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Eldon Square Shopping Centre

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7 Reviews

Eldon Court / Percy Street / Newcastle Upon Tyne / NE1 7JB.

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    7 Reviews
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      06.02.2011 15:05
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended

      Eldon Sqaure shopping centre is owned by Capital Shopping Centres who own many big shopping centres in the UK, including nearby Metrocentre.

      Eldon Square is located in the heart of Newcastle City Centre, close to metro, train and many bus routes, with it's own bus station which was recently rebuilt to a high modern standard, so this makes it very easy to get to, I usually get the bus up there as I am from Teesside, but an express bus goes direct from here to Newcastle every hour, many other local & regional buses go into Eldon Square bus station too, every single day, or use the bus station next door, Haymarket bus station then cross the road, so getting to the centre from anywhere in the region is very easy. Also you can catch the Metro to Central, Monument or Haymarket and then there is just a short walk, it's also a short walk from Newcastle Train Station. If your driving there is ample car parking spaces too, so it really is so simple to get to.

      The centre has about 150 shops & eating outlets including large stores like Fenwicks, Debenhams & John Lewis and other stores include Topman, Topshop, Poundland, Carphone Warehouse, Argos, Clarks, Boots, Holland & Barrett, Apple, Miss Selfridge, Republic to name just a few theres also plenty of eateries aswell including Starbucks, Pizza Express, Greggs, Wagamama, Millies Cookies, Shakeaholic, Esquires, Pizza Hut and Nandos.

      With such a wide variety you can very easilly spend a long afternoon/evening or even a whole day in Eldon Square, with shops open till 2000 on weekdays too.

      The centre is generally very clean & tidy with a team of cleaners and security on hand at all times to ensure a safe shopping enviroment.

      The centre of course has the usual range of facilities aswell like toilets including disabled toilets, baby changing facilities, foreign exchange, ATMs, gift wrapping and customer assistance points.

      I love shopping in Newcastle, it's a great place to shop and Eldon Square is under one roof so even on a rainy day it makes a perfect day out.


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      16.06.2010 21:51
      Very helpful



      Pleasant shopping if you don't step foot in Primark

      I've been for a shopping spree in Eldon Square today so I thought 'why not review it?' Eldon Square is my favourite place to shop (sometimes) you're spoilt for choice with the wide range of shops and places to eat, obviously there is the Metro Centre in Gateshead which is the biggest indoor shopping centre in Europe but sometimes it is impossible to walk around there, and it's so much easier to shop around in Eldon Square.

      Eldon Square is a shopping centre located in Newcastle Upon Tyne and is open 7 days a week usually from 9am till 6pm with the exception of late night shopping on thursdays, in that case you can shop till you drop till 8pm. Entering Eldon Square on a hot summers day is only for the bravehearted, it is absolutely heaving with people and the shopping centre is like a sauna, and I would not even consider walking in Primark unless you have a death wish. It's within walking distance of the Tyne Bridge which is a great place to go if you're in the area, especially in summer where you sit and eat ice cream watching the beautiful sightings.

      I recommend getting the Metro to Eldon Square which runs everywhere in Tyne & Wear so it's not difficult to catch, they're very frequent, do not expect to pay a lot of money for that. The Metro will cost you no more than £3 (thats with the longest distance I can think of) and the stop you get off at is 'Monument' which will lead you right there. There is parking spaces but it seriously is not worth the hassle, there is around 2000 parking spaces but it's still impossible to get one so be wise and use the Metro.

      Eldon Square has just about any shop you can think of, Miss Selfridges, Topshop, John Lewis, Boots, WHsmith, River Island and many, many more. There's quite a few entrances and there's a lot of benches around the square which is very handy as I'm always exhausted shopping here, this shopping place is good exercise in my opinion, I never usually feel so tired in other shopping places. My favourite shop at Eldon Square is Fenwicks the department store which is only located in a few citys. Seriously everytime I walk into Fenwicks it feels like christmas, they have everything you need in there there's Juicy Couture, Guess, Warehouse, Monsoon and premium beauty stools like Dior, Chanel, Clarins etc. They have the most gorgeous accessories at Cara's hair accessories but they're all quite expensive, such as £30 for a headband but worth it for treating yourself. Fenwicks is extremely popular for their christmas displays at christmas at the window which you will see a few locals and tourists gawping at.

      Don't expect to have a nice peaceful day at Eldon Square even in the morning time, on my way to college I see lines full of eager shoppers waiting for their favourite shops to open (particularlly at Primark). It's generally quite busy and rushed, I mean it's not London or anything but it's the next best thing while you're up north.

      I know my way around as I've been here a lot of times but it's a bit daunting for newbies. You could spend hours looking for your favourite shop but not to worry as there are information desks where you can get given a map to find your way around. It is wheelchair accessable but it wouldn't be pleasant as there would be people constantly in your way all the time and could get a bit frustrating.

      There are a lot of places to eat whether you want to wine and dine or grab some quick fast food. There's Yo Sushi, Pizza hut express, Mcdonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, Spud you like. There are a lot of nice restaurants around the place and my favourite is Rupali an indian restaurant which is in Big Market (get directions). There's also a China Town with a lot of chinese restaurants and buffets (all you can eat for a fiver, yes please). There's the most gorgeous milkshake place ever called 'Shakaholic'. They do all kinds of milkshakes such as Aeromint, it's pretty expenive at £3 odd for a milkshake but you get this little card and once you've purchased 5 milkshakes you get one free.

      Eldon Square is a good shopping experience and they have everything you need in one place! I prefer shopping here in winter rather than summer, it's always hot and stuffy in summertime, they go so overboard with the central heating and it's littered with people to make matters worth. It's nice in winter, especially christmas where everyone is doing their last minute shopping and theres beautiful displays. It's quite big but there's always someone willing to help you at the information desk, stay away from Primark though if you do not want to be sent to A&E! If you like a good shop then I recommend it.


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        14.12.2009 11:15
        1 Comment



        Great Shopping centre in newcastle

        I have been to this shopping centre in Newcastle city centre a few times as it is just across from the serviced apartments I normally stay in(Newcastle City Apartments). It is quite a big indoor shopping centre with most high street stores and lots places to eat, few places to have a tea or coffee. I dont know Newcastle that well to walk around and look for places so this a good place as all the shops I need are under the one roof and its good when the weathers not so great being indoors I hate shopping in the rain there is nothing worse. There is River island , Topshop, Miss selfridge, large boots store (these are my kind of shops so this is why I like it, if your looking for more designer wear then the department store may be better for you) Fenwick department store which sells a a great range of clothes and accessories you could spend a good couple of hours in Fenwick its self just in there they have All saints, Guess, Radley. There is plenty of places to eat Fenwick department store has a cafe, Nandos, starda, starbucks, marks and spencers has a cafe. There are so many shops and its well worth a visit if you are in Newcastle especially if you are staying in the city centre as its very central and easy to find there is a entrance on northumberland street, this is a busy street with lots of shops.


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          15.10.2009 16:41
          Very helpful



          A fab place to shop

          Eldon Square Shopping Centre - Newcastle Upon Tyne


          3-5 Eldon Square
          Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1
          0191 261 1891
          Eldon Square has two adjacent multi storey car parks

          I am a huge fan of Eldon Square, as a local of Newcastle, I find that I shop there a lot, whether I am looking for a gift, an outfit or shoes or simply somewhere to browse and have lunch. There is everything from Poundland to the Early Learning Centre, no matter what you need, you are sure to find it here. With 140 shops, there really is something for everyone and it is laid out in an easy to wander way with information points to assist you, if you are looking for something specific. You can also purchase gift cards and vouchers which make a great gift, allowing that special someone to choose the present that they really want.

          If you haven't been before, the biggest shops are possibly Fenwicks, John Lewis and Marks and Spencer. Fenwicks is huge, stretching over a few floors and contains an amazing choice for everyone. It also encompassed Yo Sushi, a yummy lunch option. The absolute best time to visit is December when the famous Fenwicks Christmas Window Display is on. It changes every year and is very special. There is something magical about seeing the children with their noses pressed against the window, watching the moving characters and listening to the music. You can't help but be swept up in the Christmas spirit!

          If you haven't been before, have a look at the website and get yourself along, you won't regret it!


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          26.05.2009 11:35



          No complaints here, I use it all the time

          Eldon Square shopping centre is the main shopping centre for Newcastle whose only competition comes from the out of town Metrocentre. Housing a massive number of shops, Eldon Square is extremely convenient and also well designed so that whilst each of these shops has a good amount of shop space, you never seem to have to walk all that far to get from any one shop to another.

          The shopping centre runs over three floors in parts, although most shops are on one floor, and this can make it slightly confusing in parts, especially one section called Eldon Gardens which is not all that easy to get to.

          There are a lot of entrances which is handy and the shopping centre houses two massive department stores- John Lewis and Fenwick. It does not feel amazing clean inside however nor does it feel dirty and it is always very well heated and so offers a good escape from cold or rain if you need.

          The shopping centre also do their own shopping voucher which can be used at most of the stores inside it- this can make for a convenient present if you are devoid of ideas.


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          24.11.2007 16:57
          Very helpful



          A nice indoor shopping centre in Newcastle

          When I was younger I used to go to Eldon Square in the school holidays with my grandma and we would meet my sister and my nephews in Newcastle and go shopping. Therefore, for me Eldon Square has some happy memories as well as some great shops :)

          Eldon Square is an indoor shopping centre located in the heart of Newcastle and as I am now studying in Newcastle I have been here quite often recently. Eldon Square first opened in 1976 and serves a catchment area of 2.7 million people. There are a number of entrances but I usually enter at the one on Northumberland Street. This leads straight to the shops. It is lovely walking into Eldon Square on a cold day, as it is really warm (so especially good at this time of year!)

          The entrance on Northumberland Street is on a bit of an incline and it's the usual type of flooring in indoor shopping centres (the type that always makes my feet tired!) I'm always tired after I've walked around Eldon Square looking at the shops. However, recently I've only been popping in to go to one particular shop so it doesn't tire me out so much!

          ~ Shops ~

          There are a large number of shops in Eldon Square, many of which are high street stores. Shops include; Fenwick's, Marks and Spencer, Boots, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Clinton Cards, Top Man and Clarks. There are 156 stores in Eldon Square so naturally I cannot list them all but there is a search facility on the Eldon Square website which allows you to search through all the shops. Most of the shops are quite spacious and well lit.

          ~ Places to eat ~

          There are a variety of places to eat and drink in Eldon Square, including Pizza Hut Express, McDonalds and Thornton's Café. There are also places such as Gregg's and Milligan's Bakery. Again, you can search for places to eat on the website but they are also easy to find once you are in there. There is a Millie's cookies, which nine times out of ten I can't resist stopping and buying from (they are just so delicious!) I was quite surprised when shopping with my friends (from Northern Ireland) that they had never heard of Millie's cookies. I just assumed they were available through the UK but obviously I was wrong. (I think I might have converted them though, lol!)

          ~ Developments ~

          There are currently some redevelopment works going on in Eldon square. Although this doesn't spoil the shopping experience there is one area, which is currently blocked off while the works go on. More details, images and plans can be found on the website. Also there is a CD available for teachers and students "to provide a living context for teaching and learning in the National Curriculum". (more information in the website)

          ~ Getting There ~

          Newcastle can be easily accessed by bus or metro. There are two major metro stations in Newcastle and both are within easy distance of at least one entrance of Eldon Square. There are a number of bus stations in Newcastle, which also allow easy access to the shopping centre.

          If driving into Newcastle, there are car parks to the North and South of the Eldon Square providing 1250 parking Spaces. There are also other areas in Newcastle with car parking facilities.

          There are specific directions on the website should you want to drive in. Theses are available for each direction (North, South, East, West!)

          ~ Eldon Square Gift Vouchers ~

          Eldon Square gift vouchers are available. These are ideal as they can be spent in (almost!) any store in Eldon Square. I say almost because I went to spend my £10 voucher in Hawkins Bazaar but because they are only open around Christmas time they do not accept them. I have since spent my voucher in Boots :)

          ~ Opening Hours ~

          These are the opening hours that I found on Eldon Square's website.
          Monday - 09.00-18.00
          Tuesday - 09.00-18.00
          Wednesday - 09.00-18.00
          Thursday - 09.00-20.00
          Friday - 09.00-18.00
          Saturday - 09.00-18.00
          Sunday - 11.00-17.00
          (These times exclude bank holidays)

          ~ Other Information ~

          There are two customer service desks in Eldon Square where there are staff to give information. This is also where you can purchase Eldon Square vouchers in denominations of £5, £10 and £25. Wheel chairs are available for hire at the service information desk and you can also pick up maps here.
          "Eldon Square has been designed with careful consideration for disabled shoppers" (www.eldon-square.co.uk) The toilets, walkways and lifts are all easily accessible for people using wheelchairs.

          ~ Advantages ~

          Large Range of Shops
          Indoors (to shelter from the cold and rain of Newcastle!)
          Easily Accessible

          ~ Disadvantages ~

          Tiring walking around the shops!
          Mainly high street stores

          ~ Finally ~
          I like Eldon Square and it is handy when I'm at University and need to call into one of the shops (especially when it's cold and wet!) However, I would prefer to travel to the Metro Centre (Gateshead) than to Eldon Square if I was choosing an indoor shopping facility.Thanks for reading! xx


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            07.06.2007 22:41
            Very helpful



            A shopping experience

            Eldon Square

            Situated in the heart of Newcastle City Centre, with entrances in many locations, this indoor shopping centre houses an array of varied shops, restaurants and cafes.

            The shopping centre is open 7 days a week, with late night shopping on a Thursday, meaning it closes at 8pm. Opening and closing times change around Christmas, so it’s always worth checking for details.

            The main entrances are on Northumberland Street, and near Grey’s Monument, both places which are well served by the Metro line, and which are pedestrian walkways. There are also numerous other entrances; it’s a case of if you want to be out of the shopping centre, have a look, there is probably an exit close by. At the moment, Eldon Square is going through a series of development stages, which will be completed in 2009, but this does not appear to be causing disruption to the actual shopping centre. The first phase of this development is underway, with a new bus station replacing the old, underground and frankly quite dingy one; good news for anyone travelling to Eldon Square on public transport.

            I usually enter by one of the main entrances, which are easily accessed and lead directly to the shops. As expected there are walkways, and you are flanked on either side by shops, including large franchises, and smaller more individual shops. In total there are, I believe, about 150 shops, covering the whole spectrum of needs, from Chemists to newsagents, fashion, jewellery and sports shops. There are also large department stores including some of the biggest, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and Fenwicks. These are situated quite close together near the Northumberland street entrance so if you want to shop and go, then there is no need to go any further than one of these three, as they will usually be able to cater for most shopping needs.

            As you walk round the shopping centre, it doesn’t feel dark and cramped; on the contrary, although it does get very busy, the walkways are wide, and even if you feel yourself lost, there are plenty of large static maps, telling you where you are, so you can find where you want to go next, as well as 2 large Information desks, with staff ready to help. Anyone wanting to sit down and rest can take advantage of the numerous cafes, and if it’s sunny, there is a large area near the monument just outside the shopping centre, where you can sit at a table, have a drink and soak in the sun.

            The upper and lower levels are well accessed via lifts and escalators, so pushchairs won’t cause a problem, and neither will wheelchair users. For anyone with temporary or permanent mobility problems, a free shopmobility service is provided, with motorised or manual wheelchairs.

            A useful service which is provided free of charge is a free child wristband scheme, whereby children are given a wristband with details on the underside; if they are lost and subsequently found by a member of staff, parents can be contacted. I know this wouldn’t replace the panic felt by parents if a child was lost but it is a feel safe measure. Full details can be received in the shopping centre.

            There are good transport links to the shopping centre. It has its own integral bus concourse, and there are two Metro stations close by. If you find yourself at the bottom end of Newcastle, then one of the electric buses is the best route up the road.

            There are also more than 10000 on and off road parking spaces in the city centre, but watch out for parking costs. It’s cheaper not to park in the Eldon Square car park, because although it’s convenient, it’s also very expensive.


            For a pleasant shopping experience, where all your shopping needs can be met under one roof, it’s worth trying out. The shopping aisles are wide and there are plenty of places to rest weary feet...watch out for some over inflated prices in some of the cafes (one of the down sides of city centre shopping).
            On the plus side, there is a great selection of shops, covering all retail needs...food, clothes, toiletries, jewels etc.
            one of the things I like about it is that if you do get fed up with the enclosed shopping style, there are exits everywhere, and a shopper can get out and about into the frsh air, and the real city.
            Worth a try if you like to shop!

            Thanks for reading

            daniela xx

            For full details on all the shops, opening times etc, visit www.eldon-square.co.uk


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