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Pampered Chef Parties

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The Pampered Chef — UK, Ltd. / 3 Cheapside Court / Buckhurst Road / Ascot / Berkshire / SL5 7RF / Telephone:(+44) 01344 293 900

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    4 Reviews
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      14.01.2010 19:28
      Very helpful



      My products have stood the test of time

      I have been to quite a few Pampered Chef parties and as I was cooking tea tonight and using my trusty bamboo spoon I thought I must write a review of all the great products I have bought and the things not to bother with.

      The Pampered chef partied are a bit like the virgin vie/bodyshop parties etc in that a group of people go to the hostess's house to view the products and get demonstrations. The Pampered Chef consultant will cook at least one recipe, using a range of the products then you all get to have a taste of the finished food. I've had some lovely cream cheese pin wheels and a really lush chocolate brioche pudding.

      There is a large range of products and I have rated those which I have bought.

      Bamboo Spoons -One of the cheapest items in the book so good if you just want to make a polite purchase however you won't be dissappointed, they come in a pack of 3, look just like wooden spoons but because they are made of bamboo they can go in the dishwasher. I've had mine for 4 years now and they are used every day and haven't cracked or worn at all.
      Pizza Stone - This again was another great buy, It can't be washed but you get a scraper to remove any bits of food. I keep mine in the oven and it's so easy just to throw the pizza in, the only thing is you need to get the oven quite hot first to warm the stone up.
      Large Batter jug - I have used this so many times for loads of different stuff, I use it as a mixing bowl because it's a good size and has a spout which is handy. The lid also makes it great for transporting food ie colslaw to bbq's etc and storing food in the fridge - definately worth the money you will use it time and time again.
      Food Chopper - I got a bit carried away with the thought of how many vegetables I could hide in my childrens food by chopping them up into tiny pieces and I have to say I haven't used it that much. It's quite fiddly to wash and I have since seen cheaper ones available.
      Wedger - Used occasionally to slice apples and potatoes to make lovely wedges.
      Silicone Spatulas - Another fairly cheap buy, the small thin ones are particulary useful for getting the last bit out of jars.


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      27.10.2009 13:57
      Very helpful



      Great night out plus you get to sample some food

      I have been invited to another pampered chef party so thought I would write a review as I have been to a few.

      When I first heard about it I wasn't sure what to expect. Someone comes to the house and you all sit in the kitchen and watch them cook... doesn't sound like much fun. I cook every night and everyone watches me.

      Anyway wine was on tap so why not.

      I arrived late.. what a surprise... so had to sit right at the front. The women who was hosting the part was Mrs Pampered Chef. She had the company apron on and every gaget under the sun on the table. I just though who is doing the washing up...

      Anyway she start to prepare a meal with pastry and tunafish and other bits.. I obviously wasnt paying attention. It actually felt a bit like school to be honost because we all sat in rows and she told us what she was doing. There was complete silence.

      Of course everything she was doing could only be done with a specialised Pamper Chef gadget which she was able to say exactly which page number it could be found on.. Russle of brochures as everyone turned the pages to look up said item. HOW MUCH??? gulp..

      After our lecture on how to make what ever it was she made. She popped it in the oven and started to talk about herself. All I could think about was, did Jodi have to clean her oven especially for tonight.

      We were all supplied with pens and brochure and of course order forms. She also did a raffle to win a tiny bit of plastic you use to open packets of peas with. I personally find scissors work equally well.

      Anyway I didn't win the raffle, think it was a fix. Jodi won.

      Mrs Pampered Chef had a big black bag which she put all her dirty dishes in before popping it all into the boot her car..( I wonder if they have one of these in the brochure, that would be really handy..)

      The brochures are lovely they show you vast ranges of items from fancy coloured glasswear to stonewear to pots and pans. Plus the gadget section.

      I needed more wine to be able to study this volume of gadgets that I knew my life would not be complete without.

      I did go for the famous "crinkle cutter" which she demonstated with one of Jodi's turnips. Not sure if Jodi wanted it cut but she got hold of it and everyone had a turn chopping at it. £10

      She then told us that if we spent over £25 we got some free product.. I think the word FREE got my attention.

      I then had a flick through the brochure and then asked around to see what everyone else was looking at getting... Some of my friend who had arrived on time had had more wine so had a lot of things on their list. I hope they brought their cheque books.

      Mrs Pampered Chef announced we take switch, visa, cheque or cash. How convienant...

      I then plumped for the Rice Cooker. According to my friend Eileen it is the best invention ever. Fluffy rice every time. Now the rice i cook can come out of the pot on one spoon as it all stick together. This maybe what I need to revolutionalise my culinary skill and propell me to be the next Nigella.

      So Rice Cooker on the list. £15.75. Cooks Rice in the Microwave in minutes. Fantastic

      Great my order comes to £25.75... yes the FREE item is mine.

      We all finish off the evening by sampling Mrs PamperedChef meal which I don't really remember very well as the drunken wenches got to it first.

      The party was a success. Mrs Pampered Chef tallyed up the amount and Jodi got party points which she could spend on reduced items.
      Plus she received a special item for being the hostess with the mostess.

      Part payment for probably spending the last 3 days scrubbing her kitchen form top to bottom and throwing out every packet outwith its use by date.

      Overall the party was a success. I bought 2 things that I do actually use regularily and they do actually work well.
      Would recommend anyone to go to a party but to stay away from the wine.

      Items arrived a week or so later wrapped in lovely bags with pampered chef all over them.

      Items are fully guaranteed for life so if they fall to bit you get a replacement. As long as you have your receipt.

      If you are invited go along it is great fun. Items are pricey but the do what they say. They are good quaility which they should be for the price.

      Thanks for reading my review and hope it made you smile..x


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        17.06.2009 09:24
        Very helpful



        What to expect from a pampered chef party -

        I'd never heard of Pampered Chef until I did the "move out of London" thing and discovered that my new town was a hot bed of home shopping parties. I had been living in my new area for under a month when I got my first invite, and they have followed with amazing regularity since. Should you be the "lucky" recipient of such an invitation I hope that the below will at least help you know what to expect and then make a judgement as to whether you are otherwise engaged or eager to attend a Pampered Chef party.

        Pampered Chef is an American company that sell kitchenware through the party at home concept. According to their website their vision is "that someday families all around the world will know the joy and rewards of gathering together in the tradition of family mealtimes. To help make this vision a reality, we specialize in high-quality tools that make cooking quick, easy and fun." From their rather, in my mind, nauseating vision I would say they haven't spent much time in my kitchen, however they apparently aim to make cooking more accessible and some of their products undoubtedly do.

        How it generally works is like this - a friend or acquaintance gives you an invite to go to their house where a rep will demonstrate cooking implements and products, cook something and then give you the opportunity to buy items. The aforementioned friend gets commission in the form of points towards items and a gift for hosting. Invite received, you reply directly to the friend, or more recently by email to the rep.

        How good the party is will depend on the rep showing the goods. I have been to about 5 of them and they vary. I am quite selective now about the invites I accept as over the time I have been to pampered chef parties I have been entertained, fed, but also made to feel I was about 5 as a rather over zealous rep suggested we all had a go with her whisk in which I had about zero interest, and kept telling us to listen!

        Invariably you get plied with wine and the "party" goes on far longer than you think possible - expect at least one to two hours of listening to someone telling you about kitchen stuff. Maybe more.

        There is also generally a competition to win one of the cheapest items in the catalogue which is a thinly veiled attempt to get people's addresses and to persuade them to sign up for their own party. I avoid this bit.

        The products:

        Through the cooking demonstration the rep will show you the items for sale and, generally, give you a list and catalogue, should you wish to select a product to buy as they are talking about it. I should say straight away that this stuff is seriously highly priced. An icecream scoop might set you back £13.00, or adjustable measuring spoons £6.95 (two plastic spoons).

        To be fair to Pampered Chef all the products are designed to make cooking easier - so said scoop is self warming, the measuring spoons have a slide etc, but in my opinion they are just very expensive. This evaluation is perhaps not helped by once being told for 20 minutes by a rep exactly how lucrative being a rep was (that is 20 minutes of my life I will never get back), but even a quick check online at www.pamperedchef.com will give you some idea as to quite how pricey the items are.

        Looking to spend "just" a tenner to participate is quite tricky and you might end up with some bamboo spoons or something just so you have taken part - though the pressure is not direct and everyone always says "just come, you don't have to buy anything" you kind of feel you should.

        Things I have bought that are actually good:

        As you can probably tell I haven't really completely bought into the Pampered Chef ideal - I can't get *that* excited about cooking gadgets, albeit being a keen cook. I know people who are quite evangelical about the products and have kitchen cupboards stuffed with the stuff, I have a couple of things that are quite good but don't quite share their zeal.

        I have a mini-muffin metal dish that is actually very good quality, I paid £15 for it 2 years ago and the non-stick is excellent. I have a little "dobber" that goes with it, you roll pastry into a ball, stick the tool into it (or get a child to do it works for me) and you can make mini pies and the like. Pretty good.
        I also have a stoneware baker (reviewed elsewhere by someone on this site) that was £37.50 - I blame the third glass of wine - but it is used a lot and makes great roasties with very little oil. Also a good product.

        I also have a serrated knife for little ones that allows toddlers to cut safely - a couple of pounds, and this is probably the best thing I own.

        There is also generally a special offer, such as "spend over £50 and get a free gift".

        When you order at the end of the party you can pay by cheque or credit card and the person hosting the party will deliver the goods normally within a week.


        Pampered chef have clearly got a good concept going on and I think, prior to the economic downturn, were very popular, here at least. I would imagine they probably are finding it harder now to get people to part with quite a lot of money for something they could probably find at Cargo or Robert Dyas for cheaper. Pampered chef would say that their products are unique, but they do seem to be largely made in China and not dissimilar to things you can buy elsewhere, made of silicon or bamboo or whatever notwithstanding.

        If you haven't been to a party I hope this will give you some idea of what to expect, it might be something you love, hate or in my case now accept about one a year invitations for and try to avoid too much wine consumption at.
        I suppose a party is quite an experience, it is not one however that I am keen to have too often.

        You can now order goods online without going to a party, or alternatively check out ebay which often has a lot of pampered chefs items for sale. Should you wish to host a party there is a link on the site to contact your local representative with a full explanation of how the rewards work - I haven't hosted a party myself as I am not personally comfortable with putting my friends in the position where they feel they have to buy stuff. You might like the idea however; some people seem to really love these parties.

        Three stars as it is all just so expensive.



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          01.11.2007 10:03
          Very helpful



          Eat before you buy!

          It seems that just lately all my friends seem to be having parties where you go along and view products. In the past few weeks I have been to Virgin Vie, Phoenix cards, an aromatherapy evening as well as a party for children's books. All of these are fun as really they are an excuse for a social gathering and a couple of glasses of wine. I'm usually quite happy to buy the odd product or two as well, although I have to admit I don't like feeling that I have to. Out of all the parties I have been to though, the ones that are probably my favourites are Pampered Chef evenings.

          Pampered Chef is an american company which produces and sells high quality cookware and tableware. They have over 140 items in their range and over eighty per cent of these are exclusive to the Pampered Chef. More about these later...

          First let me tell you about what happens at a Pampered Chef evening. If you are hosting a party (which I did last year) you discuss with the Pampered Chef rep in advance what you would like them to make. The company has a quite wide ranging recipe book and you can choose from any of these recipes which are written with the view of showing off as many of the Pampered Chef products as possible. The person who is hosting the party is then responsible for buying all the ingredients but it is the rep who will come along and make the dishes. I went to a party the other night and was able to sample goats cheese, sundried tomato and pesto flan, followed by chocolate tarts.

          Throughout the evening though you get to try the tools, learn to prepare the recipes and finally get to try the food at the end. The demonstrator is always very good at chatting and talking abut the products and actually doing the cooking all at the same time. It is a bit like watching one of those cookery programmes on TV only of course it's actually in someone's home. There is always a strong sales pitch though and lots of the products are handed around to tempt you as you see how they work

          The actual Pampered Chef products do seem to be very high quality although I always have to say that they are a bit on the expensive side! Mind you, I guess you are paying for quality. Also, a lot of the products seem to be quite unique or a little bit different in what they are offering.

          At the heart of the range is a number of stoneware products. These are really fantastic for using in the oven as the stone evenly distributes the heat and draws the moisture away. It is also amazingly easy to clean with only water and a scraper! There are many items in this range from deep dish bakers, muffin pans and baking bowls These do seem to be very expensive - for example an eight pint baking bowl costs £33.75! I have not bought anything in this range myself (I was put off by the price!) but I have many friends who seem to be building up quite a collection and swear by them now!

          There is a wide bakery range with some very interesting and unusual products. Some of these are fascinating gadgets such as an amazing looking cookie press which has a trigger action to press out perfecly shaped cookies (only £28.50! and a mini tart shaper which is a peculiarly shaped wooded object which looks like it could be used for a multitude of other things as well.

          I won't bore you by describing every product you could buy, and you can look at the whole range by going to


          but I will tell you about a couple of very interesting and useful products which I have bought from the parties.

          Firstly there is my very interesting apple wedger. It looks a bit like a metal torture instrument but when you place it centrally over the top of an apple and push down, you immediately get ten perfectly shaped and even apple wedges - and you don't just have to use it with apples as it will do the job with many fruit and vegetables. It does have some very sharp blades though so it comes with a protective cover but you should still be very careful to keep it away from small children. Speaking of small children though they love to see the apple wedger in action. My daughter had a friend round the other day, and when I gave them some apple she was so amazed to see all the slices fall out just like that. In fact she liked it so much I had to do them another apple so it's definitely good for promoting healthy eating! It does cost £9.50 though so it's rather an expensive alternative to your normal kitchen knife!

          I also have a very useful egg separator. I am normally useless at separating eggs and generally end up wasting a few in the process so this is really handy. It sits on the side of your mixing bowl so you can use both hands and is spoon shaped but made up of a metal spiral so the yould sits on the cradle while all the egg white slips through. I definitely make good use of this one and it's only £5.25!

          Obviously these are expensive products but there is a way of getting them much cheaper and that is by hosting your own party. When you do,you will get points for all the sales that are made from your guests and these can be used to buy what you want. It certainly makes all that stoneware a bit more affordable! Also if you want to buy additional products you can get these for half price at your show and then for any shows you go to in the next year you will receive a 10% discount. So all in all I think that's really good value although when I held my evening I did say that I didn't want anyone to feel obliged to buy anything!

          So overall holding a Pampered Chef party or going to one is a lot of fun. You get a lot of entertainment by watching the cook and you get to taste nice food at the end of it. You might end up going home having bought one or two items which you never intended to, but then that happens to me every time I go shopping!

          If you are invited to a Pampered Chef evening I would definitely recommend it but don't forget o take your credit card!


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