorted back to the front of the salon where I paid the receptionist while Hannah wrote down (without me asking) all the products she used on my hair incase I wanted to buy any. She also gave me a card giving me £10 off when I recommend someone (aswell as £10 off for them) and a card to get free things over my next 6 visits which I thought was a great touch.

      Price wise I paid £24.25 for my stylist appointment which was for a was, cut and blowdry. They have a whole range of price points depending on what you want done and what level of stylist you want - going all the way up to salon owners at something like £60. They also appear to have modelling days where a trainee will cut your hair for about the £7.50 mark - all prices are available for viewing on their website which I found really handy.

      Overall I think I'll definately be going back - yes I could go to the other salons offering 50% deals and get things slightly cheaper but I've now found a place that's convenient, fairly priced, good customer service and perhaps most importantly gives a good quality finish. Now all I need to do is go on a more regular basis so I don't let my hair get in such a state again.

      46-48 The Hornet, Chichester



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